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  1. 1. Bob, Denmark 2. Handicap 20 3. Mizuno MX 23 (LH) I'm currently planning to get JPX 900s for this summer's play, so, of course, I'd gladly take the role as one of your testers. Already playing with forged irons, it's difficult to think of using anything else, but after reading your review, JPX Hot Metal sounds appealing.
  2. Thanks, all. I'm getting my feet wet again. Back on the driving range and working to get my strokes back. Lesson one: It rains far more here than it does in Northern California. Rain gear is rising in priority.
  3. Hey all, My name's Bob, new member here. Used to play often at Tilden GC in Berkeley, CA. I've since moved to Denmark, and I'm slowly getting back into the game. Looking forward to reading/participating in the forum.
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