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  1. Hey guy, Here in Northern Virginia the golf courses are packed everyday like it is the weekend. I noticed the other day that the huge ball displays that grace our pro shop have become very modest. I asked the assistant pro about how many they have sold this year. He said about 400 dozen. He said they only have about 100 dozen left in stock and don't think they can get anymore anytime soon. When I got home I went on golfballs.com and took advantage of the buy 3 get one free deal on the new Bridgestone B rxs balls and bought 12 dozen balls. Is anyone else worried about ball supplies running out?
  2. Dumfries, Va. Ping Pioneer II 2015 15 top to bottom dividers that fit oversized grips, easy access magnetic ball pocket, plenty of large storage areas, 2 Valuables pockets, easy access range finder holder, a tee pocket, velcro speaker holders, at least 2 towel hangers, a stable base, strong zippers
  3. I have a beautiful ER 8.3 available 34" with a gravity grip. Make me an offer and it is yours.
  4. I have played over 15 years playing the same custom fit putter. It is toe up balanced. I love using it. I read about the Evnroll putters here on Mgs and the face tech was a must try. I bought an Er3 without a fitting. After about 30 rounds I contacted my custom putters maker. I asked him to build me a new putter using the Er3 head. Well to say the least it was a lot to ask and when it came back I hated the way it looked. I still wanted to try Evnroll. I loved the tech of the face and the feel. I just have played a toe up putter for so ling. I contacted Evnroll and asked if I could get them to mill my putters face for a price. Guerin Rife wrote me back and very nicely told NO. I bought an ER 8.3 because I loved the look, again I didn't get fit. The ER 8.3 has been in my bag for about 30 rounds . I LOVE the look at set up and the way it feels. I have practiced about 100 hours and tried several different stances and setups. I have such an ingrained feel for my toe up balanced custom putter I made the decision to switch back to the only putter I ever was fitted to. After paying about $650 on Evnroll putters I can only conclude they are great putters but at $360 each you are a fool to buy one without being professionally fit!!! Buying putters without fitting is a constant expense unless you either get lucky or don't mind missing putts!!! GET FIT
  5. I would recommend you tip the shaft about an inch or inch and a half. At your height 5'5" it would change effective lie angle, stiffen the tip (lowering the launch angle) and lower your spin. The added bonus is with a shorter shaft you will hit the center of the face more often. Keep in mind many of the pros have there driver cut down to about 44.5". That said you should just get Fit! Now is the time! Covid 19 is going to drive down prices like crazy. Get fit now and you could always wait to order it for when the prices fall in a few month.
  6. Dumfries, Va. 58 100 mph Out of shape Yes I will be in to the finish
  7. Mackdaddy9


  8. What are the loft gaps of the rest of your irons. Mine are 4 degrees and so I continued with 4 degree gaps in my wedges. So If you irons are 4 degree gaps I'd go 49/10 f, 53/10 f and 57/8 c grinds. If your clubs are 5 degree gaps then I would go with 5 degrees. I get about 12 yard gaps at 4 degrees.
  9. Are courses in Tx. closed? We are playing in Virginia and our governor is a doctor. Ride alone and enjoy.
  10. TPC Sawgrass from the blues. Great caddie reading all my putts. I should have birdied one and two but I was so nervous I smoked them passed the hole. Settled down and asked the caddie to help me with the reads and where to miss then things smoothed out. I played some of my best golf ever, hitting all but one green in regulation and three putted three times. I have never putted harder greens. It was also in perfect condition. We played 17 from the tips on our caddies recommendations, scariest 143 yard 9 iron ever, meant to play the middle of the green and flew it to the back right corner I was so amped up. Worth every cent I paid to play.
  11. The last couple of rounds I played in 20 knot winds, gusting to 35 knots. My new Bridgestone B rxs balls held there line much better than my good friends Tp5 Pix ball. He is a very skilled golfer and our games are about equal. The only difference I know of is our choice of golf balls. The Tp5 seemed to be ballooning into the wind and turned twice as far in the cross winds. He is 20 yards longer than me off the tee in normal conditions and I was his equal in the windy conditions. He also hits his irons a club and a half longer than me normally and into the wind his balls were losing most of there spin and bounding off the green while mine were still bouncing once and stopping.
  12. Can I have a broke 70 and veteran badges added to my account please?
  13. My friends son is turning 14 on 4/14 and he is looking for advice about clubs. His son is 5'3" tall and very athletic. He is looking for a full set of clubs and doesn't want to get a junky starter set. He has been hitting his mothers clubs and is over powering them. A regular flex shaft seem reasonable. I would also think about two degrees flat for his height. What color dot would that be in Ping clubs?
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