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  1. I used the Titleist Pro V1 left dot from the ball test last year for 27 holes before the damage became to much. I have played a Srixon Z-star divide for 57 holes just to see how durable it was. Normally I will take a ball out of play after scuffing it with a full swing wedge. I have played Pro V1's for the last couple years and rarely get more than 9 holes before a major scuff mark from a wedge takes it out of play for me. That is why I have been testing the Srixon Z-star divide it seems to be more scuff resistant and play in the same windows I like.
  2. Today we got temps up in the sixties and I got to really get a response from the ball. We were the first group out after a frost warning and by the back nine we were three holes ahead of the group behind us. I started to hit two shots on everything from 100 yards and in one with my Z Star Divide and the other with the Pro V1 I have played for he the last few years. I alternated the order and the results were very nearly the same. Neither ball stood out as better on any shot where I hit both. The money will be the decider if the results stay the same the next chance I get to play both against one an other.
  3. I find that putting with the line perpendicular real makes the break standout because the ball turns down the line and follows with the slope.
  4. I work at the club and he said he could get them from the rep because we sell so many.
  5. This weekend I tried the Z Star divide. It feels just like a ProV1 for me and plays like one too. The more than $10 savings will move the needle for me. What I liked better than the Q Star Tour divide was the spin levels. The Z Star spins far better than the Q. I think having the spin skin and more compression were a combined help.
  6. I stop keeping score from October to March and test different things like balls and wedges or hybrids vs driving irons. I work on shaping balls and flighting shots high or low. I may play the entire round hitting a draw or a fade. I may go out after work and play by myself and play two different balls one aggressive and one conservative. I also use those rounds to test balls against what I am playing. I keep notes on every shot when I am doing this. I work at a golf course so access is not an issue. I found a Q Star tour divide and dropped it in my bag. I have played the Pro V1 since find it cut it began. I did last years Titleist ball test and LOVED the Left Dot ball! I'm in my sixties now and have lost swing speed to age. I play the front mens tees now and have been lookinbg at the 75 compresssion range balls, q star tour divide and tour response. The next day I was warming up in the short game area and pulled out three random balls. One was the Q Star tour divide. What shocked me was how soft it felt off the wedges from 50 yards in. It was noticeable for sure. I took it to the course for that round and it played well. Noticeable shorter off the tee but really straight. Longer with irons by 5 to 7 yards, not sure if it just rolled out more but seemed to be flying longer too. Wedges were rolling out a bit more but not to much and I only spun it back once. I played that ball for 45 holes before the cover looked like Bob Marley and had to retire. I got a dozen and played them. I found that the distance info holds true for me. They don't bit and stop like the Pro V1 they tend to release and roll out about 10 extra feet. That makes front and back pins challenging. I love putting them, I don't align the ball with a line so I just set it with one color up and the name in line with the putter face give or take. I like to watch it tumble on the line and you can really see the break as the ball turns because the angle of the line tumbling turns. I find I can see it in the air better than an other ball I have tried. I think the lack of the spin skin is a big miss on Srixon's part. I bought a box of the Z Star divides on Amazon for a bit over $40 because my Head of golf ops said he would get me 6 dozen for a favor I did but they are slow in coming. I am hoping that they Z Star divides will spin more like the Pro V1's because they are pricey and next year I am sure they will increase. I can Buy Srixons at cost at work and only get 20% off on the Titleists. The only way a Titleist ball stays in my bag next year is if they bring out the Left Dots!
  7. I have tried the Qstar tour divide. They are very soft feeling and fly very straight for the most part. I think they need the spin skin finish because they just don't spin to a stop like I am used to. I have been trying to get our pro to get me a dozen to sample but no luck yet. Has anyone really tested the Z star tour divide yet?
  8. Check out 32below.com they are super cheap and warm relaxed fit pants for like $17. same for puffer vests ie fake down, I tend to wear on top: Under Armor cold gear base layer, a silk lined wool sweater 1/4 zip and a down vest. I wear the 32 below stretch pants and rain pants over them if its really cold or I have some gortex lined or fleece lined pants. I have one of those heated hand warmers that's like a butt pack when I hit. A super hack is sitting on a thick pile bathroom mat, the rubber insulates and stops slipping and the thick pile is comfortable to sit on. 4
  9. I was playing Pro V1's since find it cut it took the Chrome Soft out of my bag. I wasn't looking to make a change. I found a Q Star Tour Divide in Yellow and Orange in the deep rough on a blind tee shot landing area. I dropped it in my bag. A week later I was waiting for our fourth and reached in my bag and pulled out 3 balls and my lob wedge and headed to the short game area. I didn't realize I had grabed the Divide ball until I pulled it out of my pocket. I figured it would be fine and may be fun to see the ball spin. I set up at 55 yards and hit some 3/4 wedges. I was stunded by how good the Srixon ball felt. It felt softer than the Pro V1 and spun back about 2 feet after the first bounce. I had about 20 minutes of hitting a variety of wedge shots. The Srixon was good on everything. I moved to putting it and at my age lining up the line was to hard for me, so I didn't like putting it. Then my buddy arrived and I stopped trying to set the line and hit a few with a solid side up and I loved watching it tumble, you can really see the brake happen as it turns and the colors changing stand out. Headed to the first tee I decided to give it a try. Loved the way I could line up my start line on the tee with a mark in front of me. The only fairways I missed were because I drove it through. It was about five yards shorter off the tee than normal. I gained that back with iron yardages and wedges where it was about 5 yards longer. This ball is very straight for me. I played it for 45 holes and the cover held up much beter than a Pro V1 which my wedges often shreds like Bob Marley. I got a dozen new ones and have been using them for the last few weeks and I love them. I would love to hear how others have found them for their games.
