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  1. I cut them both open and they are completely different
  2. could you leave a link to the story please
  3. I am super curious about how the left dot and left dash compare.
  4. I had an aha moment about 15 years ago hitting a 60* wedge and it helped me breaking 80. 1) You have to hit the 60* about twice as hard as the distance looks like you would need to swing. 2) You have to turn through the shot with your hips and shoulders, even if it is just a small turn. When you don't turn your hips and shoulders the tendency is to swing all arms and decelerate. I find that the harder I swing the the more distance gets lost to height. I have seen a few people saying they don't want the hands forward in the stance. I hope that they are still soling the club flat which tilts the shaft forward, you still need to have the grip in the center of your stance but the club will be soled back in your stance. I see lots of people opening the face to about 80* because they want the head in the center of their stance it rarely works out for them. I was recently in Myrtle Beach where the Bermuda grass and it's long roots made hitting my 6* wedge crazy hard to hit. I tried it on the first day and it was a nightmare for 9 holes. At the turn I went to the car and got a 12* bounce lob wedge and after a few shots to adjust my feel I started to hit my normal excellent wedge shots. On tight woven Bermuda grass a higher bounce wedge with a wider sole is very helpful in preventing digging.
  5. I have very large thick hands, I wear a size 20 ring. It has proven impossible to find a glove that fits my hands. I play without a glove making the grip super important. I play the Winn Dri-Tac oversized wrap grips. I like the Wrapped grips because of the grooves. They enable me to have at least 2 yardages per club, one for full grip and one for each wrap I choke down. The grips are soft to the touch and have a tacky feel.
  6. Larry W on page 6 of this thread cut the #3 and #4 balls. You can compare those pictures to the pictures of cut balls in the article about the release of the Left Dot ball and they look identical. Larry W also points out that both the #3 ball and the Left Dot balls have 352 dimples. Based on those elements and the way the #3 ball played I am very comfortable to say it was a Left Dot ball. It is the straightest ball I have ever hit with long clubs, has a lower mid ball flight, and great spin on short wedges. The article also confirms that some of the blind testers had Left Dot and AVX balls to test side by side.
  7. Does anyone have any experience with golf scooters or the motor bike style golf carts
  8. I also like the Bxs but this year I'm playing the Pro V1. I had the luck of being chosen for the Titleist blind test. The Pro V1 left dot was the straightest ball I have ever hit off the tee and long too. The spin around the greens was awesome just like the regular Pro V1. It feels soft too. I would recommend it for your test if they start to produce them for regular sales.
  9. Had a great round today at Caledonia shot 67
  10. based on the cut ball pictures it is the #3 The test balls were cut in one of the posts to this thread and the left dot write up has a cut ball in the picture.
  11. Based on the cut Left dot from the "Limited Release" write up it is the #3 or B3 in this picture!
  12. I didn't use a launch monitor. The trajectories are very different. The #3 flies about 20-30 feet lower than the #4 for me. The #4 really seems to balloon.
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