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  1. I noticed in some recent pictures that Phil Michelson does not have the movable weight in his driver. How will that effect the club? Lower spin? Less forgiving and lower launch? Faster? does it change where the sweet spot is or how big it is? Really what would the benefits be and what would the trad off be? I'm no fitter but would love to know?
  2. Hey does anybody know or have any dealings with Orka golf? Their you tube stuff is awesome. The way they test your clubs for lie and loft before the fitting and then build from there is cool. I wish I could get my clubs checked like that here in the states and go thru a fitting like that.
  3. It was just a thought and nothing I need, they quote data from Arccos quite often so it seemed to make sense. It just seemed to follow the data is king theme of MGS. I knew after a day that they had no interest because none of them replied.
  4. Maybe it would be something to partner with the people at Arccos on? I have kept the data using my rangefinder and a pencil for years. I strongly believe that the key to my success as a golfer has been knowing the yardages of each club in my bag to a small margin for distance error. I know my yardages with full swings, one wrap down on my Winn oversized Dri-Tac wrap grips and a full swing and a 3/4 swing with a standard grip. That info has been the key to my scoring over the years. It has never kept me from having fun while I play and is super easy to do. That said I thought it might be an app that would help feed the MGS people some great info on a mass level to follow trends, track club performance and . I only bought the Arccos system because of the MGS buss around it. It seemed like it would be easy to use but I really don't think it offers that for me. It also seemed to be spoty in its effectiveness. When I checked it against what I charted, it was not as accurate. Really I asked this for the MGS crew not because I had a need. Owning a rangefinder with slope or better still my Z 80 with the map and the range finder combined, a pencil and paper and just a little extra effort post round has given me all the info I really need.
  5. What would it take for MGS to develop or co-develop a data app? I think what we the MGS member golfers need is an easy to use data app. I love many of the Arccos caddie features but the data collection portion is a bit of a mess. It would be great if in an app just like theirs you could just touch the club choice from the screen ie D 3w 5w 3h 4h 3i 4i say down the right side next to the picture of the hole. Hit the shot and when you chose the next club it locks in the yardage to the pin/front/back, and records how far you hit the previous shot. You could mimic the best putting apps for the greens. It could have blow up greens near trouble and greens to best mark where the ball is on the beach or just beachfront property. It can keep track of how far you are hitting all your clubs. It could have choices on shots like 3\4 or 1\2 or choked down so you could keep that data too. That way your 3\4 sand wedge is not included in sand wedge data but its own category. Just think about all the data you could collect on clubs? You could require that the user enter in club specs and lots of personal info that factors in on play i.e. age, height, weight. The club choice part of the shot would be streamlined to show just what's in your bag.
  6. I have the arccos 2.0. I took it out of my clubs because I hate to have my phone in my front pocket. I have been waiting for the link to come out so I could go back to using it. I was told recently that it works with apple watches. I just don't like to wear a watch while I play either. I could put the watch on my belt but I don't have an I phone. Does anyone know if it works with any other type of smart watches?
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