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  1. So, I can let this topic go. I went out to the Korn Ferry website and pulled down all the course information I could. 10 of the tournaments listed hole by hole distances in an easily downloadable format. This is how we test high level golfers by the way. I put them into excel and got the following averages: Par 3 Avg Distance: 191 yds Par 4 Avg Distance: 419 yds Par 5 Avg Distance: 556 yds Total Avg Distance: 7180 yds And then I pulled down the average driving distance on KFT tour which was 302.7 yds. I admit, not everyone is hitting driver on every par 4 and par 5 but for the purposes of this exercise I am using average driving distance. Thus, taking the average par 4 on the KFT less the average drive => (419 - 302) = 117 left in for the second shot. Which I would assume is a Gap wedge or maybe even a sand wedge for those guys. For me to have a gap wedge (108 carry for me) in to the average hole would calculate like this (my average drive per TM app is 260) => (360 - 260) = 100. Thus I have my average par 4 - 360 Same exercise for Par 5 - KFT is 556 - 302 = 254 left in which I assume is a easy 3W for most of those guys. An easy 3W for me is 220. So to have 220 left in, my average par 5 has to be 480 (480-260 = 220). Finally par 3 I assume that 190 yards is a 6i for most KFT guys (maybe even less?). A 6i for me is 170. So that all shakes out as such [368 * 10 = 3,680] + [480 * 4 = 1920] + [172 * 4 = 688] = 6,200 absolute max. If those are the relative distances for high level players, then in my mind I should probably be playing 6,000 - 6,100 yds most of the time. Basically I will just keep finding ways to justify playing shorter and shorter until I can reach every par 5 in two, hahaha.
  2. Just checked it. It will be open in summer of 2022. Too late for @Mtbryant01
  3. On this topic, has the King-Collins re-design of Overton Park finished yet? Love Sweetens (this is definitely not Sweetens but I am on board with K-C until proven otherwise) and they have 1/2 par holes which I have never seen before! If you make a 3 on #4 or #6 is that a birdie? A bird(ie)? A bird?
  4. Yes, The way I play it is to force myself to hit driver on the par 4s and par 5s. As you mentioned, there are holes where it bottlenecks to like 25 yds wide and it, in a way, is a much more difficult driving day. Add in that a lot of times you are pitching for 40-70 yds and that can expose you if you don't have those shots. For a certain type of player, they won't score much better and will get frustrated. The other side of it is that if you are playing well you can reach every par 5 easily and will have a ton of birdie putts. This is a different kind of pressure and especially if you make a few birdies in a row and get to -2 or -3 you have to stay in the moment and remain grounded. I think it definitely translates to when you are playing well from your normal tees. You have some reps being under par and (hopefully) won't be as freaked when it happens. If that makes sense.
  5. 2022 Golf Goals Primary Goal: Birdie all 27 holes at my main muni (only birdied 23/27 last year) Secondary Goal: Under par on a golf course rated at least 70.0 or better (for a par 72), or 69.0 or better (par 71) How will I get there? I'm not sure. I made great improvements in the last year by continuing to work with my coach and take a lesson every month. While my HDCP hasn't moved tremendously (went from a 6.7 to a 4.7), I know I am a much better player now than I was back then. As always, HDCP doesn't really capture consistency as much as it captures your "ceiling." I am committed to spending another year taking lessons with my coach every month. I have always been a very cautious player and, with my improved skill, I am slowly starting to take more risks and being rewarded for it (most of the time). Also, as always, with the start of the new year I have to earn my way back at my local muni. That means starting at the forward tees (4700 yds par 70) and having to shoot +2 or better from there to then move to the senior tees (5100 yds par 70) and having to shoot +4 or better and then the white tees (5900 yds par 70) and having to shoot +6 or better to move back. The goal, as always, is to get through each these first try. Good luck to everyone in their pursuits next year!
  6. Well today was a reversion back to the mean on my putting. I knew it was coming and today I just didn't have it speed wise. My lines were fine but I was out of sorts on the front 9 of a course I haven't played in years. But no excuse, I didn't really adjust and I lost 2.5 strokes on the green today. Tough scene out there. Need to get the blast back out tonight as punishment.
  7. The calculator had the opposite effect that I expected, it made me realize I was a better putter than I thought. For better or worse, it might balance out your expectations. Congrats on the putting mat and have fun grooving that stroke. Also work on your fake surprise reaction for when you open it!
