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  1. Hi all, So 2 months ago i decided i need to try and up my swing speed. I’m not exactly sure what my club head speed was at the time but i was averaging around 145 mph ball speed (so around a 102ish club head speed if my SF was 1.45). I had been looking at some training aides (super speed golf, golf stick pro, tour tempo, etc.) but didn’t really have to $$ to spend. However, i figured, if i do the exercises and movements that they promote, i would surely get some benefit out of it. So i started a training routing, 3-4 times a week, using only my driver. The training goes as follows: Do all exercises both right handed and left handed. Focus on a good tempo and use of body mechanics but swing out of my shoes 1 - Regular stance, full super fast swing 2 - Feet together Stance, full super fast swing 3 - Start with feet together, take your back swing, step out, swing 4 - Regular stance, bring backswing to left arm parallel, then hit the downswing 5 - Leading hand on grip, trailing hand half way down the shaft, Start with feet close, skip forward twice, back swing on the first skip, down swing on the second 6 - Regular stance width, but you are swinging on your knees Using these exercises i have seen my have seen a pretty dramatic increase in club head speed. I was at a roger Dunn the other day, and was able to use a GC Quad that also detected club head data. My normal course swing speed was now 107-110 mph and when i stepped on it i could push it to 112 mph. My average ball speed was also 155 mph, and I broke into the low 160s once or twice. Not bad gains for only using my driver and simple exercises. The left handed swing (my weaker side) was definitely awkward at first and still is (probably doesn’t help that I’m swinging the club baackwards) however it is less so and I can feel a definite improvement in body coordination. I also i feel that i am using more of my body as an engine and whip whereas before i felt like i was all arms. So i thought i would share this info with you all, maybe it’ll help some of you all who are looking for some speed gains. Also, I want note that I am not saying that the swing speed products are not needed or anything like that, but that gains can be made other ways. I personally and still looking to buy either the swing speed sticks or the tour tempo speedball power module. I’m hoping these will help me push my club head speed into the high teens and ball speed into the mid/high 160s. So hope this info helps and some people give it a go.
  2. I start by easy chipping and pitch with my L wedge, not really focusing on hitting targets or distances, but just loosening up the body. Then do the same with the driver, easy swings, tho i am more focused on ball flight and direction I dont get hung up to much. After Ive warmed up i start hitting seriously. I’ll alternate doing ladder drills with a wedge (chip a ball 5 yards, let it roll out, then try to land the next ball where the the previous ball finished, repeating this until i hit a full swing with a wedge). Then pull out the driver, i pick a left and right boundary (imagining a fairway) and will hit 2-3 balls. Randomly i’ll pull out an iron and hit a few shots at a target or on a line. I like to focus a lot on wedges and driver as those clubs really determine the score of my round. After I’m done with a bucket, ill get another medium bucket and play and imaginary round in the my head based off course I’ve played or seen. I’ll do my preshot routine before every shot, imagine the flight of the ball and where i want to land and hit. I try to be true to myself and so a bad drive will lead me to hitting punch out shots from “the trees” or hitting towering wedge shots to get over “the trees” back into a “fairway”. If i hit an approach shot that goes offline from my target ill then hit a chip or pitch depending on the quality of the approach shot. When I chip i pick out a spot on the range and try to land the ball there. If i hit the spot i’ll Give myself a 1 putt, miss the spot by 1-3 yards, a 2 putt, anymore incures a 3 putt. Once i finish up the round i can Talley up a score. Really helps me transfer my practice on the range to play on the course. Lastly I’ll head to the putting green. I use 1 ball and “play” 18 holes, always from 20 or more out, focusing on 2 putting every hole and finishing with a score of 36. My theory is that on the course I’m gonna be hitting my first putt usually from a long ways away, i should practice this scenario so I’m not freaked out when i really play and hit a shot onto a green that leaves me a 30 foot putt. Also, i like usuing one ball so i cant use the crutch of “oh i hit that one to hard, ill hit this one softer and say ‘that’s the putt i really would’ve hit on the course’”, i try to have a do or die mentality on the putting green.
