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  1. Found ad in my email from a golfstore I've shopped at—highlighting winter golf boots. Any hardcore folks here that take to the fairways come chill or snow?
  2. Just wanted to update, Ian Poulter, Sergio Garcia and Bernd Wiesberger are playing now. https://www.rydercup.com/team-europe?locale=en-US
  3. Frankly, I miss my old Ogio Sliver. I just wore it out till it died. I especially liked the putter well. That doesn’t to seem to exist anymore with the new Woode versions.
  4. Forgive me if this a stupid or tired question, but I was reading the thread about green reading books and started to wonder about a caddy’s role in golf. So I wanted to ask, if caddies were no longer allowed at the tour level, would the list of the top 10 golfers look different?
  5. I’ve been curious about Kirkland clubs—are they an OEM’s club under a different name? You know, like the Safeway generic soda is really Royal Crown, etc., could they be Wilson’s or Tommy Armour’s?
  6. Ah, sorry, I think I misunderstood. I can understand wanting to replace putters, but I haven’t been hoarding either. I have a blade, too, and every time I think getting another putter, I realize I’d be replacing mine for another blade. I guess I’m missing the differences between them.
  7. I’ve seen Crossfield’s vids about Clevelands Launchers, and I think his take to is to get new/struggling golfers to love golf sooner than later. I was suggesting that my brother demo a club at the shop, and he just shivered at the thought. If he can just get past the looks of it, and try them, I think he might see/feel a difference.
  8. After answering the poll, I realize now that I just want a tour of the vault. What am I going to do with an entire vault? As for Tiger’s putter—it’s only magical in Tiger’s hands, not mine.
  9. I was reading Cantlay’s comments on the matter. He’s right in comparing players’ relationship to sports fans in baseball to that of golf. I’ve never been to a golf tournament, but I have been to a tennis pro exhibition, and the intimacy between player and fan is palpable. I can only imagine that magnified on the green. For what it’s worth, fans do have the power to shut down bad behavior. Years ago, during tennis’s US Open, I watched Czech player Ivan Lendl playing his quarter or semi-final match on television. At that time he had a reputation for behaving divisively on the court. He wasn’t as bad as John McEnroe, but he did question line decisions constantly. Finally, during one point, he hit a ball and the line judge called it out. He stopped, stared and started to question the call again. The crowd became unsettled and someone in the stands belted out, “Go home, Lendl!” A beat later, a sole woman’s voice countered, “No! Stay, I-van!” And the stadium roared with approval. The match went on fine afterward. Maybe golf fans on the course can take a page from that. After all, they paid quite a bit of money to be there, and I’m sure like anyone else, hecklers don’t like it when the crowd turns against them without the protection of a twitter handle.
  10. What’s your favorite putter? Blade? Mallet? Is there a style that you’re usually hoarding?
  11. I think Bryson’s biggest mistakes are in front of the mic. I’ve got a nephew who never quite learned street smarts as a kid and became an easy target for getting teased and bullied in school. The more he tried to confront it, the worst the situation grew. Sometimes I think Bryson suffers the same thing. However it started, he has played a role in shaping his current public persona, and the best thing he can do for himself is get his people together with Koepka’s people and fix it. They aren’t doing each other any favors in the long run. And when the dust has settled, Bryson needs stop baiting people on camera or while playing a video game on Twitch. He’s just not equipped to play that kind of game, much less win at it.
  12. I like to use locks not for deterring thieves, but rather because too many times I’ve seen open suitcases on the baggage claim carousel followed by a trail of clothing or an broken bag along with its contents wrapped up in a clear plastic bag. Even a paper clip tying the zippers together is better than nothing.
  13. Started playing in 2006 with a full set of Wilson Pro Staff multi-metal. Then … Driver – TaylorMade R7 Quad, Cleveland Hi-Bore XL, Ping G410 Plus Woods – TaylorMade R7 steelhead, Ping G410 Hybrids – TaylorMade Rescue Dual, Ping G410 Irons – Mizuno MX-23, Mizuno JPX 900 Wedges – Mizuno MP R series, T series, Cleveland CBX 2 Putter – Odyssey White Hot Rossi, Ping Karsten Series I can see that I might come off as brand loyal, and maybe I am. As a left-hander, I can’t really test all the clubs I’d like, so I started out by buying what was available and stick to whoever is showin’ the love.
  14. I’ve been traveling back and forth with my Golf Travel Bag (brand name) Caravan. Always worked fine until the last last trip when I was packing up to go home, I found a hole toward the bottom of the bag. As it worked out, my brother let me take his Club Glider. Now I think my clubs ride in better comfort than I do. It’s by far the easiest bag to push from the car to check-in. Just a side note. I’ve noticed that TSA checks my golf bag every time I fly. My brother says the same thing. Not sure what that’s about.
  15. Well done, Tr1ptik. I’m getting to the point where I need to figure out my golf storage. Space is becoming a commodity in my house.
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