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  1. Patrick / GA 13 TaylorMade Rocketballz Stage 2 rescue 3 hybrid. 19 degrees. With a hybrid dispersion is the most important to me. But second, a hybrid is closing the gap between my 5 iron and 3 wood. According to multiple rounds with Arccos my fairway finder is just above 50%, GIR is a merely 16% and while my smart range is 221 to 257 with my current hybrid. After reading about the Tour Edge hybrid sounds like they have the right club to increase both GIR and Fairway Finder percentage. With a high swing speed I am looking to find a hybrid that can more consistent with my swing.
  2. My newly purchased Project X Evenflow T1100 shaft has the same splits!! Actually it has two of them!! My stock shaft with my Ping G400 has been used more and now sign of splitting. I too am curious about this phenomenon and wonder if it is contributed to inconsistent ball striking.
  3. So I played a crap round to my standards and now get to play a local tournament. (first time playing competitive golf). Reflecting back on my round I felt like I was in my head the whole game and not just focusing on the shot at hand. Tried to talk positive to myself the whole time but just couldn't shake overthinking EVERY shot. Any advice fellow MGS members?
  4. Before I pulled the trigger on my current clubs was VERY interested in some Cobras!!!! Those irons look AWESOME and have heard nothing but GREAT things about those drivers!! Would love for my first testing to be with a full Cobra Set!! 12 Handicap. Out of Ringgold, GA. North GA, Chattanooga area Facebook & Instagram. #MGSCOBRA2020 and #COBRACONNECT At least 20 rounds in the next 8 weeks. Driver: Ping G400...3wood: Callaway Epic Flash...3hybrid:Taylormade Rescue...Irons: Sub70 699's...Wedges: Cleveland 54 degree & Callaway 60 degree.... Dream Cobra Bag: Driver--King SpeedZone Xtreme Stiff flex Black&Yellow...3wood--SpeedZone Xstiff flex Big Tour...Hybrid--SpeedZone ONE Length 3 hybrid...Irons--SpeedZone ONE Length. Stiff Flex...Wedges--Most needed area to improve my game!...King Black ONE Length Wedges
  5. True. My hope is that a better shaft will help prevent my fade turning to a slice. Plan B is to go back to the original shaft
  6. Pulled the trigger on the 699's. Have already played 4 rounds of them and absolutely love them! Got the Project x rifle shafts, amazing, MCC midsize grips, amazing, and then of course the 699 that look great at address and even better putting the ball on the green. Extremely happy with my purchase!!
  7. Alta. It was the one that came with the Ping Driver. I read the reviews on the t1100, good and bad, and you are right about the shaft being stout. Haven't gotten it in the mail yet, hopefully Monday, and will try it out at once. I can return if the shaft isn't for me. Another reason why I bought off of eBay.
  8. I just ordered an EvenFlow White T1100 for my Ping G400 driver. I went up to 75 grams instead of the stock 55 but stayed with the stiff flex. I am hoping that a better shaft and a more suited shaft for my swing and swing speed will prevent my fades from turning to a terrible slice.
  9. I never thought about that until you mentioned it. Moving the logo on the backside does prevent aligning my hands properly. Especially if the logo is just off everything else will be offset. I will have to remember that next time i re-grip my clubs. Hell i will have to remember that when I play next time so that I don't line up my hands incorrectly!!
  10. Have you tried practicing with just one hand? Tiger Woods technique of practicing with just putting with the right hand and then putting with the left hand. This has helped me get my arms to work together and smooth out my putting stroke. It also helps train yourself to get and keep the putter face squared. I have issues with pushing my putts to the right so i practice more with my right arm and working on getting it square at impact.
  11. I demoed the 6 & 9 irons and, like you, really couldn't find many things wrong with them. Only mild complaint was I over hit some greens, but that isn't a legit problem haha. Good to hear you liked them!
  12. I would give you an ace for that. Especially if some randoms saw and made that comment. Obviously wouldn't be able to count if the ball had hit the flagstick and bounced out but since the noodle was there and prevented the ball from staying in. I had a similar issue on a Par putt. Playing with 3 buddies and of course had to have the pin in and the noodle in. Hit the ball with some pace and we all watched as the ball entered the cup, ran over the noodle and went out the other side. All 3 fellow golfers immediately said if the noodle wasn't in that ball was in, needless to say I counted it!
  13. The long irons can be difficult. I have a 4 iron but pulled it and just use my 5 iron with a 3 hybrid. Looking at the 5-AW of the 699 irons. When I need to update my hybrid I am sure I will get in touch with Jason. I do like the black finish on the 639 CB irons though. Very Nice!
  14. Awesome let me know how they hit! Im looking into the MCC grips myself. All my grips are Golf Pride so I'm weary to venture outside of that comfort zone.
  15. Planning on getting some new Sub70 699's with the Project X Rifle shafts. But my main question is grips. Currently I have the midsize Golf Pride Core Grips, which are great but want to get the MC for the new clubs. What are y'all's thoughts? What grips have you tried and why you like/dislike them?
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