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  1. U always have such great looking putters! Sometime u gotta do a lefty putter review for us :)
  2. Few more to dump. These are from AZ
  3. They r pretty much all different courses. Needed to clear the room on my phone. If there is a specific pic u want to know the course for just save and post it back on your reply and I will name it. :) All Northeast tri-state area courses.
  4. More Lefty bombs Incoming:
  5. Lefty dump incoming:
  6. Good season for Lefty’s :)
  7. Late Night Lefty Crew:
  8. Happy Father’s Day Lefty’s !
  9. Morning Lefty’s :)
  10. Looks great Dor! Glad you had a good day! Course looks excellent. Pushing the late night again for me. Seems I get the late nights and Rick picks up the early am Lefty schedule :)
  11. Oh yea. For all my Lefties waking up in the morning to check the Lefty thread. Here’s to a good golf day for you!
  12. It’s actually pretty straight but slanted so best to hit left side to roll towards middle. Here’s a pick looking forward instead of back like the other one. :)
  13. AlLeft AlLeft AlLeft :)
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