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  1. Postponed due to COVID hysteria - Hopefully November if the Apocalypse allows... Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  2. I would agree the green accents are off-putting, and a curiousity given the 'red/black' theme of 2019 (Which I LOVE by the way, hate the new 'blue/white' thing but I have issues for sure LOL)... That said, the GAPR at address is a beautiful thing, the mat black on the top of the club, the general shape are both beautiful - At the end of hte day when were on the grass, this is all that matters but agree with the 'green' curiousity... - Ian
  3. If you ever want to get out for a round or 2 newball always up for it. Can’t wait for the spring!! Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy
  4. I’m a member of Tri-City, probably play most of my rounds between Savannah and Rockway... Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy
  5. P790's are sweet, look great at address and I'm hitting them really, really well... I ordered with a 3 iron, which can be a bit hit and miss for me, and forced me to finally accept a Hybrid is a better option. But from the 4 to the PW the clubs suit me to a tee
  6. Thanks guys - We'll see what changes throughout the year, but if it's anything like my 2019 WITB I'm thinking the only changes could be the flatsticks, but really, really liking the Chalk Spider and if it goes a bit cold I've got my Soto Patina blade to keep it fresh ... Putted really well with the Soto at the end of last season, and my SpiderX has been indoors only so I'll be gaming it in Mexico next week. Good times!! Ian
  7. Not sure if the GAPR concept was marketed well enough... So, when I moved to the M5 Driver/Fairway, decided to 'graduate' to the GAPR Hi 3 from my M3 Hybrid. I've only had it since the 'outdoor' season ended and my experience has been limited to indoor sims, until next week when my Mexican vacay begins!! Initial impressions are really good, and I seem to be hitting it better than the M3 in the sims, averaging around 215-220, exactly where I need it to be. At address, I just LOVE the all-black look and it feels oh so solid. Can't wait to get'er outside in the Mayan Riviera next
  8. Love the 'Hi Toes' - My short game has never been better, more hole outs than any other season (including an Eagle chip in from 15 yards with the 54) and most importantly moving to a 50/54/58 set-up has improved my gapping overall...
  9. So I've heard nothing from this forum so far, but from others, here is what I've gleaned so far... Convenience to Nashville's amenities: Gaylord Springs (20 min) Hermitage (2 courses - President's Reserve and General's Retreat) (25 min) Twelve Stones (20 min) The Legacy (35 min to the north of the city) Indian Hills (35 min to the south of the city) Inconvenient to Nashville's amenities, but great golf: Greystone (45 min to the west of the city) Sewanee (9 Holes) (90 min) Sweetens (9 Holes) (1 hour 10 min) Is this fairly accu
  10. Planning our regular spring getaway, and we were considering the usual spots in Florida, etc. when my wife (an avid country music fan) suggested she would like to go to Nashville along with our 2 oldest daughters... Wondering a few things: Looking at the week of March 30th - How is the weather in Nashville at that time of the year? What is the public course landscape like in/around Nashville - Likely looking around $75 to just under a $100 for the 5 rounds I would likely play Where would we stay that would have ideal proximity to the sites of the ci
  11. Name and Location: Ian Tarrant, Kitchener ON Canada How do you currently get your yardages? Skycaddie SX500 (Touch and SGXw before, with associated Skycaddie Memberships) How do you feel about technology's relationship with golf? Absolutely critical if you are dead serious about lowering your handicap
  12. Yes, aspirational for sure... Single digits this year
  13. Thanks so much - I'll review in detail this weekend and get back to you with questions, etc. Much appreciated!! - Ian
  14. ...In and around the last week of March (the week of March 27, please tell me that is not 'Spring Break' week in Florida!)... Thinking somewhere in/around Palm Beach, Boca, Deerfield Beach, Delay, Pompano, etc. Probably a 5 day getaway with the wife, she'll shop I'll golf - Looking for course recommendations (In/around the $75 area), favorite locations to stay along the Hwy 95 corridor, resto recommendations and other tidbits my expert friends here can offer... Much obliged. Thanks! - Ian
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