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  1. Yeah, it will interesting to see what pros migrate to the new EX - Not sure Rory will switch although his putting seems so streaky it could go either way. Don't see DJ, he seems committed (now) to the previous gen Spider Tour... Looks like with the compact shape it's kind of filling the niche of where the 'Spider Mini' sat, and it didn't do too much on tour. But who knows, I don't mind the look but prefer Spider X at the moment...
  2. Agreed - Have to think the full 2021 Spring PDF was not intended to slip, but the videos were purposeful for sure...
  3. Some neat TM stuff 'digested' from another forum folks... See the link directly below - I saved it as a PDF as I believe Taylormade is not aware this is making the rounds, if the link is diabled in the next few days, PM me and I'll send the PDF: https://www.taylormadegolf.com/on/de...ing_Custom.pdf So a few highlights: The above has all offerrings known to date, all custom shaft offerrings as well as 2021 putter offerings: Spider FCG remains in the line-up Spider X is still in the line-up, but only in a new colour called 'Hydro Blast' (
  4. I'm a music lover of all genres (When you have a wife, 4 kids, etc. your taste in music tends to fall on the side of eclectic shall we say)... My favourite band of all time is Genesis, saw them in concert countless times over decades, solo members in concert as well, tons of vinyl, CD's, you name it)... 2 guys in a cart pull on on the parallel fairway and they happen to be blasting Genesis. Almost lost it, you simply can't concentrate when music is begin played as loud as they were. Music has a time and place, but I struggle to reconcile having it blasting from carts. That said,
  5. I didn't mean to offend with my 'snobbery' - You, Carl, Tom are the obvious exceptions and apologize for any offence taken. My 'rant' was a broad generalization based upon my personal viewing experience gentlemen... Most of those that would be targeted by my rant would certainly not be on this forum as I have to guess that most here are indeed 'serious' golfers - Walkers or otherwise. - Ian
  6. Yes I'm innocent! Certainly wasn't referring to those whom have had injuries or those whom have paid their dues and simply have got to the age where they simply can't walk... That said, I was personally embarrassed with my push cart when I got paired with an amazingly fit 78 year old who strapped his bag to his back. I can only dream of such fitness....
  7. I am SUCH a walking snob: People that walk tend to be serious golfers Walking keeps your hips loose, fosters better play Walking takes you to your ball, none of this 90 degree rule, cart path only taking 4 clubs with you It seems every idiot that rides do the 'side to side' BS with their partners, move 10 yards at a time People that ride constantly leave clubs behind Carts are for smoking, lazy, beer swilling SOB's who are the real problems re: pace of play. There, I said it and feel much better. - Ian
  8. Have tried a few different variations up to 10g (way too heavy)... I settled on 6g for all my Spider X's, absolutely perfect for me - The stock 2g's are too light for my liking. - Ian
  9. I've used KBS for years, C-Taper Lites for the past 3 (Yes, S 110g)... Funny, when I'm in the simulators I tend to only pay attention to my swing speed with my driver (Mid 90's) - My average 7 iron goes 155-160 yards. Some will say my shafts should likely not be as stiff as they are, however I have a very steep swing path that generates more spin than I would like.... Going with stiff shafts, hi-compression ball (TP5X) reduces spin and the set-up just works for me. - Ian
  10. Contents outlined in my signature - Good times!!
  11. She's a beaut.... You would think with all the options available, pros would have a bit more fun with this putter... Don't think I've seen one custom Spider on the tour (Not to say there aren't), apart from the ususal Copper, Navy and Chalk - The latter becoming the most popular. Would love to see some fun colours/variety on tour and surprised that TM doesn't nudge some of their staffers in this regard.
  12. A few pics of my new 'My Spider Tour X' (Black and White, SS Pistol GT Tour, 6g Weights)...
  13. Done a couple of custom orders... Takes some time to fulfill, but really loving the program... First off was 3 custom stamped 'Hi-Toe Wedges', then most recently received was the 'My Spider Tour X' - I decided to go with a 'Black and White' motif, silver name plate, etc. (They shipped it with the copper KBS CT Tour shaft labels, which challenged my OCD, but kudos to KBS for sending me silver stickers that go with the TM Spider X 'Chalk' versions)... Really nice stuff.
  14. Postponed due to COVID hysteria - Hopefully November if the Apocalypse allows... Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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