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  1. Chris Indianapolis IN 110 MPH SS Epic Flash Sub Zero Graphite Design TD-TP 7X Haven't ever played their iron shafts beyond just testing. I was fit into C Taper, but the Modus was the other shaft I really enjoyed the feel of and had solid results.
  2. Chris Whitestown, IN Callaway Epic Flash SZ 8 108 TSi3
  3. Chris Indiana, USA 6 Mizuno MP-67 165
  4. Bought the sx400, opened it up today and the screen protector provided was dirty and not aligned... can’t make it work. Any idea how to get another one?
  5. I get that with the 500, but this thread is about the 400.... really looking for feedback on that considering how bad the screen is spec wise.
  6. the resolutions are from the specs on the website, the PPI is from math and internet verification (HERE)
  7. Not talking about brightness, just actual screen resolution. Like the 400 has a Pixel per inch # of like 300 which is close to second gen iphone. The 500 has a screen with a resolution closer to a midrange smartphone today, around 440. I just don't know how that would look as I haven't seen the device in person. Hopefully that makes sense.
  8. Make sense... so you can't really tell if the resolution is low or not. The 400 only has a resolution of 540 by 1080, so not high res at all. The 500 is 1920 x 1080 so much higher. That just seems like a large difference for only $100 bucks more. Thanks for clarifying.
  9. Was wondering if anyone can tell me about how the screen looks? How is the clarity (resolution) compared to say a smartphone? I am considering either the 400 or the 500 (if I choose a GPS) and wanted to know since I can't see one in person anywhere around me. The 500 has a much higher resolution screen which I wanted to see if it mattered or not.
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