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  1. Just ordered a set of these with Reg graphite shafts after realizing for weeks that I hit my hybrids far better than anything else in my bag. Could be because I’m a picker and very rarely take a divot. We shall see if my 12.3 handicap goes up or down.
  2. I love the Snell MTB black balls and the pro v1. When I went to order the bulk Snells and found that they were charging for shipping I was really put off so I went to Maxfli at DSG. Good ball. Than I saw the Kirklands were back in stock and bought 4 dozen. Got to say I really like this v2.0 ball. What a like the most is spin around the greens. I wa surprised that that seem to spin mor than the Maxfli. I sometimes wonder if I’m missing something by not playing the Snells. But for a guy now up to a 13.4 handicap and 68 yrs old I don’t think It’s going to matter much.
  3. Played again yesterday and had same experience that I had last time. When I walk up to the green and see my ball in chipping range I now think I’m getting up and down like every time. And mostly I do. I just set up exactly how he explains in the book, keep my lower body out of it on back swing, fold trail arm to keep club on plane, let the club head fall into the ball, then turn toward target when arms catch up to my shoulders. Like magic and dead simple. After a while you just get a feel for ho far to take the club back to hit your spots. Going to implement the rest of the book to the rest of my short game and will pick up his book on putting as well. My only gripe is that he doesn’t have a book on long game. LOL
  4. I’ve been struggling with my chipping all season up until the last few weeks. I’ve been using Monte S. Use the bounce 2.0 method and it’s literally hit and miss for me with the way he shows it. Enter James Sieckmann’s book which I have on kindle for a long time and decided to re- read the section about chipping. Set up instructions really helped. But what helped the most is his description of how Seve Ballesteros folded his trail arm in backswing to keep the club on plane and let gravity drop the club head to the ball. He also states that Charlie Wi does it with less folding more like Stricker or in my mind more like use the bounce 2.0. Always thought that folding the elbow on the backswing would make me to steep so never tried it till recently. Well, finally tried it and never chipped better in my life. It’s so easy now it could kick myself for not listening sooner. Just yesterday I got up and down 8 times from with in 20 yds (had bad ball striking day). An other thing that he states in the book is, and I’m paraphrasing, let the club head drop and when your club catchs up to your shoulders turn body to finish. Great book!!
  5. I paid for a year as well because I did his 20 minute distance fix a couple of weeks ago and in the first week went from 93 mph to 100. Saw my drives go from 210-220 total distance to 240-260 (my problem was lack of shoulder turn) Guys I play with all the time noticed right away and asked if I was on steroids. LOL. I haven’t hit the ball 250 in years so I am real happy. Three shots in a row I measure with my GPS watch were 250, than 235 uphill into the wind and 260 downwind. I figured I owed Clay Ballard the $77 for the membership for the year. I’ve been doing Super speed protocols all winter and still do them as I’m trying not to lose distance. But I was stuck at 93mph. My old golf teacher, who doesn’t teach anymore, used his videos to give examples of some drills he had me doing years ago. It’s a good site with well produced videos.
  6. After re-reading this post I realize that I’ve asked a stupid question. And the answer is for the most part no. The M2 irons came out in 2016 while the Rogue came out in 2018 so the technology has not overtaken these clubs I wouldn’t think. The Rogue obviously has the wrong shaft for me with the Aldila 60ir-R synergy and the M2 steel Reax 88 steel shafts are a better fit. No perfect but better. Only a shaft fitting would tell. But new clubs are probably not going to help my distance problems very much and will hurt my pocket. I tend to hit the center of the club face and a pretty straight high flying ball (too high sometimes) so it is what it is. When the driving ranges open I’ll taken both back out and see which ones I like the feel of better now that I’ve been working on my speed all winter. LOL. Thanks
  7. I’m scheduled for a fitting at a GolfTec on Monday and am going to get fit for a driver. However I was swinging my super speed sticks before with my swing radar and checked out my 7 irons from two sets of clubs I have. M2 with regular steel shafts and Rogue with Graphite. I played with the Rogue which I got used all of last year. I had been planning on sending the M2 to Global for credit but never got around to it. Anyway, I noticed my swing speed on average, to my surprise was about 73 mph with the Rogue and 78 with the M2. Now I’m wondering if I should just get fitted for irons as well cause I obviously don’t know what I’m doing. I’m 68 and can use all the distance I can get. Will the new clubs, sim2, G425, Rad speed and the like be that much longer than the irons I already have? I’m an 11 handicap with a pretty good short game. Thanks
  8. Frank Warwick, NY- Mount Pleasant SC 11.6 Callaway Big Bertha-XR 16pro 95 MPH
  9. Frank from 50 mile north of NYC. I play a different course three times a week with three different groups. About 15 different courses. For those in the area Apple greens, West Point, Wallkill etc. In NJ Black Bear, Wild Turkey Great Gorge, Farmstead, the Knoll etc. I work on my game, I’m an 11.4 handicap And would love to try out a putting mat. Thanks
  10. That’s what confuses me about this. If you are trying to present less than 10.5 of loft at impact why wouldn’t the Truegolffit fitting tell me to get a Tour Edge 9.5? Now don’t get me wrong. It’s not that don’t think computers can’t help in fitting. Because I think it can help. Paying for a fitting is probably the way to go even though I just went though a free fitting recently for irons and was not impressed. Thanks for the Welcome Yungkory.
  11. I just tried a TRUEGOLFFIT fitting. I told the algorithm that I have a 93 mph Swing speed, level and a smooth swing. It told me that my # 1 driver is a Tour Edge HL3 10.5 with a UST Mamiya hot Launch HL3 shaft. It says I should get an extra 18 yds or so and drive the ball 236 with 9 degree launch. Well I’m in for that. But is this possible? How do you swing level with a 10.5 and launch 9 degree and can you drive the ball 236 with a 93 MPH swing? I’m using a stiff shaft shaft and think I need to switch to R (getting older). I’m tempted to buy this recommended driver as I can buy it so cheap. What do you think?
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