  3. I just want to show some love for the D-Type drivers. I recently purchased an M6 D-Type after testing various drivers and it has quickly become my favorite club in the bag. I came from an M2 driver which was a really good driver, however, my miss is on the heal with an open face to path which led me to having a lot of push fades every round as well as cutting 30-50 yards off my driving distance. I tested several drivers and settle on the M6 because the heavy weight in the heel really made a difference to reigning in my push-fade. Now if i make that miss hit the shot is simply a push due to club face being neutral to closed at impact. No loss major loss of distance other than the ball being off line. This club has completely changed my game off the tee, now longer am i scared to make a swing, hit and hope. Now i am more confident on the tee box, and can swing free knowing that a mishit wont murder the hole for me. I do want to take the time and put a DISCLAIMER, this d-type driver is not a cure all. I bad swing will still lead to a bad shot/slice. There is no cure all in golf but there are clubs and technology that can help us out. I never hear many club reviewers talk about draw type or anti-slice drivers. Nor do I hear many players talk about them either. Maybe because there is a stigma against the drivers . But for those who have the heel side mishit, I would encourage y’all to try a d-type or anti-slice driver. Notes: I tried an M5 with one weight in the back and another in the heel like my M6 should have, however, the M5 did not have the same shot shape correction that the M6 did. Also, I tried the Ping G410 SFT but did not like the feel of it. Head looked big and felt heavy. The ping did completely eliminate the right side of the fairway for me however i was now hitting massive hooks. Not to say that the Ping wouldn’t work for someone else, it just didn’t work for me. Anyway I just wanted to bring up the topic, be selfish and talk about my favorite club. Thank you to those who read this, y’all are the best, don’t ever change!
  4. Hey all, just sharing WIMB Taylormade Cart Bag Taylormade M6 D-Type 9` Head set to 7` - 155mph Ball Speed, 260 yard carry (favorite club in the bag ) 3 Wood - currently vacant (had a XR16 previously, sold it for credit toward my M6, not missing it honestly) Callaway Apex UT 3-4 Irons - 3 iron 130 mph Ball Speed, 225 yard carry (off a tee) (I perfer utility irons over hybrids, my mishits dont spin out of control out of the golf course) Mizuno MP-5 5-PW Irons - 7 iron 115 mph Ball Speed, 160 yard carry (no harder to hit that any “players irons” in my opinion, just looks waaaaaayyyy better ) Callaway MD2 52-56 - 52 Wedge 85 mph Ball Speed, 110 yard carry (worst club in the bag ) Callaway PM Grind 60 Taylormade Spider Tour - Love hate relationship with this stick, though admittedly I’m usually the one at fault Golf Ball: Taylormade TP5X Accessories include: Titleist Perma Soft Glove (best glove in golf) TecTecTect Range Finder (gets the job done up to 200 yards) 3 1/4” Tee (I like to tee the ball up high)
  5. How long have you been playing golf? What’s your handicap or normal score? On and off for about 4 years now, though in the past 6 months I've been fortunate enough to be able to play and practice every day. I'm hovering around the low 80s right now. What do you love about golf? The amount of difficulty and level of skill needed to play the game. There is no other feeling as rewarding as when you swing syncs up and you play a great round. What brings you to MyGolfSpy? Do you already know any other Spies? Long time reader of the articles, I want to get more active in the community. Where are you from? What is your home course? Born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana for 26 years, recently moved to Santa Ana, California. I guess my home course now would be David Baker. What are the best and worst things about golf in your region? Perfect weather and tons of courses to choose from in CA. But it is a bit pricey for what you get and then there is the pace of play issue... What do you do for a living? Civil Engineer How’d you pick your user name? First initial, last name. I wanted to keep it simple haha.
  6. Michael Hernandez/Santa Ana, CA. Currently use a TecTec range finder, but also use stakes, phone gps apps, and the good ol eye balls I am currently using the TectTecTec VPro500 .
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