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  1. Frank Warwick, NY- Mount Pleasant SC 11.6 Callaway Big Bertha-XR 16pro 95 MPH
  2. Frank from 50 mile north of NYC. I play a different course three times a week with three different groups. About 15 different courses. For those in the area Apple greens, West Point, Wallkill etc. In NJ Black Bear, Wild Turkey Great Gorge, Farmstead, the Knoll etc. I work on my game, I’m an 11.4 handicap And would love to try out a putting mat. Thanks
  3. Frank/ NY Handicap 10.6 Callaway 22* Cobra 19.5*
  4. That’s what confuses me about this. If you are trying to present less than 10.5 of loft at impact why wouldn’t the Truegolffit fitting tell me to get a Tour Edge 9.5? Now don’t get me wrong. It’s not that don’t think computers can’t help in fitting. Because I think it can help. Paying for a fitting is probably the way to go even though I just went though a free fitting recently for irons and was not impressed. Thanks for the Welcome Yungkory.
  5. I just tried a TRUEGOLFFIT fitting. I told the algorithm that I have a 93 mph Swing speed, level and a smooth swing. It told me that my # 1 driver is a Tour Edge HL3 10.5 with a UST Mamiya hot Launch HL3 shaft. It says I should get an extra 18 yds or so and drive the ball 236 with 9 degree launch. Well I’m in for that. But is this possible? How do you swing level with a 10.5 and launch 9 degree and can you drive the ball 236 with a 93 MPH swing? I’m using a stiff shaft shaft and think I need to switch to R (getting older). I’m tempted to buy this recommended driver as I can buy it so cheap. Wh
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