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  1. Earlier this week, I had a frustrating round outside on the course I usually play, so I went to the sim range and worked out a bit on my swing and mental routine. While there, I played 18 holes on the usual course I play on Trackman, and I surprised myself be ending with a score that shaved off 12 strokes. The biggest change that’s happened between the two rounds is that I’ve been doing the Fit for Golf training that I started last month. It could be that I’m starting to feel a little more flexibility in my waist and torso, and stability in my leading arm. I’m feeling a little more confident now, so next week I’ll get back out there and see if I can effect a change in my performance.
  2. Morning all. First summer month in, and temps dropping with a bit of rain throughout. Typical. Just a relaxing weekend around the house with the usual chores about. Have a good one.
  3. Inventory time Ball pocket 6-12 balls Practice mat tees Golf tees in varying lengths Long pocket Rain jacket Rain pants Long sleeved sweater/hoodie Short pocket 2 golf gloves 1 pair rain gloves 2 compression sleeves Driver wrench Small bottle of Aleve (naproxen) Valuables pocket Wallet Home keys (with mini multi-tool) Car key Earbud case Sunglasses case Small pocket Snack bars Course pass Band aids Divot repair tool Ball markers Putting mark template and sharpie (never use) iPhone charging cable (battery is in the walking cart) Lip balm allergy nasal spray (expired) The rest 2 towels 3 carabiners Groove brush Rain hood VCT tour card Scorebook and pen, pencil Range finder Water bottle Umbrella This is a bit of an eye-opener.
  4. Unfortunately, there’s no lacrosse out here, but it turns out my wife has a ball she got from her physical therapist to deal with her issue with the bottom of her foot. Also, judging from the location of my pain and description of symptoms, it’s starting to look like sciatica. I’ll try the prescribed stretches and see if that deals with it. Nice job! Only a couple week’s in and perception-wise, I don’t have much to report, since I’m using my irons on the 9-hole course—but that’s definitely a story in the making since my 7-iron is outperforming the distance I’ve been expecting from it. In other words, I’m overshooting the green! It’s a nice problem to have I suppose. However, I did a couple hours at the sim range. I haven’t been doing any swing speed training, and yet swinging my driver does feel noticeably more stable. In previous sessions my clubhead speed usually averages 87.5 mph, with a bit of variation. Yesterday during initial warm-up, my driver’s clubhead speed average is 91 mph with a very little variation. I’m pretty sure that swing speed increased during the rest of the session with a round of 18-holes, but next time I’ll try and get a little more data. So far, that’s exactly the result I was hoping for—stability and speed.
  5. Morning all! Catching up on the postings here. @RichL85 That is a frustrating time for sure. Sorry to hear you had to step into the situation. @Rob Person Sorry to hear about your uncle. My dad’s brother recently died, and it’s reminded me that that family’s generation is fading away. @Northern Monkey can’t wait to hear about the outcome of your tournament. — Yesterday, I spent a couple hours at the golf sim, whose results which will likely end up on a couple threads here. Took a walk in the evening on one of the usual walking paths. This one’s kinda special—it links our village to the next one. It’s a path that dates back to the Bronze Age, and it’s been in use ever since. Have a good one.
  6. Nice setup! Feel free to post pics of your bag and show that Mizuno love! Who knows. Maybe some day I’ll make my way back to Mizuno myself.
  7. Looks-wise, it kinda reminds me of the Mercedes E-Class Or an Audi A5 Which kinda fits with the company, I think. Just a classic brand looking to modernize its look in a minimalist kinda way. Me personally, I’m not an attracted to it, but I think I get the look it’s going for. Performance-wise, I wouldn’t say no if someone handed it to me to try out.
  8. Wow! Glad to hear you’re having a fun time!
  9. Well, I had a forgettable round this morning. On more than one occasion I would hit a shot with my 7-iron and reach the green, only to bounce off. The greens are so firm, I can’t find pitch marks to fix. It’s been like that for a 2-3 weeks now, and frankly, I’m not sure what to do about that. I don’t remember the greens being like that last year.
  10. @GolfSpy SAM Woohoo! Thanks for sharing the pics. I’m in complete agreement, regarding meeting folks on forums. This is a pretty special community.
  11. Hey! I’m glad you liked it. Thanks. Ah, this is the kind of info I was hoping for. Thank you, sir. I’ll check into it and see what’s what.
  12. Morning all! A bit of a beautiful day at the moment. Had an early round. Ugh. I haven’t really checked over my scorecard, but I know it’s not pretty. I promised myself a session with a sim, but I was lured by the calm, bird-chirping, early-sun morning to hitting the course. Ah, well. Have a good one! @Fongle I’m not sure, what did you get?
  13. We could definitely one ourselves.
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