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  1. Decided to dive in on the 'Chalk' as well - Customized with 8g weights and SS Traxion Pistol GT1.0... (Think there have been suggestions the stock weights are 6g, believe they are actually only 2g as an aside).
  2. My new custom Patina Soto - Just couldn't help myself... I went with a slightly longer than the standard 34", 3 degrees of loft vs. the stock 3.5 and ordered 20g weights to replace the 15g stock weights. Loved my 'Copper Soto' and just couldn't resist this baby - Rolls very nice! - Ian
  3. My 'just delivered' ER2B... My 2 ER1.2's, ER2.2 and ER5B welcome you!!
  4. tarrantian


  5. The new addtion to my putter family, introducing my ER2.2 MidBlade with red/white Gravity Grip...
  6. Loving the Gravity grip so far on my ER5B... Bought this on a lark when I was in Naples a few weeks ago never thinking it would replace my ‘traditional’ ER1.2 but it’s really, really nice... Thinking the perfect hybrid of the 2 HAS to be the ER2.2 so I said what the hell and custom ordered one with a red Gravity grip for good measure. I know I have a serious illness LOL! I’ll post some pics when it arrives [emoji16] Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  7. Is and was a fan of the Spider (Have had many being the putter ***** I am) - Actually hit a few at Golftown with the new configuration, and on TV did not like the the big white sight line, but the thin sight line does this new design any favours... So, when hitting it at GT, I actually really liked the new Spider, and surprisingly the fat white sight line, my biggest issue was the colours - Really don't like the 'bronze' or the 'navy blue' to be honest. Knowing the propensity for black and red these days, I think TM wasn't really thinking through the colour scheme properly. If they launch a red one, and a black one with the new 'X' configuration they will likely get more uptake in my opinion. Cheers, - Ian
  8. Just loving Evnroll putters, been gaming the ER1.2 blade since last fall, and it's simply a great putter - On a recent trip down south, I impulsively picked up the new ER5B Mallet just for something different, it looks so sweet. The new 'Gravity Grip' is interesting as well (See the 'MyGolfSpy' link below describing the benefits of the grip)... https://mygolfspy.com/tested-evnroll-gravity-grip/ Honestly, the ER5B is so different from my 'tried and true' ER1.2 blade I'm not sure what I'll end up doing with it, just couldn't resist it! (Who knows it may end up in the BST!!! ) A few pics of both below. - Ian
  9. Think I saw Ryan Moore gaming the new ER1TS at Bay Hill this AM? He has to be one of the prolific putter tinkerers on the PGA tour... Good to see he good taste in his most recent selection.
  10. LOVE my ER1.2... The custom 385g weighting done by the team at Evnroll gives this blade a wonderful heft, balance and extreme confidence. I love the look of a blade, but the weight of a mallet - This is a compromise of both worlds and it's an amazing putter!! I don't love the Evnroll grip options, and the standard pistol feels a bit hard and plastic-like. The Golf Pride Tour Classic mid makes this stick sing... Good times! - Ian
  11. Hey All, Heading to a conference at Marco Island in early April and hoping to get a few rounds in... Staying at VRBO condo in North Marco, so looking for courses in and around the area and into the south part of Naples (My wife is joining me for a few days after the conference ends so want to play within a 20 min range from our place in Marco). Any suggestions? Appreciate it as always. - Ian
  12. Played Waldorf last year and the year before... My memories from 2017 are better as the course was in pristine shape and just beautiful. Think Orlanda area courses had some burn, etc. last spring (went at the end of March) and the Waldorf was night and day different from the year before. That said, staff was amazing and it was a high-end class experience overall. Would still recommend. Like a few others stated, both Orange County tracks are great - We also played Eagle Creek, Shingle Creek, Grand Cypress and Champions Gate, all decent and enjoyable. - Ian
  13. Honestly, been partial to TM sticks for years, and my OCD perpetuates brand loyalty... Seriously, some truth to that as it took me a bit to get me to move away from TM in the putter space after going through Spiders, TP blades, mallets, etc. Technology and innovation is not TM's issue, but quality control in the putter space is really lacking compared to premium putter brands - Just love my Evnroll at the moment. I believe strongly that TM has always led the way in innovative Drivers/Woods and the P790 irons are amazing. Been through fittings and frankly nobody has tried to steer me to other brands, multiple branded bag, etc. Oh a bit of clarity, I have the P790 3 iron, but to keep my bag legal this and the M3 Hybrid are interchangeable in case anyone was wondering (The Hybrid is kicking it right now, and I honestly can't imagine gaming the 3 iron any time soon) - Used to prefer the 3 iron over the Hybrids but the times are 'a changin. Cheers, - Ian
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