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  1. We got out for nine holes today. Beautiful weather - about 80, low humidity, sunny. We were the only group on the front nine, so we took our time, hit some practice shots, etc. Robert did great! His ball contact was very improved and he had lots of good shots. We both struggled a bit on the green, but Robert finally got the speed down on the last few holes. His biggest issue was messing around in my line of sight while I was taking a shot. he’s 9. My goal today was to hit the ball better off the tee. I made my goal! Only one truly bad tee shot. The rest were all solid, straight (although a few were off line) and I had great distance. Unfortunately, I had a tough time on my short approach shots, but hey, I can see improvement. We had a great day - Robert asked if we can play again tomorrow.
  2. Lots of good insight here - thank you to all. Right now, I have a pretty big gap between my PW and my 54* — about 30 yards, +/- 5. I’d like to close that a little bit for a full swing, so may be looking at a 52 and then something higher for green side/bunkers. @TR1PTIK, I haven’t played Whitestone - is it nice? This is my first season back after ~10 years. I’ve played Pecan Valley Hills, Split Rail, Squaw Creek, and Oeste Ranch. I like Oeste Ranch the best, although it is very short. My 9yo and I are hopefully going to play 9 today at Squaw Creek.
  3. I used to live in Nashville, and @vandyland is spot on. Personally, I find Greystone way more enjoyable than Hermitage, but it’s a hike to get there. Just far more unique. Also a big fan of Harpeth Hills. When I was in school (and in my early working years before having kids), I liked McCabe not for the quality, but because it is convenient, cheap, and you can play nine holes pretty quickly. After playing, it’s a walk across the street to the McCabe Pub for some suds and burgers. @Mr_Theoo hope you had a good time.
  4. Today, I played a regulation course with a friend. Had a great time, got paired up with two guys who were delightful to play with. I played decent on the front nine (zero three putts!) but definitely left some strokes out there. Started to fall apart on the back nine, but got a snack, which helped. I ended up breaking 100 for the first time since taking golf up again! Had two chip-ins, thirty total putts. Several duffed chips and a few others, and it’s easy to see ways to gain strokes. Regardless, I had a blast. With Robert’s baseball in full swing, we won’t get to play a round together for sometime. I also doubt I’ll get to play, but hopefully we can get out to the practice facility and work on our short games.
  5. Title says it all. 15% off all orders - Birdieball took the top honors for practice greens at MGS. Sale runs through tomorrow (9/5). Personally, I’m a big fan of their limited flight balls. Would recommend getting the strike pad.
  6. Yesterday, Robert said he wanted to play this weekend. I had taken his clubs into the shop to get shortened, so he hadn’t practiced at all. But, I was excited he wanted to get out and play. On the way to the course, he kept talking about wanting to play in a tournament and to practice at least 30 minutes a day. He tends to get very excited and “committed” to an idea or activity, but never follows through. We headed out to Rockwood’s River’s Edge course, a really nice short course. It has six par threes and is configured such that you can play nine holes — the six par threes, and then combine each of the threes (1 and 2, 3 and 4, 5 and 6) into two par 4s and a longer par 3. The greens are every bit as nice as the regulation course and the course has fairways. The course did not charge us because there was a lot of rubbish in the fairways from the almost 8 inches of rain we got last week. Greens were in great shape. Despite not having played or practiced in a while, Robert really improved in his ball striking and chipping. He had a few shots that actually flew as they were supposed to, and had a few really good chips. He is still topping the ball off the tee. We teed the ball up a little higher an I’m trying to have him focus on brushing the grass in front of the ball. Unfortunately, his putting was not good, but he rightly identified that as a practical focus that will lead to better scores. As for me, I am very happy with my round. I hit 4 of 6 greens, and the two I missed, I had pretty good chips. Had two three-putts (barf), missed the second putt each time on the rim, so it could have easily been a couple strokes better. Because no one was out there, we decided to each play two balls and see if our provisional could beat our scoring ball. We had a great time, but decided not to play the longer three holes, as it was so stinking humid. A great day for the Prodigal family!
  7. Let’s start with the fact that I am totally ignorant about most aspects of equipment. I have a used (but good condition) set of irons, 3-PW (Titleist AP2). I needed another higher lofted wedge and bought one very used online. It’s been fine for the short term, but am starting to look ahead to replacing it. I know absolutely nothing about bounce. I think my PW is 47*. Looking for general advice on what I should be looking for in a new wedge (or wedges). Thanks in advance.
