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  1. I'm a coach and fitter and just going to toss this out there: Of the 20-30 fittings I've done over the last month, only 2-3 times has the Stealth driver outperformed the others. Oftentimes, its been the shortest! It may be the right driver for you and maybe not. Go get fit and hit a bunch of different brands to see which works best with your authentic swing.
  2. Truth be told, I'm a GOLFTEC coach and you totally misrepresented GOLFTEC here. The colors you referred to are a lot more important than you are leading onto. They represent the TOUR averages for 4 key motion measurements--hip and shoulder turn, tilt (not spine tilt), bend and sway.....and GOLFTEC's knows the tour averages for each motion measurement for each part of the golf swing (and there are 9 parts). Green colors are Tour averages, red colors are the worst golfers averages, yellow colors mid-to-high handicapper averages and blue colors are golfers who swing too inside to out (overdraws). GOLFTEC had two other key motion measurements almost never talked about---lead elbow flex and trail knee flex. Not sure why you weren't impressed with the club fitting as they are among the best in the nation and rarely push aftermarket shafts (knowing that the stock shafts on the market are good enough for 99% of golfers out there).
  3. Hey guys. I work for a Chicago area (reputable) custom club fitter and we were told that due to factory COVID closures in Vietnam that Ping has no idea when they can deliver either the 710 and 425 irons. I have one customer who is now on his third month awaiting a set of 425s.
  4. Would love to be chosen to test it and see how it compares to the Swing Caddy I bought last year. Dave S./Chicago Iphone 10 Will Be Indoors at nearby golf dome No net.
  5. Dave/Chicago suburbs (Vernon Hills) Used hitting one for the first time at the start of the pandemic when the country closed down. I was taking care of my dad as my mom has passed in February and set the net up in his garage. I also bought the Swing Caddy launch monitor and used it with the net. The net was big, bulky and I've since tossed it out. Of course, now the weather is changing back to winter here in the Midwest so I'm looking for another net. I'm a 1 handicap. Driver: Callaway Rogue 3-wood: Callaway Epic 3, 4 and 5 hybrids: 2018 TaylorMade M4 6-PW: TaylorMade PSI irons 52, 56 and 60 wedges: TaylorMade Putter: Bettanardi Queen Bee
  6. Been seriously considering this for both myself as well as the high school golf team I coach here in the Chicago suburbs. I'd love to help you guys, thanks.
  7. Dave Silbar, Chicago Always use a putting line I go between a plastic thingy and manually drawing it. ProV1 Straight line and then 1 dot directly above logo
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