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  1. Chris, Charlottesville VA Handicap - 8.7 Mizuno Hot Metal Pro’s
  2. Chris - Charlottesville VA Vokey SM-5 54 and 60 Would love to try a 52 with low bounce
  3. I’d love to try it. I am a very streaky and erratic putter. Chris/Charlottesville VA i probably do 2-3 half hour sessions a week at the practice green at my club i probably average a little over 2 three putts a round
  4. Chris/Charlottesville, VA 460 cc 100-105 mph
  5. Chris/Virginia 8.4 Adams Speedline Feel equally comfortable hitting it off the tee and from tough lies/thigh rough
  6. clp34vmp


  7. Have to put in a plug for the Palm Beach Par 3 here as well. Possibly my favorite South Florida public golf experience.
  8. Would love that, Spring Creek is always fun and in great shape. Let me know.
  9. Glad to be on here finally - don't know what took me so long! I'm a shade over 50 and have been playing golf for most of my life. I've always really enjoyed it but started to get a little more serious about it when we moved down to Charlottesville VA about 10 years ago. I was probably somewhere around a 12 index when we moved. I've gotten down to a 7 but have really plateaud the last couple of years. I've tried using video a lot of late to work on my swing, but even though the flaws are pretty obvious I've been unsuccessful in making any significant improvements, at least so far. The biggest weakness in my game, by far, is my iron and wedge game - I waste more strokes there than anywhere else. Equipment-wise, I've been playing the Cobra F7 driver for about three years now. I still really like it. It's my third Cobra driver and I've enjoyed them all. I use an older Adams 3-wood and hybrid that I've had for probably about 5 years now. Can't even remember exactly which model they are. I finally swapped out my old Ping i20 irons last year. I did a fitting at my club and ended up with Mizuno Hot Metal Pros. The fitting was not a great experience; I ended up having to have the clubs shipped back to Mizuno to have the shafts swapped out. I originally had Project X LZ shafts in there and could not hit them to save my life. I swapped them out for Modus 105's, and the lighter shaft made a big difference for me. I would say my current opinion on the HMP's is that I like but don't love them. I use 54* and 60* Vokey wedges. The 60* I've had for eons and should probably think about replacing, but I still love it. I switched to an Odyssey #7 Tank putter about 3 years ago and that has been beneficial for me, especially on short putts. The last two years the AVX has been my ball of choice. I have a very high ball flight and feel like the low launch of the AVX helps me, especially with finding fairways from the tee. Nothing special about my username; like Rwagn4 it's just an old one that I can still remember. Anyway, I'm glad to finally be on here. I really admire what this site has tried to do regarding the golf equipment business and would love the chance to get involved in product testing at some point.
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