  8. This week, I played a round on a regulation course. Robert did not join me. Practice had been going pretty well. Hitting the ball straighter (sometimes with a fade). The nasty hook hadn’t totally disappeared, but has declined. I was excited for the round, which I played at a new-to-me course. I felt like I played out of my mind the front nine. I made 5 pars, but the other 4 holes had lots of mistakes, which put me out at 47 (easily my best score since coming back). I had a tough time off the tee, blocking the ball a fair amount, although it was still (usually) playable). Got myself into trouble a couple of times with water. Easy to see a route to a lower score. The back 9 was a totally different story. Total mess in every possible way, off the tee, with my irons, etc. The highlight (or lowlight, if you will), I sliced a ball (!!!) into what used to be a lake. The water had totally dried up thanks to our severe drought. I was able to walk out there and find my ball. The ground was very broken and—so I thought—stable. Found my ball, but as I reached for it, I stepped on a spot that was still very soft. My foot sank and the mud grabbed my shoe clean off my foot. I had to dig it out. My other shoe got super muddy, too, so I ended up taking both off and playing the rest of the round barefoot. I think I double bogeyed every hole on the back 9 (at best). Score was terrible, but I had a blast with the guys in my group, and playing barefoot was quite the experience. Of course, I will have to keep working on my shot, but that’s golf. I am excited to play again!
  9. Glad to see Zalatoris get the win. Hard to believe that earlier this year his putting was dragging his game down. Watched the playoff holes with my son and we had a blast. Every good shot answered with a good shot, every bad with a bad. Totally wheels off and great fun.
  10. Well, this week we didn’t play. The bigger struggle was getting kiddo to come out and practice. It’s the last week of summer break and he always seems to be doing something else. It doesn’t help that when I get home, he’s using his limited screen time. We did get out a bit yesterday and hit the birdie balls. He is hitting the ball straighter and not blocking it as much. He got several to fly with the appropriate trajectory. Very good, albeit limited, progress. If he would do it a bit more consistently, he’d see more improvement (probably). We are about to start the fall baseball season, so I am guessing that we will revert to Sunday afternoon practice sessions for the foreseeable future. Such is the life . . . I am happy to report that I have been practicing almost every day and am seeing good improvement in my ball flight and shot shape. After my session today, I felt pretty good, as if I could go play and not totally embarrass myself. Famous last words. I am playing next Saturday with a friend, trying a course new to both of us. Looking forward to it!
  11. Thanks, that’s very helpful. I think I’ll check out the Sweet Spot and just started No Laying Up.
  12. Appreciate this thread. Have been wanting to start listening to a podcast and this gives me some ideas. If you were to pick one for someone just starting to get into the game, what would you recommend?
  13. Coming back to golf after not playing for almost a decade. Motivation is my 9 year old taking up the game, so this gives us a chance to learn and play together. Fellow spy @MyWifesSwingCoach suggested that I create a thread about that path, and it’s a good suggestion. Hopefully this thread will be a way for kiddo and I to remember while also being of interest to the board. Last week, kiddo had a lesson on chipping with a focus on bump-n-runs. We’ve also been working on him pulling his club through on the swing. He was excited to hit our local par 3 today to see what he could do. We had my 6 year old with us, who putted only. My goal was to make better contact with more accuracy - I’ve been hitting a lot of hard hooks and have been working on correcting that. The course was crowded and slow, but we had a blast. Robert had a bad tee shot on the first whole and looked like was going to lose it. After a short talk, he pulled his attitude together and was able to get through the round in good spirits. His overall score was not his best, but he came off the round feeling very good. He said he hit a lot of good tee shots (true), lots of good chips (pretty accurate), and did well putting (also true). Instead of hooking, my flight path was straight, but slightly right of target. Took me until about the 7th hole to get that figured out, but on the whole, I’ll take it. One three-putt is a bummer, but finished the round with a birdie after putting the ball within four feet. Today was the kind of day that will keep the Prodigals coming back.
  14. Fun idea. Since coming back to the game this year, I haven’t been particularly close. Today was my closest. I did make the birdie putt!
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