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  1. I'm another big fan of the Callaway ERC Soft! It is as long as any ball I've played, and this year's model has improved spin over the original version. I do think it is a little overpriced for what it is, but does fill a price gap in Callaway's ball lineup.
  2. I had an outdoor fitting last fall and was seeing an improvement in both distance and dispersion over my current set (Callaway Apex CF19s). I hesitated purchasing them right away, the price went up a little and when it came back down I finally pulled the trigger. Trying to get used to a new set of irons and judging them in the winter with the cold, being layered up sometimes 5 deep, wind and soft conditions is probably not the best thing to do. Up until about 1 week ago, I was thinking of selling them, but I figured why not put them back in the bag one last time and give them a fair test with temperatures now warming. Glad I did! These 0211DC irons (5-GW w/ MMT 60g shafts) set up nice for me with that beveled top line, as I have always like the looks of a thinner one. They are long! I've had to drop down at least one club, and in some cases I still hit the ball longer than I expect or want. The ball just jumps off the face. For a cast iron, they feel just as "soft" and maybe more "solid" than the forged Apex irons they are now replacing and very forgiving. Fortunately, I was able to upgrade to the GP CP2 Pro grips for only $10/club and saved on shipping by having them sent to the then recently opened Dallas store. With the drop in prices, I just may have to consider looking at the Gen 3 0311 irons, having one set or the other as a backup.
  3. I use the Carbon Professional model from NYX Sunglasses. I originally started wearing those years ago because you could get a prescription insert. Since cataract surgery, I no longer need that insert and they are a nice wrap around style that comes with three different shades of lenses. They are lightweight and reasonably priced.
  4. It doesn't have to be wet or sloppy to slip. I slipped, fell, and broke my arm walking down a steep slope in very dry conditions as the Bermuda grass was dormant. It was much like stepping on ice and I was even wearing spikes at the time.
  5. I can attest to how waterproof they are. I've played in some pretty wet conditions and playing early mornings it is usually after they have just watered the course. I also got caught in a downpour once and no moisture whatsoever got into the shoes. My socks were as dry after as they were when I first put them on.
  6. I am not doubting you at all. I'm just curious as to how you arrived at those numbers. I base the increase in driver distance I see based on data I have collected using shot tracking tools (Shot Scope now, Game Golf previously).
  7. In my case, not so much the goose s***, but just mud collecting from playing early mornings when the course has just been watered. If I had to find one negative about Sqairz it is this. However, surprisingly, even as the dirt/mud collects they don't seem to lose traction.
  8. I had a pair of those Adidas shoes I picked up on a deal. Worse golf shoes I've ever worn! Sizing was way off, they were uncomfortable, and I saw no improvement in my performance, unlike what I've seen with Sqairz.
  9. If you don't think shoes can make a difference, try playing in leather-soled dress shoes! If Footjoy were to come out and make the claim that the right golf shoe could add 9 yards to your drives, would anybody question it? Well, they did! Footjoy did a study back in 2016 with BodiTrak, the same BodiTrak and Terry Hashimoto that Sqairz used for testing and said the right golf shoe could add 9 yards to your drive! They concluded that "a third of all golfers need a rigid shoe for maximum ground reaction." Sqairz delivers! In regard to Sqairz being waterproof, my group is 1st off the tee weekdays and, in addition to running into dew or playing after it rained overnight, the course always waters early in the morning. Thus, I've played in some pretty wet and sloppy conditions and never had any moisture get into the shoe whatsoever. Here is a video Bob did that might help: (1) Facebook Got to be honest. I love my Sqairz golf shoes!
  10. Also, there are a couple of nice "features" offered directly. The Sta-put laces are really, really nice and a cut well above any shoe laces you find on other golf shoes. You can get those separately if you want. Also, they have a "spikes for life" program which offers a complete set of replacement spikes for just the shipping and handling charge of $6.99, which would be about half what you would pay retail elsewhere. You may also want to check out their socks; well made and really nice if you don't mind that extra "height" in the heel area. Finally, here is the link to an article that is no longer on their website detailing how to clean golf shoes of any material, not just theirs: How To Clean Golf Shoes - SQAIRZ Golf Shoes
  11. I got my first pair by being a reviewer on another site. That same site is asking for volunteers to review Sqairz latest model, the Speed series. So, testing/reviewing opportunities have and do exist. Sqairz is DTC (Direct to Consumer) only. I don't know if they have plans to ever change hat business model.
  12. In regard to fit, Sqairz has a nice sizing chart listing 8 other brands of golf shoes and it shows what size Sqairz you should get based on the size you wear in any of those other brands (Sizing - SQAIRZ Golf Shoes). In the FAQ section, they do indicate that Sqairz can typically be worn by someone who wears up to 2E but not 3E.
  13. The most waterproof shoes I've ever worn are Sqairz. They are 100% waterproof all the way to the top eyelet because they have a gusseted tongue (tongue is sewn on both sides to prevent water and debris from entering the shoes).
  14. In regard to distance, Sqairz is not the only recent entry into the golf shoe market to make distance claims, but I have seen no data from the others to back that up. It may be there; I just haven't seen it. Sqairz has the data and has shared it. From my experience, I believe it begins with traction. If I'm not mistaken, they have patented the sole design and, believe me, the traction is outstanding! I can take the wildest swings or go up and down the steepest slopes in wet and sloppy conditions and I have not slipped once with these. How much distance increase one sees may be determined but how much help you need in your golf swing. Someone with a terrible sway, for example, will probably benefit from the stability that these shoes provide just due to the wider base the shoe is built on. A better golfer might only see very moderate increases in distance, and probably not particularly discernible on a swing-by-swing comparison, but over time......... For example, I use data tracking tools, Game Golf previously, and now Shot Scope. Based on the data collected, since starting to wear Sqairz, the average of all my drives has increased by 7 yards. I attribute it to more consistent ball striking due to a more stable base that these shoes are giving me. Oh, and I'll be 75 in a few months. I, too, was originally a tester on another forum and now own four (4) pair of Sqairz and have gotten rid of all my previous pairs by FJ, Adidas and New Balance. After trying out that first pair, I won't wear any other golf shoe. You can like or dislike the look of the square toe, but that wider toe box makes the shoes extremely comfortable. Another observation, the first thing I noticed when I pulled that first pair out of the box was that they are, in fact, heavier than most golf shoes, as others have noted. I, personally, attribute that to being extremely "sturdy". Based on the little wear I have seen thus far, I fully expect my Sqairz to outlast other shoes 2 or 3 to 1. Oh, another thing I noticed with each pair as they have come out of the box, there isn't a loose or puckered thread anywhere to be found. The workmanship is outstanding! Finally, I did mention sloppy conditions. These shoes are extremely waterproof. No damp socks whatsoever. My experience with Sqairz shoes has been exceptional! Are they for everyone? No. But I say don't knock 'em until you've tried 'em.
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