  8. Caveat: I am glad that the PGA tried to encourage people to "tee it forward" however.... ...I personally hate the Tee it Forward guidance because it equates distance with skill basically. I have a friend who can hit his driver 280+ on the fly (he's 30 years old and super fit) but is rarely in the fairway and he plays off an 20 index. That chart would have him playing at 6,700 yards which is absolutely insane for a high double digit handicap. Personally, I would (and have suggested) he play at 6,000 yds and I even bet him he couldn't break 80 from 6,000 yds (he couldn't). Maybe he is an exception but the idea that distance dictates your tees alone is preposterous. You have to account for accuracy and skill. It should be a combination of driver distance and HDCP, in my mind. Also, 6700 yds at Harbour Town (supremely tight) is completely different vs 6700 yds at Pursell Farms (or some other wide open course). Finally people routinely inflate their driver distance by taking their best drive of the day as their "average" etc. so that downhill, downwind 285 yard drive turns into "I hit my driver close to 300". Sure you do, bud. So I would change that table to be if you are a 5 HDCP or better AND hit driver 275+ then 6,700+. This complicates it but just because you can hit a 7 iron 180 yards doesn't mean you can hit it anywhere close to the flag. Also, for those guys that are high double digit HDCPs who complain (and I have heard this complaint often) if I play from 6,200 yds it will "just be driver + wedge all day and that's boring", you might be surprised when you actually have a birdie putt every now and then. You might even have fun! Just my two cents.
  9. Well, 6 months later I still feel the same way. I am playing the best golf of my life and hitting the ball farther than I ever have (now carrying driver about 255 yds and rolling out to 270) and I still don't see the need to play most courses longer than 6200 yds. As mentioned earlier in the thread I played Harbour Town at 5800 yds and, in retrospect, that was the right decision. I had the option to hit hybrid on most of the holes so that I could be on the right side of the fwy, etc. I still got ejected by hole #8 but managed to break 80 out there whereas if I had played from the whites I was probably going to shot something in the mid 80s. And I am still very committed to this "earn your way back" idea. I play 3 municipal courses frequently and I started at the forward tees on all 3 and worked my way back. Basically had to break 80 from a tee box to move back. Made it back to the tips at my main course fairly quickly (it is a par 70 and only about 6200 from the tips -- not a difficult course) and another course (par 72 - 6450 yds) and the one up from the tips at the hardest course (par 72 - 6400). The main thing I learned is that playing from the front tees gives you a new kind of pressure because you are constantly in position to make birdies and you have to learn to and get comfortable with "going low." On the whole it is very fun to play from the front and I plan on doing it at least every quarter. It is a different look at the course and gives you more experience "going low." Finally, I have to watch out thinking that my opinion is a fact. In my mind, everyone should have the "earn your way back" mentality but that is not reasonable or fair. As much as it may annoy me, many people (especially men who don't play golf that often) are just married to this idea of playing the "men's tees" even if they are a 25+ HDCP. They paid the greens fee and they are allowed to choose where they play. THAT SAID, going back to my harbour town example -- I played with 3 other men who were all nice but all double digit hdcps. They all picked up their ball on at least 2 holes and one guy picked up his ball on like 7 holes. If I spent $325 on a greens fee, I would feel silly for having played the wrong tees. But that is just me. Rant over.
  10. @joedeausen Strokes Gained Calculator - Track And Improve Your Putting (golfrankingstats.com) @Droptopman I can certainly relate. It is going well now but I know any day it could flip on me. I don't use a launch monitor, I use a Blast Motion sensor ( Blast Motion | Wearable Sports Analysis Technology - 3D Motion Sensor ) which, as noted above, tells me the face angle at impact which is the key (for me). I just practice 5-10 footers on repeat and try to keep the face angle between 0.5 and -0.5.
  11. Just ordered two Ben Hogan Equalizer II wedges (50* and 54*) in black with KBS tour shafts. I didn't pull the trigger on a 58* because the equalizer II demo I had (56*) didn't feel like it was super comfortable in an open position. So I still need to find a replacement for my low bounce 57* cleveland reg 588. I think I want a mid bounce replacement as the low bounce option is great when I am playing really well but not as good when I am struggling a bit. I will be auditioning a host of 58* wedges over the winter. With this purchase these are the first new wedges I have bought in 4 years. Very exciting.
