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  1. Thanks for the input. I think I have an idea of what to pick. I checked the bag's specs again (Caddy Daddy Ranger), I might be able to fit in eight clubs. If so, I think I might get away with a driver and an extra wedge.
  2. Sometimes I travel via air with my clubs, and sometimes it's a struggle to carry my usual bag. I found a air travel bag that's lightweight and carries only seven clubs. If this was your bag, which clubs would you choose to carry for a couple rounds of 18 holes?
  3. FlyboyAF, congrats on the room! I'm curious, how the rest of the room turned out. I saw the barstools—maybe the perfect mancave? What are your plans for it? Maybe share some pics?
  4. My wife and I look at houses for sale on the internet from time to time. I showed her one that was a little further out than we liked, but not a bad layout, small back yard, mostly patio ... and then at second glance I saw they had a putting green with a chipping installed at the back ... Well, let's just say, as a DIY guy, I have a better chance of making one on my own at some point, than trying to sell my wife on a house because it has a putting green.
  5. Tell me about it. I don't know where they got the name for that one. Near as I could figure, the bag fits somewhere between Sun Mountain's 2.5 and 3.5 bags. I think it's got the features of a 3.5 bag, with a three-way opening.
  6. I'm one of those guys who insists on carrying a lefty stand bag. It's easier/more natural for me putting it on my back, and when I set the bag down, the numbers on my irons face towards me, and the bag is out of the way when addressing the ball on the fairway. It's a small convenience, but a convenience nonetheless, when I strive to be irritation-free golf course. I've tried carrying a cart bag, but a single shoulder strap makes the bag unbalanced, even just carrying it to the driving range. I got my current bag back in 2015. It's a Sun Mountain Front Nine. It's lightweight, has a decent number of pockets and has a decent color scheme. It's a good bag with one exception ... It has only two dividers, so club grips keep getting tangled with each other. As of 2020, OUUL and Sun Mountain are the only makers to offer a version left-handed stand bag with four dividers. Best bet is to order them directly from companies' sites. Sun Mountain's UK site offers a waterproof version for LHers as well.
  7. ... so many images of left-handed clubs. I feel like I'm finally home. Heyo! New-ish guy here. I don't know if I get through all 40 pages of this thread, but I'll give it a go.
  8. berkeleybob

    Your ball?

    Thanks for this insight, Wedgie. In a couple weeks, I'll be out again, and my goal is to work on my wedges. I'll be looking forward to this. Have fun in Florida. Enjoy the weather.
  9. berkeleybob

    Your ball?

    I've been using Wilson Staff DX2 (UK/EU) Soft. I recently tried the Duo Optix red. They were okay, but I kept losing them mid flight. I got a closeout box of Duo Urethanes. Hopefully I'll get to test them out soon. I have a feeling I'll stick with Wilson Staff and try out their Duo soft+ or Duo pros.
  10. berkeleybob


  11. 1. Bob, Denmark 2. Handicap 20 3. Mizuno MX 23 (LH) I'm currently planning to get JPX 900s for this summer's play, so, of course, I'd gladly take the role as one of your testers. Already playing with forged irons, it's difficult to think of using anything else, but after reading your review, JPX Hot Metal sounds appealing.
  12. Thanks, all. I'm getting my feet wet again. Back on the driving range and working to get my strokes back. Lesson one: It rains far more here than it does in Northern California. Rain gear is rising in priority.
  13. Hey all, My name's Bob, new member here. Used to play often at Tilden GC in Berkeley, CA. I've since moved to Denmark, and I'm slowly getting back into the game. Looking forward to reading/participating in the forum.
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