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  1. Can someone explain strokes gained to me? When I look at the testing data these days I can't figure out how one club ranks higher than the others. What are the key factors that go into the data? Because when I compare the raw data in the spread sheets you give us I can't figure out how say the Wilson D7 is the best iron in it's category and the 0311 gen 3 is near the worst. The raw stats given are nearly indistinguishable. I only play clubs I have been fit for but I still enjoy looking at your findings. I just wish I could understand the data.
  2. I have like new MP 20 P-8 and 7-5 MP 20 HMB irons with N.S. pro Modus 3 Tour 120 stiff and Winn Dri Tec oversize wrap grips. I have played them twice and hurt my knee so they are for sale. I paid $265 each. I would let them go for $800 plus actual shipping. Lofts 5-23 6-26 7-30 8-34 9-39 p-44
  3. I originally went with the Jaws but kept practicing with the 6 degree bounce on the Rtx 4 and now that I am used to it it has taken the spot. It is just so versatile around the greens I can make it stop within about 18 inches from 20 yards out.
  4. Thanks, I had a great day! My new Mp 20's arrived...
  5. Dan Dumfries Va 4.1 handicap KZG Forged III irons 8 irons 145 I read the review on your sight and two other reviews. They are direct sales style company. The people that play them seem to be passionate about them. The 699 pro seems to have a lot of promise.
  6. Not So Savage are you done growing? I'm not being a smart ass here. If you are done growing now is the time to find a shaft that you can use for years and years. The tech in driver heads is not moving the ball out there more than a yard or two with each new evolution. Getting fit to the proper shaft could net you 15-25 yards, and while your at it pay the extra to get it pured. You can get uni-fit adapters from clubconex.com and use that same shaft in all your new drivers. That way you are not tied in to one brands gear. Good fitters start by finding the best shaft then swap heads to fit the best package for distance and dispersion. Top end shafts are not cheap but if you get the uni-fit adapters you can play it until your swing speed makes the slow decline into old age.
  7. Wrosy, I am playing the Jaws wedge most of the time. I sub in the Cleveland in tight fairways. Really I like both. My home course has hard Bermuda so I like the extra bounce there. The course I used to run, where I play quit a bit has tight bent grass fairways that are easier to play the lower bounce Cleveland wedge. The T20 is available for another user.
  8. The Mizuno may be better with a lower bounce version. The lower bounce may be lighter and better balanced.
  9. I recently bought 3 new raw wedges. Mizuno T20 in 58/12, Callaway Jaws MD5 in 58/12 m grind, and Cleveland RTG 4 in 58/6. They all cost about the same. The T20 had the most impressive packaging and is a beautiful looking wedge. I was very excited to get it in play. First impressions of the feel in my hands, really heavy in the head. The sole is big and mostly flat. It is really good for full swings and straight forward bum and run shots. I pride myself on having great feel with wedges. I have always been able to hit flop shots, one bounce and stoppers, bump and runs. I struggled with any touch shots and near the green, feel shots were really difficult because of the head weight and bounce. Flot shots were nearly impossible. I took it out of play after four rounds and over 3 hours of practice. The RTX 4 wedge is a great looking wedge that feels good in the hands. This wedge has great balance and feel in the hands. It has good feel on full swings, 3/4 and 1/2 swings. The grooves provide great spin ripping the ball back 5-8 feet when I try to spin it. On short shots around the green 20 yards and in to the green, I could hit low spinning shots that bounce once and stop. It was easy to bump and run and the easiest club I have ever hit a flop shot with. From firm sand the ball comes out with ease. From soft white salty sand the low bounce makes it much harder to use, but that's why I use a sand wedge with 12 bounce. The other thing that makes this wedge challenging is you have to sweep every ball or risk digging the leading edge and turning over the turf on it. The Jaws wedge is another fine looking tool. The club has a great balance and feels good in the hands. It has good feel on full swings, 3/4 and 1/2 swings. The grooves provide great spin ripping the ball back 8 -12 feet when I try to spin it. On short shots around the green 20 yards and in to the green, I could hit low spinning shots that bounce once and stop. It was easy to bump and run with. I could flop it from the rough or even the apron of the practice green. It was smooth out of the sand both wet and heavy, and lite white salty sand. All three wedges kept their spin enough to stop the ball on dewy mornings. The raw finish sheds the water well.
  10. Hey I am looking to replace my lob wedge and the wet testing has made me unsure what to get. I ordered a Ping Glide 3.0 but it is taking forever to get to me. How much spin were the wedges with raw faces losing to the wet conditions test. I really like the looks of the Jaws 5 wedges and they have a raw version now so I am interested in how well they will lose in the dew of the mornings when I play.
  11. Hey guy, Here in Northern Virginia the golf courses are packed everyday like it is the weekend. I noticed the other day that the huge ball displays that grace our pro shop have become very modest. I asked the assistant pro about how many they have sold this year. He said about 400 dozen. He said they only have about 100 dozen left in stock and don't think they can get anymore anytime soon. When I got home I went on golfballs.com and took advantage of the buy 3 get one free deal on the new Bridgestone B rxs balls and bought 12 dozen balls. Is anyone else worried about ball supplies running out?
  12. Dumfries, Va. Ping Pioneer II 2015 15 top to bottom dividers that fit oversized grips, easy access magnetic ball pocket, plenty of large storage areas, 2 Valuables pockets, easy access range finder holder, a tee pocket, velcro speaker holders, at least 2 towel hangers, a stable base, strong zippers
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