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  1. As winter is coming on we tend to keep playing. I am interested in what universal cart covers you use. I purchased a JEF ultimate universal cart cover, but it seems thin. We will use in the rain and cold but especially when the wind is blowing and the Temps drop. Any help is appreciated
  2. If I could win anything it would probably be a set of Hogan irons. I play apex plus from 2003. I just love the feel of them. I have multiple other sets but I always come back to these.
  3. David/Springdale AR/US Tour Edge Performance #10 Red I prefer the Tyne 3 in regards to the overall look. I have always played with mallet putters. The booze color is stunning.
  4. Current Handicap 17, Springdale AR Play Ben Hogan Apex Plus 2006 I have read their information on the website after seeing your most wanted. I love the DTC model and see it being a much large segment going forward. I love the look of their irons and would really consider them when in the market.
  5. Brent - America 17 Ben Hogan Apex Edge 3-GW 140
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