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  1. I really want one of these, I tried one today with a super light even flow red on there. I haven't swung a club in a while and the driver did all the work for me, very easy to hit.
  2. Vincent Iowa My current putter is EVNRoll ER5 35" My choice would be the elevado 35" slant neck
  3. Thank you guys, I'm probably going to use the regular Q star from now on as I lose quite a bit of golf balls and I don't need much spin. So does this spin skin make it feel more like a urethane ball as the spin skin coating is urethane?
  4. I swing the driver at about 95-100 mph and carry about 260 yards. I slice the ball so anything that would minimize that would help The most important thing I am looking for in a ball would be 150 yards and in, I like something that feels kind of soft off of the putter (I use Evnroll er5) and I don't mind some roll out on pitch shots. I use M6 irons I want to spend no more than 20-30$ a dozen. Currently I use the Srixon Q star tour as I get 40% off of all Srixon equipment for college club golf. However, I would say my favorite golf ball at the moment is chrome soft with the truvis pattern, it just feels very solid. Should I switch to those and buy them off of lostgolfballs or should I stick to my Srixon balls, or anything else. Recommendations and explanations are greatly appreciated, I just want to stop thinking about my equipment.
  5. Vincent from Chicago, living in Ames, Iowa 95 mph Srixon Q star tour Maxfli Tour X
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