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  1. Frank/ NY Handicap 10.6 Callaway 22* Cobra 19.5*
  2. That’s what confuses me about this. If you are trying to present less than 10.5 of loft at impact why wouldn’t the Truegolffit fitting tell me to get a Tour Edge 9.5? Now don’t get me wrong. It’s not that don’t think computers can’t help in fitting. Because I think it can help. Paying for a fitting is probably the way to go even though I just went though a free fitting recently for irons and was not impressed. Thanks for the Welcome Yungkory.
  3. I just tried a TRUEGOLFFIT fitting. I told the algorithm that I have a 93 mph Swing speed, level and a smooth swing. It told me that my # 1 driver is a Tour Edge HL3 10.5 with a UST Mamiya hot Launch HL3 shaft. It says I should get an extra 18 yds or so and drive the ball 236 with 9 degree launch. Well I’m in for that. But is this possible? How do you swing level with a 10.5 and launch 9 degree and can you drive the ball 236 with a 93 MPH swing? I’m using a stiff shaft shaft and think I need to switch to R (getting older). I’m tempted to buy this recommended driver as I can buy it so cheap. What do you think?
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