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  1. I suspect this is the vast majority of experiences, but like any endeavour you generally hear the horror stories before the boring majority...
  2. Okay, heard the odd issue with the carbon face separating (Not sure how prevalent it is), but for most, how has your carbon face held up over the season? I have about 100 rounds clocked with mine, not to mention weekly practice with rock hard range balls, etc. and mine looks great... I'll show you mine if you show me yours!! Cheers, - Ian
  3. Just received today via UPS from my friends @taylormadegolf... Replaces my 2 year olds with the same lofts, etc. (50/54/58). Good times. - Ian
  4. Weirdly, I like the larger SS grips on mallet style putters, but on my current gamer (TM MyTP blade), I like the thin grips. Large SS grips just look and feel weird on blades to my eye. Wonder if it's a feel thing as well as blades are more 'feel'-like putters vs. larger, MOI oriented mallets... All individual taste I suppose!
  5. All of this - After reading the posts related to this (Thank you for starting it @chisag as I believe it was you), I tried the 5 mm out and even tried it a bit further over the past few weeks and the results w/my Stealth Plus were game changing... Lost my left to right curve, much longer, more baby fade-like. Nice!! Thank you!!!
  6. Another addition, another pair of 'MyTP Soto' blades... Love this customize program.
  7. Another addition, another pair of 'MyTP Soto' blades... Love this customize program.
  8. Just got back from my trip - Too much to say, but it was exactly as hoped (The chair thing is a bit of a myth, we planted ours adjacent to the 11th green 12th tees, came back from following Tiger and some @ss was in my chair, couldn't get to it until later when the crowds thinned and kicked him out LOL)... Felt like Field of Dreams - "Is this heaven?" Good times. - Ian (Attached photo w/my friend Sham)
  9. Nice, quite hot but rolls true and stable... Can't wait to get it off the carpet LOL.
  10. Received this custom beauty just before the official release date on Friday (Decided to change the loft slightly, length as well to somewhat reflect my current blade set-up). Just loved the look of this one, and have paired it with a SuperStroke Traxion 1.0PT grip... Love my 'MYTP' Sotos, but need an alternative when it's not behaving and just loved the look of this one Cheers, - Ian
  11. ..Adding the Stealth Plus Fairway and Hybrid (On order)...Oh, and a new putter. LOL, I'm sick .
  12. Honestly, I don't know the 'exact' spend required (I'm too embarrassed to say how much I contributed to TM's bottomline over the past few years).... Here are the FAQ's to the program 'Taylormade.ca' in case your re-directed, not sure if this exactly is reflective of the US program, etc. https://www.taylormadegolf.ca/on/demandware.store/Sites-TMaG-CA-Site/en_CA/LoyaltyProgram-FAQ Cheers, - Ian
  13. A really nice gift from my friends at Taylormade Canada today in recognition of my loyalty!! (ie: I spent far too much money last year, and this year, and...).
  14. Simulators only - Loving the feel of it and my numbers are great... Won't get her outdoors in 'real life' until we head down for our Masters trip the first week of April. In addtion to going to the first round at Augusta, we have 6 rounds planned at various courses around our place in Lake Murray. Can't wait!!
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