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  1. I am a restaurateur and will turn 60 on my next birthday. Retired Army CW5.
  2. I have had 21 knee and 14 ankle all on my right knee. I am 100% permanently disabled veteran. I rejoice in the fact that I can play golf. It is my only competitive avenue. I could walk on a very flat course like they have down in Florida if I had too but it would cost me at least 5 strokes. I need to use CBDMD Freeze in 1500 or better still 3000mg just to make it thru 18. I know from my ARCCO's data that I lose most of my strokes in either the first 3 holes or the last 3 holes. I know that it takes me about 30-40 minutes to get loose because warming up with full swings would cause me mo
  3. My clubs were 1" long because my hands are so big I grip the club at least 1" down the grip just to fit my hands. I wear a size 20 ring, my palms are 8" across. Where I grip the club when 1" long is at the standard height.
  4. Played well today. I changed my time over the ball. I committed to each shot before I got over the ball and then hit the ball. I had been spending to much time over the ball thinking about things that can effect the shot ie wind, slope, lie. Today I committed to all those things before approaching the ball and then trusted myself to just hit the shot. Shot a tidy 69
  5. That is my concern. My old clubs were 1" long and 1* upright. He said that I was a standard lie and length. I have emailed them but with the holiday I still haven't heard back.
  6. I had a full bag fitting too and it took 8 weeks to get my gear.
  7. I have had multiple knee surgeries and have bone on bone contact in 3 places. I wake up each morning with a pain level of 8.5 out of 10. I use CBD MD products and have for 2 years. They have a roll on product called cbdMD freeze 1500 It has 1500mg of cbd with Lidocaine. This product reduces my swelling and reduces my pain to about a 2 which is very manageable.
  8. I went to Club Champion and got fit for a whole bag of new gear. I love the way the clubs feel. I am only having one challenge I am hitting the ball out of the toe far to often, that was not a miss I had before getting these new clubs. I haven't changed my swing, confirmed by taking the old clubs with me to the range and hitting them in the middle of the face. I suspect that it is a lie angle issue but I don't know. The clubs feel great even on the toe strikes but I spent way to much to not have a center strike. Any fitters out there that can give me some insights?
  9. Well I went on amazon and bought some very strong magnets. I used a really sharp pen knife and cut the stitches on one side, then I slipped in the magnets. At first they were set in opposites and they didn't stick, they repelled. It thru me for a bit. Once I figured it out it was easy to flip one over and stitch them back in. They work great! I like to stick the head cover to my clubs when I go to the green to putt.
  10. Rick check out IDME.com they have lots of awesome deals for vets. Then type in golf in the search. I get balls for 1/2 price and PXG does clubs for 1/2 off there too. You can get a custom fitter from PXG to bring their mobile fitting van to set you up too.
  11. I took advantage of the Patriot plan from PXG even though I went to Club Champion and PXG charged me 1/2 price.
  12. I just got fit at Club Champion and now have a Scotty Cameron Special Select Fastback 1.5 putter. I love the putter but far prefer a magnetic putter cover. Does anyone know how to modify a Scotty cover to magnetize the cover?
  13. We did try the MMT shaft. I hit down at 7 degree angle of attack on some of my swings and the MMT did not do as well on those shots. My standard swing the MMT was fine. I like to flight the ball low and spin it some times and the Fugi did better then Staying straight where the MMT flared right 10 to 15 yards.
  14. I have played Japanese forged irons for the last 20 years or so. I just had a full bag fitting at Club Champion because at 60 years old I have lost lots of swing speed. When I was last fit 10 years ago I had a 114 mph driver speed now it is just 99 mph. The fitter was awesome. He noticed right away that feel is everything to me. He saw that I played KZG irons and asked me what I would like in a new set of irons. I told him that a soft feel is number one and number two was shot making versatility. I told him I love the feel of Japanese forgings. I told him I have owned KZG and Miura
  15. Just about to get my new clubs from club champion so I will wait to see what the testers think. Good Luck.
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