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  1. I've no idea on what the swing weight is tbh, I don't have a way to measure that I don't think. I don't know exactly where to put the lead tape as I've read conflicting things about where to put it. Is it high, is it low, is on the bottom, to the heel, etc.
  2. Mine was a TM Spider putter. BUT, I recently found one for a good deal and she's back with me. I now alternate between it and my BM putter.
  3. Robert - Bentonville, AR Lots of carpet putting and gate drills/distance drills I’ve gotten one from academy but it doesn’t flatten out all the way no matter what I do, so it’s constantly playing a break. Medium or Fast stimp as I play on both, course depending.
  4. I appreciate the input from you guys. I'll speak with my instructor this week on it.
  5. I think my width gauge is a bit skewed, I'm sure what looks like 15 yards to me is actually quite a bit more and what I think is 20-30 is vastly greater lol.
  6. I'm gonna search for a single just to put in a head and play around with.
  7. Yes sorry, they are the 780's. I do see a lot of love for the steelfibers but I thought they were a lighter shaft as well. Thanks for the information! I'll see if there are any fitters around here that have them. I was fit in December of 2019 and put in DGS300's but that was before I started lessons this year and my swing wasn't the best and my flight was erratic.
  8. Fair point. We spend more time on the driver as that's the bain of my golf existence, and made a change on shaft and he put me in a 70 X Flex shaft, that's why I was curious about the lightness of the iron shafts and if that is why I was having a larger dispersion pattern.
  9. I don't really know what a realistic idea of dispersion is, I mean I have an idea that I would like to have a consistent 10-15 yard width window from start line. I don't know if that's realistic or if I'm overestimating my idea. Like If I'm aiming five yards right of the pin I would like to be able to stay within 10 yards left, consistently if I overcook it a tad, instead of going 20-30 yards left. I don't know if the shafts I'm playing are too light or not stiff enough, if it it's just general mechanics. I already take lessons and have made improvements to my swing in general movement, mechanics, and repeatability.
  10. I'm currently playing Recoil F4's with smacwrap, looking at changing the shafts in my irons. While I like the shafts and how they feel, I have no consistency in how my shot plays in relation to how much it draws. My draw is either a nice "normal" to baby draw, or its a power draw and goes offline by quite a bit while not being as drastic as a hook. My driver speed is 105-115mph depending on how much I get after it (anywhere from a 250-270 carry using a GC2/Quad for measurement), 7 iron is 170-180 yards. I believe I have an average tempo What say you MGS? Recommend me a shaft to play with? Do I need a heavier shaft? Stiffer profile?
  11. I'm really enjoying the products by Kanibi. I know I can physically feel a difference with the Full Spectrum Tincture and the Gummies. But, I'm not really sure how much the CBD is coming into play with the Enhanced Sports Cream. That's going to be a big factor for me going into the final stretch of the review.
  12. I play better around strangers, but my first tee jitters is because I'm always the first or second one to go out early in the morning and I never warm up. Our course doesn't do tee times throughout the week; only Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. So it's first come first serve, Mon-thurs, and there's a line of at least 20 guys behind me waiting to go on the first tee lol.
  13. Dear diary, I got out this morning, a nice and cool 72ish degrees. A tad moist outside with a pleasant early dew that was on the grass. Freshly mowed and rolled to a faster than normal stimp greens. Fantastic morning really. Except for when the Caddy Daddy Claw glove got wet or if the grip had any small amount of moisture on it lol. I damn near threw my club down the fairway. That mesh upper also made my hands get damp fast when I was pushing my ball/tee into the ground on the boxes, so I had to pull the glove off and dry it along with my hand by clenching it in my towel. It was an interesting round for sure.
  14. Caddy Daddy Golf Website Introducing the New Game-Changing Claw Golf Glove!. This breathable glove has superior grip and remarkable durability with airflow cooling technology. Flex-Mesh Design Provides Excellent Ventilation Exclusive Silicone-Web Coating Provides Maximum Flexibility and Grip Mesh Fabric Boosts Airflow and Breath-ability Looks New Longer than Leather Palm will not Crack, Harden or Tear Remarkable Comfort and Performance Lasts 3-5 Times Longer than Most Leather Gloves Machine Washable Conforms with the Rules of Golf I received my glove today and it’s interesting design. Mesh on the top and fingers with a silicone web grip texture throughout the palm and fingers. Rod sent me a medium sized glove with the message; “We don’t currently make an M/L as it’s too close to our Medium and Large sizes. Our gloves run bit so most M/L customers have been happy with our medium size which is what we’re shipping you. We also offer free size exchanges so if the medium runs too small for you, just let me know.“ I like a smaller fitting glove and this one seems perfect with the exception of some weird loose material in the thumb/palm area. It’s not as form fitting to the thumb as other gloves. You don't notice it when gripping a club but I did want to mention it. You might recognize that grip texture as it has been on the inner waistband of shorts and pants in the past couple of years. Or at least a similar material has been that functions to help shirts stay tucked inside waistbands. I played a two ball nine hole scramble with this glove on this afternoon, temp was about 85* and sunny. The glove was incredibly breathable and my hand didn’t sweat as much as it normally would due to the mesh upper. I think this will be huge for those like me who's hands sweat a ton. The silicone webbing on the palm of the glove was nice to have and my club didn’t slip or twist a single bit. I did notice some loose fibers on the index finger after I finished. I didn’t snag the glove on anything so I’m not sure what could have caused it but I will be watching them closely, especially since they’re supposed to last 3-5 longer than a traditional glove. I’ve got another two ball 9 hole scramble in 2.5 hours. I’ll be checking back in every once in a while to give updates on the longevity of the glove. I’m really hoping this glove doesn’t wear out as quick in the palm and knuckle like a lot of other gloves do. Pretty stoked about it being machine washable as well! Any questions just ask.
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