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  1. I think now the time for a little separation. Open borders experiment not working out too well in the long run. I have a feeling Nations are going to want to be sovereign again. Respectful of borders and countries is not a bad thing imo. I wouldn’t want you to just walk into my house and take a dump in the living room and I respect enough to not want to do the same.
  2. Land of the free and home of the brave. At least it was a few generations ago. :) Braving it for the team!
  3. Hey Lefty’s Wake Up! :) [attachment]IMG_4369.jpg[/attachment] [attachment]IMG_4365.jpg[/attachment]
  4. The cheap labor component is not as much of a factor these days. In many cases its automated and machined. I bet if we did an honest analysis of production in the other countries cannot ours it’s not really labor but less restrictions on manufacturing for these other countries. Cut the red tape in US and playing field is level. Introduce incentives to build in US and even better than level. The stigma high cost in US is not what it was 10-20yrs ago. If we could get govt that worked for US instead of against it the US would lead the world once again. US created the industrial revolution. Detroit was the automobile capital of the world for many many years. The cheap labor argument is a straw one at this point in our technology cycle.
  5. Finally got my odyssey putter back today. The insert had popped out. Had to send back to fix. Came back from Calloway. I guess odyssey is Calloway. Didn’t know that.
  6. Yea I had a close relative pass right before this Christmas. I realized the same and started doing Sunday dinners at my home and inviting various family and friends each week. Life is short especially as we get older. I find gatherings around food bring everyone together for good times and remembrance as well as plans and thoughts for the future. Even the ones that aren’t with us leave everyone around them still here and dealing with it. Besides I feel like bringing everyone around together makes it easier to feel their spirit as we all gather and talk about the loved one now gone from this world. Just food for thought. My condolences.
  7. I bought the winter and the rain. I have only used the winter and have had no problem with it. Kind of like those velvet football player gloves. Work fine when your cold and come in handy. :)
  8. It kept leaning a little left when resting in the cage. Didn’t really think about it until u mentioned it :) Lefty strikes again!
  9. Just wrapping up. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
  10. Happy Thanksgiving to my Lefty brethren :)
  11. People tend to go through phases. Sometimes multiples times if it’s something you love. Whichever keeps you motivated go for it.
  12. Greens looking good Rick! Kinda warming up again by me. Maybe 1 more in me for the season. We’ll see. :)
  13. Sounds like Bethpage for you then! Those others aren’t anywhere near Montauk. Should be great time. Post some pics if u get a chance to take some. :) If you ever travel outside of US check out the link i posted. You won’t be disappointed. My buddy just came back from there a couple days ago and said the courses are in great shape right now.
  14. Here you go: https://www.casadecampo.com.do/golf/golf-courses/teeth-of-the-dog/ Thank me later. Good deals right now. Something for everyone. Multiple courses also for you!!! Btw Bethpage Black you gotta walk and it’s nowhere near flat. I didn’t walk all 18 as a spectator never mind as a player. It not total mountain golf so u can walk it but there are plenty of hills involved. Also u will never play tournament level. They put the tees all the way back in the grass for them and cut the grass differently. If you do Red it’s good and can use a cart. If you walk Black good luck going out and doing activities with the family for the next day or so. Gonna be a bit sore imo.
  15. Trees are bare but this Lefty still on the course! Getting pretty late in the season though fellas. Not sure if I have another course for this year. Going to have to go back to previous courses during off season :) That or travel :)
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