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  1. I have used the gen1 Arccos system for about 3 years now and really liked it. Gen2 is touted to be better, but I liked the idea of me managing the batteries. Anyway, I always reviewed my shots after each hole and most of the time it captured everything. The putter sensor was the least likely one and the putting distance would be suspect. Anyway, most, if not all of the issues or concerns I had went away with shotscope v2. It captured everything. I had to get used to the pin collect process, but that was easy. And the big advantages with v2 were the watch with yardages and you did not have to have your phone near you. Since purchasing the v2, two things have made the choice harder. One major drawback for me on the v2 is that you do not know your score or number of strokes captured by the watch until after the round. I find myself entering that in another device. A major advantage for me on the gen1 is that now my watch can display the Arccos info. So, I may be selling my v2 shotscope if that setup works as I think it will. In conclusion, both are worthy and provide similar if not identical info. There are differences in presentation. If you want the convenience of a watch, you need to buy or own a particular smart watch for the Arccos. If you want a live scorecard, you’ll need to record it elsewhere for shotscope. If you don’t mind carrying your phone, the Arccos app has it all and is very, very good. As you can see, I’m torn between the two right now. Still testing both.
  2. I just received this set up and have played a couple rounds. The positives for me is that all the data collection is hands free except the pin collect for putts. I'm use to the arccos gen1 system and always had to check shots and putts (probably more than I needed to and the gen2 is suppose to be better). Anyway, the major drawback or negative I've noticed is there is no way to check shots or score during the sound with shot scope.
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