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  1. Tip? It is. I had it in a Taylormade 2 iron rescue club.
  2. Barely Used Nippon GOST shaft, 370 tip, x stiff, 39.25” inch in length, comes with headcover, $200 shipped? I haven’t seen any sold so I don’t know what to ask. Will trade for a Ventus Black 6x or 6s driver shaft, TM tip standard length. Brand new Jones Trouper R bag - $220 shipped
  3. Looking for blade/players iron sets with stiff shafts or Ventus Velocore 6X TM Tip driver shaft + $$$ depending, or non-spider mallet putters Custom Brandon Matthews putter, 350g Stainless Steel with matte black finish/sky blue paintfill. Standard L/L, 35”. BM stitchback grip and leather magnetic head-cover. BM logo on the heel, star on the extreme toe, NMFTT on the sole, milled bumpers, flange site line. Pics show as much detail as I can. If you want more, just ask. The sole looks weird because I had lead tape on it for one round. I know I won’t get what I paid for it($1000), asking $750 shipped CONUS if selling
  4. I don't think I've ever seen a take as hot as this. You're basically the sun, and we're the rest of the solar system just basking in your warmth and radiance.
  5. I'm a big fan of the 3W, and my hybrid is inconsistent now so I was thinking of picking up a 5W to play with.
  6. They're good putters but jesus their prices took off quick.
  7. 1. it wasn't directly communicated no, but I did a lot of sifting through the website looking for information about the product and saw that it does include a trace amount. 1a. I think it was because it was a direct route sublingually, and liquid. While the gummies have to be absorbed through the GI, I would think the gastric acid would deplete some of the medicinal affects of it. 2. I didn't try that but I have a few left and will do that to see what happens. 3. I have chronic hand/finger pain r/t grappling for over 10 years and my hands didn't hurt *as much* as normal. I wasn't taking aleeve when I was taking the CBD, so I would assume the Kanibi was helping.
  8. Robert Bentonville, AR TM Sim 10.5 degree 7-10 110 TSi3
  9. Barely used Golf pride Midsize MCC plus 4 pulls ( 7 total, maybe three rounds used) $60 shipped OBO
  10. just picked up 4-PW Srixon Z785 with AMT white shafts, should be here monday. Pretty pumped about them. I have three or four different sets of shafts to try them out with. DGPro s300, C taper Lite, the AMT whites they're coming with, and eventually the Recoil F4 shafts my P790s are in.
  11. I just want to clarify, are we talking edibles as in the normal edibles with flower in them, or are you calling the gummies edibles?
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