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  1. 15 minutes ago, MWGolf23 said:

    Getting an iron fitting on Saturday. Strong likelihood I'll get the best fit for a 223/225 combo. Coming from a MP18 MB/SC combo, I'm curious of a 221 PW-7 or to 8 then 225 6 (7)-4. Big jump in lofts and wondering if anyone has done a 221/225 combo similar to this? I really enjoy my blades PW-8. The 223s are the perfect blend for me but I like the aesthetic continuation of 221 to 225. The 223s just lose the blade look from the bag!

    Seeing a lot of threads of people comboing the 221s and 225s. If you go to Mizuno’s website in the Mixed Set recommendation page, they recommended bending 225 7-iron 1 degree weak, 221 8-iron bent 2 degrees strong, and 9-iron bent 1 degree strong and PW standard. 

    I almost did this too for aesthetic reasons, but eventually just did all 225s since I don’t want to reduce bounce especially with blades in Northwest weather conditions which plays mostly soft throughout the year and afraid with reduced bounce increase risk of digging into the turf.

  2. On 2/16/2022 at 3:44 PM, Bubbly Pop said:

    Yep, pre-ordered mine (225's) on Jan 3rd, still not here..................just........................waiting..........................

    Quick update; Mizuno just informed me Nippon Modus 115 and Project X IO 6.0 shafts are backordered until March 31. 225 6 and 7 iron heads are backordered til end of March as well (similar with 223 6-iron heads). Ordered on pre-order date on 1/08 and will be estimated 12+ weeks from time I ordered if no more push backs. This pre-launch could not have gone any worse for Mizuno and it’s customers.

  3. 8 hours ago, sixcat said:


    My local shop/fitter stated earlier this week, Mizuno instructed them to pull the C-Taper and C-Taper Lites from the fitting cart. Saw some other threads to include a letter from KBS they do not know when they will get the supply in and anticipating at least 3 months best case scenario. Realistically, probably is 2023 🤦🤷‍♂️

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