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  1. I play with strangers often, so quiet is just one those I-don’t-know-you/you-don’t-know-me default modes. I think laughter at the tee box is nice when I’m in on the laughter myself, and not left wondering in the back of my mind, “What’s so funny with my golfmates?” But overall, like others here, sudden noises are the distracting ones to me. What’s more distracting to me at the tee box is when someone is standing too close behind me. Standing three steps back behind the ball, I swing my club as I line up my shot, and I’ve almost hit a guy. Dude. Get away from me.
  2. I can sorta understand it. When needing strength or power, I’ll use my left hand/arm, but when it comes to finer control, I’ll opt for my right hand. That might be reason enough for some folks to switch club hands.
  3. I missed Srixon/Cleveland demo day by a half hour last month at the course. I suppose I was lucky because I think I would have walked away buying something. I had a great time with my old Cleveland Hi-Bore XL—loudest driver at the range, it would turn heads everywhere. But it was straight and long. I love my Ping G410 now, but I always want to go back and try Cleveland drivers.
  4. Just a little humor … Putin died and went to hell. After some time, the devil decided to give him a day on earth for good behavior. So Putin decided to visit Moscow. He stopped in a bar and ordered a drink. When the bartender arrived with his order, he asked, “Is Crimea ours?” “Yes,” the bartender replied, “it is.” Putin smiled and ask, “And the Donbas?” “Also ours.” His face lit up. ”And Kyiv?” “We got that as well.” Satisfied, Putin downed his drink. “Thanks. How much do I owe you?” ”Five euros.”
  5. I’m a little late to this party, but just wanted to share—I was finally able to pull out my pushcart and walk the last couple rounds. It’s a Rovic RV1S, made by Clicgear. I’m a big fan of the swivel wheel for maneuverability. It’s an easy push on varying landscape, and the fold is pretty compact. I haven’t experience a downside to it, since the wheel has a lockable, non-swivel position. I know Bagboy, TGW, and Big Max make versions, and Caddytek now has a 4-wheel swivel model as well.
  6. Day Two, same course. Some days you get the bear, and some days the bear eats all your golfballs. Before starting out I dropped by the resort’s gift store and found a bin full of used golfballs, six for $7, presumably found among the tall grass, creeks and ponds. I felt a little better knowing I wasn’t the only one losing balls in the course. Then, judging by the age of some of the brands and models, I realized that the shop was making easy money finding and selling the same lost balls over and over again. My game was marginally better, the shanks left me, and once I admitted to myself that I’m used to playing with wider and straighter fairways, shorter roughs and zero water hazards, I relaxed and just enjoyed the good weather and scenery. After all, I walked the afternoon with deer, geese, a hare and a heron. Lesson learned The next time I play an unfamiliar coastal course that works hard to blend in with the next-door wildlife preserve, I’ll bring my own bag of old, cheap ionomer balls and leave the urethanes at home.
  7. Horrible. We had a holiday on Friday, wife’s got the day off on Monday, so we decided to have an impromptu weekend on the coast at a local summer home resort. Packed our car with overnight bags, food, dog and golf gear and headed off. I was so eager to play the resort’s 9-hole, with its par 3s, 4s and 5 that upon arrival I ran out to the course for an afternoon round. As I was warming up, I shanked a ball, then a second, then a third ... I thought for sure I could get rid of it on the first hole. Nope. Breathing, stretching, telling myself to relax—I just couldn’t stop the shanks. To make matters worse, the beautiful course looked like this: Tall grass means water hazards, they are everywhere, and I found them all. I can’t remember the last time I lost so many balls. The round was a lost cause, so I used it to get rid of my shanks. Realizing that I only had three balls left sobered me up at the 6th hole. I finally calmed down and bogeyed the 7th, bogeyed the 8th, and parred the 9th. Talk about collapsing at the finish line—I’m grateful to have played only nine holes. I don’t think I would have been able to finish 18. Playing a new course threw me, for sure, but this was ridiculous. Hoping to claim redemption tomorrow.
  8. This sounds like a huge fail on the part of design and/or production. I once had a component break off of my my Brigg & Riley luggage, and I happened to live close to their repair center. When I brought it in they said that they had recognized the issue, so they redesigned the piece and were replacing it repairs came in. Hopefully, Stewart is doing the same thing, otherwise why would anyone buy from them moving forward?
  9. Apart from the bigger payout, what’s the attraction of LIV for pro golfers?
  10. I can’t copy and paste the text, but here’s the link. It’s rule 16.1c: https://www.usga.org/content/usga/home-page/rules/rules-2019/rules-of-golf/rule-16.html I think the thing that’s throwing me off might be that the pictures in the rule references water. Those weren’t my conditions. FYI, I could find anything specific to “ground under repair”, just “abnormal course conditions”.
  11. So I played a round recently where my ball ended up in a sand trap next to the green. I walked up to it and it said that it’s under repair. Not knowing what to do about that, I just hit it out best I could. Then someone said I could take a drop outside the bunker. So afterward, I researched it, and the more I read more questions I had, so I thought I’d ask you folks: What exactly is a bunker under repair? The sand was rock hard, there were no tools lying around and no stakes marking off a damaged area—just a sign that read “Under Repair”. What needs to happen there to make it a common bunker again? What relief should I have taken? My ball landed in the middle of the bunker on top of the hard sand. I didn’t see an obstruction, so I just hit it. Is that what you would have done? Does it make sense to drop outside the bunker? I would lose a stroke if I did, yes? *Apologies if this has been asked already, I did a search here and couldn’t find anything.
  12. I don’t really follow this, but if Justine plays her cards right, she could get a Netflix deal and turn this into a golf version of “Tiger King”.
  13. I used to sign up for these giveaways, and I never hear from anyone again. No follow-up. No “Thanks for signing up! The drawing is on x date, go here to see results.” At least now Apple allows you to hide your email, so I suppose I can start signing up again without actually giving away my email address.
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