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  1. I play/practice in simulators during the chilly Ontario winter and watch my numbers closely (or the COVID ridden summer, we're the only territory, province, state in the world not allowed to play golf, but I digress)... I have a very steep swing, and rather than change it, I compensate accordingly. The goal for me is spin reduction, and I've chosen club, shafts, balls, etc. to beat spin. I use the TP5X accordingly. My swing speed in only marginally more than the OP, but the 'X' takes about 200-300rpm of spin off vs. the regular TP5. I would say that you feel the compression (or lack thereof) on off centre hits, but if you connect with the sweet spot more often than not the TP5X will work at a slightly below 100mph swing speed. It works for me around the greens, and the small tradeoff in spin is worth it to me to maximize my shots, especially off the tee. Thanks.
  2. Sorry, a bit misleading - You can't (strangely enough) customize the weights when you order from TM (Even in the 'My' program). I ordered the 6g weights seperately, 2g are too light, the 6g's are perfect.
  3. I typically game a 'season behind' to take advantage of 'clearance' pricing, etc. which sadly is frankly not the case very much these daze - So yes, technically I would normally be gaming the SIM in terms of my 'usual' process... I actually custom ordered SIM woods (Driver/3W/HY) from TM Canada (w/Tensei Pro White shafts for all) in September, but received a larger than normal bonus this year so decided to say WTF and ordered SIM2 woods, selling the barely used (indoor simulator only) SIM woods for close to what I paid (Call it the 'COVID effect'). I orderd the SIM2's w/Ventus Velocore right at the time when the preorde opened up on the TM Canada website. Thankfully, as w/the popularity of the Ventus shafts, anyone ordering now with these particular Fuji's has at minimum a 3 month wait according to my rep at TM. I really liked the SIM 3 wood, the HY not as much and was happy to get the SIM2 HY as it looks/feels very similar to the GAPR I gamed very successfully last year. Really liked the SIM Driver, but love the look of the SIM2 in comparison - Probably the blue aluminum ring. Good times! - Ian
  4. I don't but you're not the first that say's they should be paying me!
  5. LOL - Over 100 rounds last year... Unfortunately, all of my Canadian golf nuts in our neck of the woods generally are indoors only from Dec-March, hence they look great as none of this lineup have seen the light of day outdoors as yet (Also missed our annual pilgrimage to the Mayan Riviera this past January due to damn COVID - My usual first real life use of new equipment each year)... Good news is weather is beginning to really shape up and we should be on the links in 2-3 weeks max. Cheers, - Ian
  6. I really didn't like the original SIM Hybrid, seemed like such a larger profile and looked so different from the GAPR that was in my bag previously and I LOVED... The new SIM2 Hybrid is much closer in profile to the GAPR I used last year. Only hitting in the simulators at the moment, but it feels great.
  7. LOL - Love the crew! Scott, Shannon, Andrew, Mark and Julia, all top notch... Sadly, I didn't purchase the metals and the woods from GT, went direct to TM Canada as in Jan, I had no idea what the status of GT was going to be (They understood). The TM Loyalty Points program is great as well... I was fitted w/previous TM equipment and start off with those measurements generally and get tweaks later.
  8. Honestly, I've tried other stuff and for me it comes down to 'feels' and looks, TM has never disappointed. I'm extreme, I get it, but there are Titleist, Callaway, Mizuno guys across this forum. My index keeps steadily coming down over the past 6 years, I'm happy... Also, I'm horrifically OCD.
  9. Introducing my new Taylormade Spider Tour X Hydro Blast (Custom Weighting / Superstrok Traxion Pistol GT Tour Grip):
  10. Introducing my new Taylormade Spider Tour X Hydro Blast (Custom Weighting / Superstrok Traxion Pistol GT Tour Grip):
  11. Okay - Had to add one more... Introducing my new Taylormade Spider Tour X Hydro Blast (Custom Weighting / Superstrok Traxion Pistol GT Tour Grip):
  12. Switched out SIM's for new SIM 2's - Details in my signature.
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