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  1. I don't think I've ever seen a take as hot as this. You're basically the sun, and we're the rest of the solar system just basking in your warmth and radiance.
  2. I'm a big fan of the 3W, and my hybrid is inconsistent now so I was thinking of picking up a 5W to play with.
  3. They're good putters but jesus their prices took off quick.
  4. 1. it wasn't directly communicated no, but I did a lot of sifting through the website looking for information about the product and saw that it does include a trace amount. 1a. I think it was because it was a direct route sublingually, and liquid. While the gummies have to be absorbed through the GI, I would think the gastric acid would deplete some of the medicinal affects of it. 2. I didn't try that but I have a few left and will do that to see what happens. 3. I have chronic hand/finger pain r/t grappling for over 10 years and my hands didn't hurt *as much* as normal. I wasn't taking aleeve when I was taking the CBD, so I would assume the Kanibi was helping.
  5. Robert Bentonville, AR TM Sim 10.5 degree 7-10 110 TSi3
  6. Barely used Golf pride Midsize MCC plus 4 pulls ( 7 total, maybe three rounds used) $60 shipped OBO
  7. just picked up 4-PW Srixon Z785 with AMT white shafts, should be here monday. Pretty pumped about them. I have three or four different sets of shafts to try them out with. DGPro s300, C taper Lite, the AMT whites they're coming with, and eventually the Recoil F4 shafts my P790s are in.
  8. I just want to clarify, are we talking edibles as in the normal edibles with flower in them, or are you calling the gummies edibles?
  9. I'm not sure of the science behind their ESC, but yes I think it's just the same as those or at least it feels the exact same. I also can't vouch for the CBD that's added into the ESC because I can't physically notice a difference between the effect of the ESC and the ones you listed.
  10. Congestion can cause it yes, but so can a large tongue, a thick neck, and a narrow airway. Or all of those combined plus some others.
  11. I tend to snore quite a bit, I'll ask the SO what she thinks about my snoring after the gummies.
  12. I've no idea on what the swing weight is tbh, I don't have a way to measure that I don't think. I don't know exactly where to put the lead tape as I've read conflicting things about where to put it. Is it high, is it low, is on the bottom, to the heel, etc.
  13. Mine was a TM Spider putter. BUT, I recently found one for a good deal and she's back with me. I now alternate between it and my BM putter.
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