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  1. Thanks, I got to golf for my birthday and shot a tidy 71.
  2. Thanks. I had the putter fitting at club champion and they didn't do anywhere near what the Edel fitting videos include.
  3. I would love to go thru a full fitting with Edel but I don't know anywhere to get the full comprehensive fitting.
  4. Has anyone had any contact from the Titleist people yet?
  5. Wow, Honored and excited to be a part of this test. What is the process from here forward? When it is over can we find out which ball we tested?
  6. I am interested in the forward putter grip. Where can I read your review?
  7. I have very big hands and play oversized grips on all my clubs except for my putter right now. I really like the Pistol style grips. I just haven't found any oversized ones that have that bend like the smaller ones. I'm looking for some recommendations please.
  8. I think that is a great looking bag for a veteran. I really like the unit crests and pins. Most of my playing friends are vets and several of them have Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine bags but none of us have thought to put the unit crests and awards on it. Did you have them stitched on or are they pins. I can see the unit patch is on velcro. Great looking Bag sir! CW 5 Mackey 180B
  9. The game of golf is a fickle mistress. Yesterday I played and shot the worst score I have made in 5 years, 87 with 6 three putts. Today I played the same course with the same foursome from the same tees and shot 71. We play it down and bet heavily so no gimmies or mulligans. This game is crazy sometimes. The major difference was simply confidence in my putting.
  10. I would recommend this guy to anyone. I sent him two Cleveland CG 12 RTG DSG wedges and he refurbished them with raw faces and amazing fresh grooves. Total price for two wedges $46 plus shipping. They came out great and in only 2 weeks. Jim Kronus President The Iron Factory 7615 N 75th Ave Suite 105 | Glendale, AZ 85303 P: 970-245-2444
  11. I have been feeling like my wedge game had slipped quite a bit since I stopped playing my trusty old Cleveland CG 12 RTG DSG wedges. They just lost there grooves. I bought 3 sets when the square grooves got taken away from us so they lasted until 2015/16. Since then I have tried most of the major wedge brands best wedges in the search for what would be best for my game. Most had great faces and feel. They all spun the ball really well. I just couldn't find a bounce and grind combo that I could hit all the shots I could hit with my CG 12's. I went for a Titleist wedge van fitting and a Cleveland van fitting. I had Club Champion fit me to Callaway Jaws wedges. I could hit some of the shots with all of the wedges yet not all of the shots with any of these wedges. A friend told me about this guy: Jim Kronus President The Iron Factory 7615 N 75th Ave Suite 105 | Glendale, AZ 85303 P: 970-245-2444 Two wedges fully refurbished for just $46 plus shipping. Fresh grooves and raw faces like new and legal grooves.
  12. I went through a putter fitting and what really stood out to me was the importance of matching the swing arch of my stroke to the toe hang of the putter did to improve my putting. That said. How much do you think these tests are affected by the diversity of swing arch in the group. Have you considered doing Face Balanced, Slight arch and big arch putter tests like you do for swing speeds on drivers?
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