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  1. Best advice I can give is find an Edel fitter and get fit for a SMS wedge. They're great. Guaranteed to get fit for the correct length, lie, loft, bounce, and grind. Edel fitters generally are extremely knowledgeable. SMS wedges offer many grind options to fit your swing and have moveable weights to fine tune. Probably run you a few more bucks than a Cleveland or Vokey but they're well worth it. Got 2 Edel wedges in my bag and they're the best equipment investment I've made in a long time. Check them out.
  2. Nowadays all major manufacturers are maxed out on ball speed when you hit it on the screws. Some might vary slightly when you vary from the center but for most of us it's negligible. Doubt you'll see much performance difference between them with the same shaft. Gonna come down to sound and feel which is personal preference. Personally, I've hit both and the Mavrik is the best sounding/feeling head since the Cleveland HiBore but just my opinion.
  3. https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=mizuno+shaft+optimizer+3d&&view=detail&mid=C1849D234B8B63C78BD2C1849D234B8B63C78BD2&&FORM=VRDGAR&ru=%2Fvideos%2Fsearch%3Fq%3Dmizuno%2Bshaft%2Boptimizer%2B3d%26FORM%3DHDRSC4 Mizuno Shaft Optimizer 3D. Check it out.
  4. If we're talking iron shafts, which I think we are, best advise I can give is go to a fitter that has a Mizuno shaft optimizer. It has sensors that measure key forces placed on the shaft during your swing. With a couple swings it will give you several choices in shafts. A good starting point. In my area (Milwaukee) Golf Galaxy and Dick's Sporting Goods are equipped with them. Great piece of fitting equipment.
  5. Go to "Top Speed Golf" and check out videos. Clay Ballard has all kinds of good tips and drills for this. Easy to understand.
  6. Jim / Wisconsin 10 Srixon Z545 145 Thanks.
  7. Every time I read a posting about counterbalanced shafts they always circle back to the same thing. Adding butt weights, heavier grips. lead tape under the grips, etc.. "Jack used to do it". You guys are missing the point and that's a whole different conversation. Every time you add weight to the butt end of the shaft you are adding to the total weight of the club. Counterbalanced shafts are designed at specific weights to achieve this without increasing total weight. If you have a certain targets your trying to attain, (total weight, swing weight, MOI, etc.) counterbalanced shafts may allow you to reach those targets when standard balanced shafts cannot., My current set up is a Epic Flash SZ, 50 gram Iomic grip, and Fubuki J 59 gram X-stiff at about 45". Because the Fubuki J is very counterbalanced I was able to added about 4 grams to the head, maintain the feel I want, and stay within the total weight perimeters that fit me best. I could not have done this with standard weight shafts. Set up works great for me. Fubuki J is more counter balanced than most I have tried and is a great shaft. Compared to a VA composites Nemesys that TXG said was their highest balance point shaft and the Fubuki was a full inch higher.
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