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  1. Michael - Laguna Niguel, CA Never used a GPS device/watch Currently use the Bushnell Pro X2 rangefinder
  2. I picked this ball up from Costco at the end of last year and overall I think it is a great budget ball, if not the best. The distance for me is not as long as my normal TP5x, about 10% shorter from my own observations. Where the ksig shines is around the green. This ball bites and it bites hard. I'm a pretty decent chipper but even I thin the ball sometimes and when that happens, I'm still in a good position to make an up and down. From the bunker, the ksig stops on a dime. Sometimes the spin does have a negative impact on my game, especially from my short irons and full wedge shots. If I want to hit a normal shot from 75-150, I have to compensate with this ball and club up so that I don't spin off the green. The durability of this ball is fairly decent. I can get a whole round in with one ball without much diminished performance (that is if I magically happen not to lose it in 4 hours). Overall, this ball is a buy for the average golfer. At essentially $1/ball, you can't get any better with this kind of performance.
  3. Just checked it out. That looks great! I'll definitely check it out, thanks.
  4. Go for it! I currently have the MCC Plus 4 on my clubs and they feel great
  5. My M2 3 wood gets plenty of use on the course. I'd say it gets about 8-10 solid uses per round, off the tee box or fairway. There's something about the stock TM Reax X flex shaft in it that makes it super reliable for me. Also I might be the only one like this but I can only hit my 3 wood off the deck. Whenever I tee it up, I either top it or duck hook it. But doesn't bother me because it helps for getting on the green in 2 on those par 5's.
  6. Thanks, it adds a nice aesthetic touch as well as fills in a gap between my 3 wood and 3 iron
  7. Yes! Driver and irons were fitted, love the feel and performance of the shafts I have.
  8. Driver: Taylormade M5 | GD Tour AD DI-6x 3 Wood: Taylormade M2 | TM Reax 65x (stock) 1 Hybrid: Ben Hogan CFTi 17° | Fujikura Banzai S-flex Irons 3-Pw: Taylormade PSi Tour | TT Dynamic Gold x100 Gw: Titleist SM4 50-08 F grind Sw: Titleist SM7 56-10 S grind Lw: Titleist SM6 62-08 T grind Putter: Titleist Scotty Cameron Select Newport Ball: TP5x If anyone has suggestions for a hybrid shaft for me that would be great! Not looking for anything fancy but I need something better than the current old one. (It's also my 15th club so not super important to have but nice to hit into a par 5 every now and then)
  9. Mikey/California 8 Taylormade PSi Tour 170
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