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  1. Just bought new 5 and 6 irons to go with my 7 iron that I was demoing. I went with New Level Gi22s which are much larger and more forgiving than my Ben Hogan PTxPros. So now I am working on blending the two sets since the lofts are different. There is about a 5-6 yd gap between the two 7 irons so I may just carry two 7 irons for the time being. So right now my bag looks like this: Driver - Cobra XB 10.5 with OttoPhlex Shaft (very safe...I hope! It has been the best club in my bag since going to the OttoPhlex) Hybrid - Rogue ST Max 18* with regular HYB shaft (this has been a bit hooky lately so I hope it is not on the chopping block but I have not been great with it) 5/6/7 irons - New Level Gi22 7/8/9/PW - Ben Hogan PTxPros (I guess these could be on the chopping block in case I LOVE the Gi22s, in any event I would keep the Ben Hogans) GW - Ping Eye 2 BeCu SW - Ben Hogan Equalizer II/Cobra Radspeed (depends on weather, Ben Hogan in good conditions and Cobra in wet dormant conditions) LW - Ping Glide 3.0 Putter - LAB DF 2.1 I need everything to be safe here. I spent too much money on equipment in the last year and not enough on instruction so I am trying to re-allocate funds towards LEARNING to play better rather than BUYING a better game.
  2. That is a good shout. Sounds like @Tom the Golf Nut is working on it but I am happy to try as well. It might coincide with another test that weather has delayed me from doing also.
  3. @DaveP043 I have always appreciated your understanding of the rules. If only we could get you walking with any group that includes Patrick Reed, the professional game might be in a better place. The way I set it up, I play 3 holes from the senior tees, so 15 from the "mens" tees.
  4. And what percentage of that 10% that does keep a handicap, how many don't ever accept a "gimmie", uses the same ball make and model throughout every round, marches back to the tee and re-tees when they cannot find their ball...etc. I am a big proponent of not accepting gimmies but it is awkward because I play by myself as a single a lot and get paired up with other groups. I generally make some awkward announcement on the first green but every 3rd or 4th round I will invariably get someone who will pick up my ball and toss it back to me. ROUND INVALIDATED. As someone who has missed my share of two footers, I know how important it is to putt all those out.
  5. I live in the land of dormant bermuda in the rough so all that brown you see in the distance is, technically, grass. As for the leopard spotted fairways, this course (a mid tier private that gets HEAVY usage) does some rye overseeding but lies can be pretty hit or miss. It's not ideal but I will play golf in just about any temps above freezing so here I am haha.
  6. Makes sense. I will save $40 from now on from not having an index. When someone asks me what my handicap is I can say what I used to say which is "pride." Or, if I just play 2-3 holes from the senior tees and the rest from the general men's tees, should I just use the senior rating/slope? Then my handicap would be slightly lower than it should be which would be on the vanity cap side which really only hurts me.
  7. I get that. In my defense, if it matters, I don't belong to a club, I don't play in tournaments or men's leagues and I don't gamble (I don't play for money in sports under any circumstances). But you are correct that there a few things at play here that may not be obvious but are advantageous to me: (1) I choose which holes I want to be the hybrid holes, not the golf course management, so I can do this to favor my game (which I think I did do on the example I posted above) (2) I get options off the tee now that others don't have, which is covered by the rating and slope to some degree but not entirely Honestly, if I wanted my handicap as low as possible (not really something I care about) then I would play from as far back as possible. I am a bad putter so getting extra shots to my handicap from farther away is generally helpful.
  8. This doesn't come up that often as I just starting doing this but I have done hybrid tees on a few resort courses and I have always used the appendix f in the rules of handicapping (which, albeit, are for "temporary changes"). So this table,
  9. Updated original post with Trackman data and I think I am all the way in on the Gi22s in the longer irons. They don't feel quite as good but I get away with more on the toe side and it seems harder to hit them thin. The main question now is where do I combo (if at all) because I didn't get the gapping I thought I would so will I be able to stop at just 5/6/7 iron in the Gi22s?
  10. Like @stuka44 I also made my own Hybrid tees. It is a fairly tight treelined course that plays a little too long at 6,100 yds and then a little too short at 5,500 yds so I made a hybrid set that is 5,900 yds. Mainly, I had one hole that I always struggled on because I can't hit a reliable fade so I was faced with this shot every time I played...(the red lines are all OB and the fairway tilts towards OB which is a creek that runs left of the fairway where the redlines are) the trees on the right are tall enough to prevent trying to draw it (my shot shape) or even hit it straight. If I lay back at the fat part of the fairway it is 180+ uphill to get to the green. So instead I made it a hybrid tee and play from here (see below) where I can take a 5 iron over the single tree right and still hit my draw or a straight shot. Basically the course designer is asking a question that I cannot answer. For a better player, this is a great challenge because it forces you to hit a fade, I just cannot hit a fade (on demand). So I have given up and admitted defeat. It makes this hole not play quite as intended but makes it more fun for me, personally. Also, for the record, I have no animosity towards or intent to change the opinion of @chisag. I always enjoy his posts and I think that we view the game differently and that is fine. One of the things I like about this board is people generally stay very respectful here and there are tons of ways to enjoy the game. I don't want to come across like I have "figured it out" or "I know better" because I don't. I just found a way that I like to play and sometimes I can get a bit evangelical about it.
  11. Used the Cobalt exclusively on my saturday round and had good results the entire day. Usually gets the target first try without issue AND, I think this is important, gives me the same number each time. My cheaper range finder will jump around a few yards sometimes whilst 95% of the time I get the same number on the cobalt. If it does change it is like .1 or .3 yards different. I also like the rangefinder holder now. Feels very secure and I highly doubt the rangefinder would fall out.
  12. Date 01/29/2023 Course Name Old Natchez Gross Score 76 Course Handicap 5 Gross Strokes over/under par 6 Net Score to Par 1 Net Score 71 Net Birdies or better 4 Longest Drive 293
  13. Yes, though as a 5-6 HDCP I'm not that low of an index but I can get around most golf courses. Avg 2nd shot distance into par 4s last time I played was about 90 yds so I wouldn't even say short irons but GW/SW typically. Also yes. This happens on one hole. Just like when Patrick Cantlay plays the Rocket Mortgage Classic and hits 7 iron into 1/2 of the par 5s for his 2nd shot. You are a significantly better player than me so that makes sense. I have no aspirations to play competitively and I don't gamble so it's kind of whatever. I generally shoot between 72-76 from that distance but with the handicap adjustment that is usually a 4-9 differential. I have no illusions that I am some great player or will ever be a great player.
  14. Continue working on the No Turn Cast as I have a clinic with Monte in the Summer (Chicago if anyone is interested). Also trying to incorporate the shallowing feel that AMG posted last week which seems to go along with the No Turn Cast theory of how to get the club in a good position on the downswing AND debunks (at least for me) this myth of "passive arms with active body turn" as a way to shallow the club. If anyone is interested and wants to go down a shallowing rabbit hole (do so at your own risk) search youtube for "AMG Shallowing Like you've never seen before"
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