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  1. I have tried several of the balls from the test in 2019. I am a senior with a ball speed of 80-85 and hit the Callaway Epic driver. When I read the test and saw that a tour ball was getting great distance with a slow swing speed then I thought I would give it a try. I tried the Bridgeston Tour Bx balls and found them to give me the best overall distance. My score has dropped almost 6 strokes due to distance gain, less dispersion on iron shots and the ball seems to stop alot faster on the green. The Bridgestone ball is also very durable. I also tried several of the Callaway balls, Taylormade, Vice, and others to include Titlelist. I really like the Titlelist Tour S, but they discontinued the ball and the new model does not feel as good. Thanks MGS for doing the testing as it really helped my game.
  2. I see the differing opinions about Reed whether he cheated or not. My intent in my original posting is that the video evidence is extremely damaging. If you were at a US Open and gave the story that I didn't know I was doing this.. they most likely would have been DQd on the spot at the minimum. Sports has no room, especially on pro level, for cheating as our youth look up to these athletes. They are roll models like it or not. Now we see there was cheating in baseball. At least the parties involved have shown regret and made apologies and have accepted the punishment which is severe. Mr Reed has done none of that and he still insists that he didn't know he was brushing back the sand not once but twice. In my opinion, that pig doesn't fly and he will now be forever thought by many to be a cheater and bring dishonor to this great game. Even worse though, as mentioned, the PGA Tour staff just buried their heads in the sand.
  3. I know it has been beat to death, but now the Bob Parsons hype is being spread by the Golf Channel so hopefully this info will make some golfers that buyer beware.
  4. I am extremely dismayed by the PGA Tour staff's handling of Patrick Reed's alleged not cheating sand bunker shot at Hero Challenge. First, they believed his testimony that he wasn't aware of his action not once but twice. In the court of law, video evidence holds far more weight than oral testimony. Second, the penalty given does not meet the standard set by other tours and incidents over the years. The Euro tour has suspended players for long term for egregious violations even after denials. Local golfing association also suspend or bar players who are caught committing wilful rules violations especially when it is to gain an advantage of other players. This was not dropping the ball a few inches incorrectly like TW did at the Masters, it was a wilful action to gain advantage over his fellow players for $$$$. Finally, by not taking strict action against Reed, what does it now say about this honorable game and it's great history of players calling penalty violations on themselves. What does this say to First Tee youth about cheating, if you say you didn't do it (even if we have video or eyewitness evidence) then we will let you play on. Additionally, I think his caddy should also be suspended as he was witness to Reeds actions and did nothing. Finally, I wrote the PGA Tour regarding their lack of action and my concerns on its impact to golf. Guess what their response was........none. It's there typical stick their head in the sand and hope it goes away.
  5. Went to Haggin Oaks range to test out some irons. Tried the PXG irons and wow was I not surprised. I had seen the golf spy tests and now today GC was hyping the distance. I wondered where this distance was coming from in GS tests. In checking i.e. 5 iron specs, the PXGs had 2* less loft and longer shaft. Duh, this is the oldest hype in club sales to make your irons go farther ala infamous Gary Player irons in the 80s. What golf spy should do is set lofts and shaft lengths the same on irons tested then that would be a true test. Ole Bob Parsons is now up to $650 for a iron when there are so many other manufacturers bring excellent products to golfers at reasonable prices. If his clubs are so great then why aren't the pros flocking to them and the ones who are have made no significant impact on any tour. Remember the old adage, a fool and his $$$$$ is soon parted.
  6. Slow play is really hurting golf as it is driving away the current generation from golf. Taking 4+ hrs for rounds is intolerable to most of the millenials. They drive fast, do everything fast except golf and it drives them crazy. I have played several rounds in the last few weeks in Palm Springs and Las Vesgas. I saw several groups quit when the round got bogged down. The Marshall's won't do much as afraid to lose business. The current breed who are playing now are loud and obnoxious with cursing and playing music and drinking. Theydo not care about time unless you hold them up even though you are waiting on the group in front of you. Golf will continue to retract as long as this trend continues.
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