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  1. If I could win anything it would probably be a set of Hogan irons. I play apex plus from 2003. I just love the feel of them. I have multiple other sets but I always come back to these.
  2. David/Springdale AR/US Tour Edge Performance #10 Red I prefer the Tyne 3 in regards to the overall look. I have always played with mallet putters. The booze color is stunning.
  3. Current Handicap 17, Springdale AR Play Ben Hogan Apex Plus 2006 I have read their information on the website after seeing your most wanted. I love the DTC model and see it being a much large segment going forward. I love the look of their irons and would really consider them when in the market.
  4. Brent - America 17 Ben Hogan Apex Edge 3-GW 140
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