  12. Background: I have been using "GolfShot" which is a GPS app that tracks basic information and such but does not provide shots gained info. I like to do a bit of analysis so previously I was screenshotting each shot so that I could go back and recalculate what happened during the round. Very cumbersome. It gives basic yardages that I have started to ignore as I get closer to the green since I use my rangefinder. I was looking at getting a shotscope V3 to get better tracking but then found the myRound Pro app that is, amazingly, free. I was suspicious so I had to investigate. Purpose: I want a historical record of my rounds, distances and strokes gained. Obviously I could do this with Arccos or Shotscope but to get this available in a free app is ideal. I am fine with some editing as long the user interface is good. First impressions: My first impression with the app was not great. I didn't really understand the interface and some of the shot inputs were not intuitive (especially putting). Major caveat here, I did not read the instructions. I just dove in. So that's my bad. To be honest, after about 3 holes I figured it out. Now it is no problem. You initially setup your bag and then set the handicap you want strokes gained against. For me, I am a 5.0 and so I set it at 5 hdcp but in the future I might move it to a scratch handicap so I know where I need to get better. Let's talk through how it works on a hole: Hole 1: You start with a digitized view of the hole, it doesn't give a ton of context to the golf hole so if it is a new course this won't give you much insight You then hit the "+ Shot" button which means you are initiating a shot. The GPS will place you somewhere but you can tap on the shot and move it to a more accurate spot if needed. (Note: you can do this during the round OR after the round in edit mode) After you hit your drive, you walk up to your next shot and hit "+ shot" which will then tell the app you have arrived at the ball off your first shot and it will mark it again. You can indicate the club to be used on the 2nd shot and the lie. Again, I use a rangefinder as well so if the GPS doesn't have me in the right spot I can move it based on my range finder yardage. You can also move the pin by tapping on the flag icon and sliding it around (you can do this at any time including after you have finished the hole). Once on the green, you can start adding putts. To make sure I get the right distance on putts I walk them off (I have been doing this already to calculate strokes gained putting). You then mark a putt (or putts) like you do shots. See the first picture below where I am moving the pin: The next picture is me marking my first putt. And then finishing the hole: Okay, okay. That was a lot of screenshots. First of all, many of you will look at this and say "jesus that looks cumbersome/takes too much time." You might be right! The first round it was not intuitive to me to mark my shot before taking it but really you are just setting the start of the shot (or the end of the previous shot). By the second round it was pretty seamless and I shot my lowest 9 hole score ever (-3) not necessarily because of this app but more I am trying to show that this app did not "get in the way." I play all my rounds on public courses which are slow and slammed anyway so this gives me something to do instead of getting annoyed standing over my shot. I edit the shots in real time since I don't always remember every yardage I had but I could just as easily do it after. Marking putts is the most sensitive and time consuming part but it's also one that is very important to me. This app also keeps score and, most importantly, keeps strokes gained stats. I played 9 holes yesterday (thus it is averaging out to be a 64 because I shot 3 under which is not normal) and I can look at across an array of stats: I cut off strokes gained so here it is in full: Then your classic stats which are not as relevant anymore: Finally, distances by club which I messed up a little since I hit some punch shots and a few pitch outs which screwed up my distances. The app gives you the option to not assign a club to a particular shot so it won't mess up your averages so I will likely do that in the future. Anyway here are the average distances: So, this app basically does everything I was looking for ShotScope v3 to do but in a more manual and slightly obtrusive manner. Most people will probably not want to do all the editing and manipulating but for me it is an easier process than I had before. I will likely update this review as I gain experience with the app but wanted to put it out there as a FREE option for those who want strokes gained data.
  13. Just an unbelievable lightning in a bottle round which (OF COURSE) was only 9 holes since I have young children. But truly a wild ride and, apologies in advance, I am pretty amped about it. I should be clear that I made everything I looked at but overall most everything was clicking. Also, I started using "myRound Pro" app from Taylormade and once I got used to inputting everything I found it to be quite useful. Will do an unofficial review. Anyway, excuse my gloating -- I will be sure to come back and post a s**t round when I have one to balance all this optimism out. I am pretty sure the strokes gained are calculated for 18 holes so I think I cut all these in 1/2. But still, the putting tells the story. I have been gaming my old Seemore for the last few weeks and things have been getting better and better. Also, I roll putts with my Blast golf sensor 4-5 nights a week for about 100 putts each time so it is all clicking. Anyway, look at this rollercoaster score card: I caught fire on #3 which is the hardest hole on the golf course (445 yd par 4). And, honestly, I wasn't really aware of where I was scorewise until I birdied 7 and I was like "well...I think I am getting uncomfortable now..." To birdie 8 and then steer it home on 9 knowing I was cruising under par was a great feeling. All my birdie putts made were between 6-15 feet. The bogey I made on #6 was a great save as well. I hit a drive that was right on the rough line for a really squirrely lie. Hit what I thought was a perfect shot that flew on me and plugged in the back of a bunker. Had to gouge it out to 50 ft and 2 putt from there. Once I did that I felt like the rest of the round was easy. It won't always be this good (or ever again?) so I want to really enjoy this feeling. I have been practicing my short game furiously and this was the culmination of that preparation and practice. Thanks for indulging me!
  14. Update, I might be a good (or at least streaky) putter now with all this practice:
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