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  1. Excellent reviews so far guys, got me so excited I splurged before Christmas and bought a box of the Gamers, stupid impulse buying that I'm prone to do! As the golf courses here are buried under a foot of snow I haven't been out to the course with them yet but we'll head south shortly after Christmas to play a few rounds. Until then it looks like just the indoor golf simulator to try them out. I'm excited to see if they do as well as everyone seems to be reporting. Keep up the good work!
  2. Thanks, yeah Pinecrest is usually a bit more difficult and a little nicer facility though I live within a stones throw of Sand Creek so I end up playing there more often. Hoping to hit Pinecrest a bit more often this year!
  3. Hey everyone, I've been playing golf all of one year now, just starting my second season, if I don't get quarantined completely first. I've played a couple rounds this year already and my handicap didn't change from last year still sitting at a solid 17. I did play a bit when I was a kid and funny how the thing I hated most about it then is what I love about it now, the challenge; I get myself into a lot of pickles and have to figure the best way out of them. I enjoy it; though, nothing is quite as enjoyable as that really good round where I don't cause myself too much trouble and end up playing a really great round. I've read quite a few reviews on here and seen how you can get some really good unbiased reviews and opinions on here. I'm from Idaho southeast side of the state and we have 3 "championship" courses here, though I try to hit Sand Creek as often as possible. The best thing about golf around here is you seldom have to worry about the rain messing up your game though the worst thing would be the wind or/and snow we get. I do work in agriculture so sometimes specially into the fall I don't get much time to play but making it a goal to play as often as I can this year. As for my username, it's an old nickname I had during my football days. I'm looking forward to getting to know you guys and hopefully improving my game along the way and just maybe being able to help someone else improve theirs!
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