  10. I had a similar issue for years until I tried a short er shaft in my 3 wood. I took an inch off the butt end of my 3 wood and it was like magic I started striping it. Before I cut it down I started hitting it chocked down. It was an improvement but I have such big hands I can't choak down enough but I could tell I was on the right track. After cutting it down I could still chock down some if needed.
  11. Dustin Johnson's academy in Myrtle Beach has the S.A.M. Lab putter system. They can fit you or give you a lesson or a combo.
  12. Five today Waiting for my sixth (just got a new Titleist TSR 3 10* driver) waiting for it to come in. Next question is will I use my Accura shaft in it or my Matrix shaft. I was fit for both on previous driver fittings. I will have to change the adaptor on both shafts to test them in the new head. What is the best way to change the tips on shafts?
  13. I have a set of KZG ZO blades with KM700 stiff shafts in great shape that I no longer have the swing speed to play. I would let them go for $100 each p-6 They are like new.
  14. Choke down driver to make it stiffer and tee it a bit down to keep from hitting the side of the ball should go about 240. Play 200 yards with a 4H or 5 iron depending on the day. Attack the green with a p wedge or 9 iron depending on the second shot. No aggressive shots and lowest stress. Even if the second shot is short an 8 iron in is low stress. 2 putts and move on.
  15. My guess is that you are looking for a better strategy for playing the hole. It sounds like you hit driver about 230 yards. So driver is the play. That leaves about 200 yards some days and 170 others. On 200 yard days an 8 or 9 iron for position at comfortable sand wedge yardage to attack the pin. On the 170 yard days I would hit the 5 iron to the center of the green and two putt for par. Both should remove the risk of a big number on the #1 handicap hole and give you a solid chance at par or even birdie. Ego can kill the score card, Zach Johnson won the masters and laid up on every par 5 in doing it.
  16. I have a Cleveland smart sole 46* and I love it for those shots just off the green in the rough. A) I had an open spot in my bag. B) I hit my wedges very well but like several of you I watched the Mark Crossfield videos on chippers and it made sense. I have had it in the bag for about a month and a half. I love the forgiveness of the broad sole. I like the upright feel like I am putting. There is no more worry when six feet from the pin and 3 feet in the rough, no worries that if I swing with soft hands that the club will get pulled off line, or that I will hit it 15 feet past. For years I used a putter for these situations and it was the same worries as a wedge when everything was said and done. Now with my Cleveland Smart Sole I am far more focused on making these shots, and I have been making lots of them. The weight of the club and the wide sole let it glide on line with the right weight for these type shots. Some rounds I never pull it. Some rounds I use it on several holes with great success. I have had 14 birdie since I bought this club. I would caution against using it in to many situations it is not a fix all club. I don't know what I would have removed from a full bag to add it. If you rarely use a certain club in your bag give one a try. I got mine on Ebay lightly used for about $70. I really think the Cleveland Smart Sole makes it easier to use than the Ping Chipr
  17. Figuring about 3 yards per degree of loft for gapping. I would dump the 4 iron if you don't hit it well. I would look at a 48*, 52*, 56* and 60* with 12 yard gaps between clubs. Trusting that I would gain more with these scoring clubs. I personally love the Renegar wedges they are incredibly versatile. I would seriously consider a high toe wedge and a 48* Titleist Sm 9 with 10* bounce. The soles on the Renegar wedges are a thing of beauty. https://r.search.yahoo.com/_ylt=AwrFeXSj6vZiiI4Of7lXNyoA;_ylu=Y29sbwNiZjEEcG9zAzEEdnRpZAMEc2VjA3Ny/RV=2/RE=1660377892/RO=10/RU=https%3a%2f%2frenegargolf.com%2f/RK=2/RS=RN3LLVo.7pT7yamhSGupreHiON4-
  18. I have a really bad right knee and any slipping can end my golf week. I jumped on the spike less bus but found that they tend to get filled up with dirt and then they slip. On super hot dry ground I wear my off road running shoes and they hold really well.
  19. Put the time in on a short game practice area go to 50 yards and fly 3/4 lob wedges in for 20 minutes. Play it with the club soled and the shaft will naturally lean forward. Set the club and then move your feet to get the grip in the middle of your hips, that will give you a good pinch of the ball when you hit it. After 20 minutes you will develop muscle memory. Then come back and practice it some more. I am 60+ and that is all I do to warm up that and putt. After a few sessions you will develop your feel for the distance and it will be easier.
  20. I played KZG ZO blades for 15 years the ZO stands for zero offset. I highly recommend them. They feel like butter and can do it all. Check them out online. Hit them and fall in love!
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