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  1. Finally, finally, after too long of trying on the driving range to get rid of an unwelcome hook, I took a lesson with a pro to take a look at my swing. My brother had a lesson with him before I did, so I hit some range balls in the next stall while I waited. Fifteen minutes in to my brother’s lesson, the pro looked at me and said, “I can see your issue—no worries, I can help you fix it.” It feels really good to hear from someone about what’s going on with my swing. Can’t wait to get back to the range to work on it tomorrow, followed by a couple 18-hole games over the next week.
  2. With the pandemic, moving, and working on other projects, I had to take a break from the forum. Any cool things happening with lefty equipment these days? Last thing I heard about was Mizuno’s JPX 921 SEL.
  3. Nice. Would love to see pics. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  4. Where I've played in Denmark, riding golf carts seem rare. People of all ages are either pushing a cart or carrying their clubs. Whenever I get together with my brother in California we usually ride. At first, it had to do with 100°+ temperatures in the Central Valley, and shade was just a necessity. After that, it became a habit, I suppose. Now since the lockdown, I'm becoming more aware of that choice. We've talked about walking the course instead, but my bro wants to get better at moving the ball forward (rather than left or right).
  5. Went to the driving range today. First I had on a new-ish Wilson Staff glove, and I could feel my grip slipping on impact. Then I remember I had bought a Bionic glove just before lockdown. I've had an injury to my right thumb, and I thought, what a great excuse to try it out. Man, what a difference it made. I had been wondering whether I should change my grip size. Now, I don't think so.
  6. Just an update—it's good to be out again! Driving ranges have opened up in Denmark, albeit limited. That's fine by me. Early morning and I'm finally swinging again. Looks like squeezing a tennis ball has been helping out with my elbow issues. How do I know? I'm not over-compensating with my other arm when swinging my driver. I just keep telling myself—baby steps. Anyway, I noticed a golf pro giving a private lesson, so yep, we are on track to get back to sense of normalcy. Hope wherever you are, you're staying safe.
  7. Pull carts are basically no frills: No storage compartments Two wheels Compact Inexpensive Push carts have more features available: Storage options Three/four wheels Easy to push Holds an umbrella Holds a smartphone/GPS device Hold a cigar Seat attachment Several styles, brands and options on the market I’ve had both and prefer a pushcart. There are compact versions out there and available under $200, e.g., Rovic, TGW’s own brand.
  8. Courses in Denmark at starting to open up (with special rules). Trouble is, nearby driving ranges are closed, which is what I really need at the moment. I hate paying for golf when I know I'm not hitting well. On the upside, if Denmark does start gradually opening up after Easter, then things are starting to look up.
  9. My cart has a swivel wheel that can lock. It's a nice feature to have, I think.
  10. Oh, I saw that on YouTube as well. That looks like a good one.
  11. I suppose I might go with Bill Murray, Jon Hamm and Ray Romano, but only because ...
  12. Clicgear has a sister brand called Rovic. The might be in your price range. I use the RV1S. It's pretty good, no complaints, really. RV1C just at $200, I think.
  13. The last time I was trying out new putters at my favorite store, my choices were pretty much Odyssey 2-ball, lots and lots of copper Spider Xs, one kind of Ping mallets and one kind of Blade—and Pinseekers—all with 35” shafts. The used rack was sad, really. The only interesting one there was a beat up Spider Mini.
  14. I updated my driver last summer to the G410 plus OTR. It feels good, but I definitely want to spend more time playing with the settings after the lockdown ends. Based on last year’s most wanted driver article, my brother picked up an Epic Flash, and he’s mightily pleased. A fitting is in my future, but at the moment I’m happy with what I’ve got.
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