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  1. Gymnastics is particularly sad because the time horizon on that is so short. Add to that the repetitive stress injuries, no real opportunity for professional work unless you are Simone Biles or want to be a gymnastics coach. That and figure skating might be the two worst sports to go all in on.
  2. This may just me shouting a clouds but I was watching the US Women's Open and noting a lot of younger women that qualified or tried to qualify which is great! However, in an interview with several of these girls/women, many noted that they went to some version of "online high school" (irrespective of COVID) to accommodate their practice schedule. Like, school was getting in the way of their range/course time. Some of these girls were 15 or younger! I would imagine this happens just as much if not more in the men's game (I think Andy Zhang is still the youngest male to qualify for the open at 1
  3. I had a similar thought where I wished for more variety. I was typically playing from the blue tees at my course (6300 yds) and wanted to actually be able to reach some of the par 5s, have a driveable 4, etc. So I played the senior tees (5400 yds) and it was so much fun I haven't gone back.
  4. Just walking around the center of Pinehurst resort is fun. The putting green, the Deuce, watching people finish on #2 and #4, and the Cradle though it is getting harder and harder to just walk up and play the Cradle. As for the courses we played, we played #4, #8, #9 and #5 as well as Tobacco Road. #8 was the only one I wouldn't play again. I think the main thing is to be reasonable about the tees you select and you should be fine. #1, #3 and #5 are the shorter ones but lack some of the "WOW' factor that #4 and #2 have. Quick thoughts on the ones we played: #4 - Very handsome golf course
  5. I have played one length for the last two years and the biggest revelation for me was getting one length hybrids. They are so good, for me, and I don't lose a ton of distance. I had a one length gap wedge that I hated so I got a conventional gap wedge and I am loving it. Makes me think about going back to conventional irons for PW-8i and then one length for 7i and 6i and then keeping my one length 5hyb and 4hyb which are probably the most consistent clubs in my bag.
  6. Is it because of the more flat or up delivery of the driver into the ball that the OP is saying dispersion is better with longer club? I ask because I have a one length hybrid that I hit INFINITELY better than a standard length hybrid and, on average, the same distance. Same with my one length 4i vs a standard length 4i, dispersion and contact is not even close...the one length absolutely dominates. I even start gripping down once I get past my 7i because, guess what, a shorter club feels easier to control. But then I have a fairly flat swing to begin with (don't most people now a days?).
  7. Does anyone use the Mevo+ as a simulator and play golf courses? That to me always sounds fun but then I know simulator golf is very different to real golf.
  8. I did it with a pair of jordan courtsides. Obviously the critical aspects are to have a flat sole and as mentioned above use shoe glue or you will lose a spike or two pretty quickly. I didn't use pilot holes but screwed them in by hand with a screwdriver (with the shoe goo put on the bottom as well as I was screwing them in) and vised the shoe so it wouldn't move. A year in and I haven't lost a spike yet.
  9. I play a 43" driver (tipped an inch and then butt cut 1.5 inches) and I am 6 feet tall with a, to me and my coach, normal swing. Personally, I think most people (that aren't scratch or better golfers) would benefit from a shorter driver shaft. It is funny when OEMs come out with their "most forgiving driver ever" but the shaft is 46 inches long. To me, forgiveness is a combination of a large head with rear weighting and a shaft you can control both from a flex standpoint and from a length standpoint. Summary - I used to be all over the place with my driver and then I dropped it 2 inches
  10. I am also curious on this. I have the F9 one lengths but I am gradually working those out of my set (basically I think I want variable length up to the 7 iron and then one length for the 6i and 5i. I play off a 6 HDCP right now and hit the ball pretty well but I also have always assumed I just want the clubs that go high and straight. The test may be to buy a PW in the forged tec and see how I get along with it. Interestingly enough, on the cobra site there is no savings from buying a whole set vs a single club ($157 per club either way). Ultimately I may have a blended set of variable length
  11. I am looking hard at the Ben Hogan PTx Pros for absolutely no reason other than they are beautiful to look at. My first new set of irons that I bought with my money were Hogan EDGE CFTs and I loved them. I have no problem with my current irons and they are one length which has worked out pretty well for me but damn those hogans look great. I do wonder if I am good enough to hit them and I know if I demo them and hit it even decently then it is game over, I'm getting them. It's so dumb because I feel like I finally got over liking clubs purely based on how they look and now I am going back down
  12. Just as an aside, I am a big fan of pinhawk stuff (particularly their one length hybrids). I have a Cobra SZ one length hybrid that I never use because I can't get the pinhawks out of my bag. They are just very solid and consistent (don't go mega left or nuclear off the clubface). I tried one of their irons and didn't love it but their fairway woods and hybrids are very good for me so far.
  13. Having been out to play at Kiawah once (which was enough!) I think this is such a great golf course to host a major. It is so so so so so so hard and I think it can/should really identify a great player rather than a YE Yang or Rich Beem (both at Hazeltine, of course...sorry for the drive-by on those guys). As a resort course it is probably way too hard for 98% of golfers but some people are masochists or just enjoy an absurd challenge. As an anecdote, the wind can get up to 30-40 mph out there and I asked a caddie if people cancel their tee times on days like that and he was like "definitely
  14. So, this is where I got my eyes opened to something very obvious to people who have been fit multiple times. I had my first driver fitting into my current driver and there are several things at play here: (1) My swing has changed quite a bit from the fitting through now (strike location on the face, spin, AoA, club path) and, most importantly (2) I was very loose when I hit my driver that day. Like an idiot, I just got into a groove and started swinging faster and faster (not out of my shoes but when you hit like 30 drives and you have a trackman display right there you start to chase it...).
  15. So that is me. I have been taking monthly lessons since last April. My swing has gradually gotten less flat and more consistent, as a result less heel strikes and strikes low on the face (my two big issues going into the lessons).
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