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  1. Andrew Klco; Canton, MI USA Scotty Cameron 5W 34" I would be interested in the Anser 2. Currently being in a mallet, a blade seems to fit my eye better.
  2. Andrew Klco - Canton, MI No GPS Nikon Cool Shot Range Finder
  3. I've been playing the past 27 holes with the same -ProV1x. I plan on using it until is gets scuffed or is unfindable. (I have now just jinxed myself for posting this)
  4. Bass fishing equipment. In my past life I was in a club and did some tournament fishing. I have a small bait shop in the basement. My wife couldn't figure out why one would need 20 fishing rods, and 10 of each bait I would use.... Then came golf!
  5. First thread, currently what's in the bag.... Titleist TS3 9.5 driver with Smoke 6.0 shaft Titleist TS3 15 FW with Smoke 6.0 shaft Titleist 818 19 Hybrid with Blue Evenflow 6.0 shaft 718 TMB 4 iron KBS Tour 120 S shaft 718 AP2 5 - PW KBS Tour 120 S shaft SM6 - 52, 56 & 58 Vokey wedges (Going to take out the 52 and replace it with a 50 SM8 in the next couple of weeks)
  6. Andy Canton, MI 10.7 718 AP2 5-W: 1degree strong 718 TMB 4I Would like to test the T100S
  7. 1. How long have you been playing golf? What’s your handicap or normal score? I have been playing for about 28 years now. The early years were once here and once there. I’m currently a 10.7 and would like to have it to single digits for 2020. 2. What do you love about golf? I’ve always like to compete. Golf is another sport that I can try to excel at. I also love to spend time with my wife doing something we both enjoy to do. 3. What brings you to MyGolfSpy? Do you already know any other Spies? Not sure. I’ve read here and there, but never
  8. Metro Detroiter, that enjoys the game of golf

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