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  1. Trees are bare but this Lefty still on the course! Getting pretty late in the season though fellas. Not sure if I have another course for this year. Going to have to go back to previous courses during off season :) That or travel :)
  2. Alright Rick we’re gonna need a Lefty putter review soon. Looks like you’re gonna have to take the lead on this one :)
  3. Just a Lefty blue sky dreamin’
  4. This Lefty still going strong!
  5. ‘U wanna hit it to the Left of the 2nd tree from the right’ he said. Just shook my head. Said it that way because I’m a Lefty :)
  6. Not being used to Fl Golf I hope I remember that next time I’m there. Hate to find out the hard way. I would play mine off the edge of a pond without thinking twice lol.
  7. Looking good. Relatively flat tracks by u? How’s the slope on the greens?
  8. Since you have a ping https://ping.com/en-us/arccos-sensor-promo
  9. Found another Lefty in the Wild. Always standing out in the crowd!
  10. Which fork in the road do Leftys’ take I wonder...
  11. A Lefty shot to wake up to In the morning... It’s over the hills and far away
  12. All I changed my name. Needed to disassociate the other email as it was through crapbook and haven’t used the platform in years. Anyways here’s the newest Fall Lefty. :)
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