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    Golf. Hockey. Softball. I like to tinker with golf club building & repair. I also run a traveling golf league in Massachusetts & NH. Love to be outside enjoying the sunshine.
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  1. Thanks! Actually got a message on some KBS $ Taper shaft pulls i purchased! SOLD.
  2. Looking for 3i-PW or 4i-PW. KBS $-Taper 130x Black PVD Preferred, but I could do standard chrome. .355 Tip Diameter - Standard length or over standard.
  3. IMG_3368.HEICIMG_3369.HEICIMG_3367.HEIC Couple pics of my set up. Not done yet! Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  4. Man those are sexy looking. I'm going to my local fitter when I finally can get out of the house after the lockdown, he is set up with a full fitting package @ his place. I took 1 swing with the 7i and smashed it dead center. I'm definitely looking forward to doing a full iron fitting and giving those a test ride. They def have the right look thats for sure.
  5. Awesome. Thanks for the tip! Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  6. Wow thats some balls! Love it, glad it worked out for you!
  7. I'm trying to justify it so bad! Along with MP20 MBs lol I do have a swing weight scale, forgot to put that on there & a digital scale for total weight.
  8. Thank you sir! I have a heat gun i used to remove club heads and heat the epoxy up. I do have a small torch, but I don't trust my ADD to use it! haha I'll pick up a pipe cutter @ home depot and give that whirl, seems like kind of a no brainer, but i've only used the chop saw. Cheers!
  9. Wow. These are beauties! Moving the couch cushions to try and find the $$! lol Gorgeous Irons Bud! Just out of my price range!
  10. Kevin Kisner Tiger Woods Rory McIlroy Ideally, there would be a few cocktails mixed in and it would be a bright sunny day @ Augusta National, would be an unreal group to hang with for the day.
  11. Same on this. AM - Wake up early & ride the Peloton , hit 100 putts on the putt out mat with the mirror and gate. go about my normal day, then hit another lifting workout in the afternoon, hit 10-20 more putts on the mat. If nothing else, hopefully i drop the few strokes i lose busting the rust off my swing with a lower putting average! lol
  12. I walk almost exclusively. We have a few courses around me (South East Massachusetts) that are extremely hilly and wind in and out of neighborhoods, so there isn't much of an option there. My home course is a perfect walking course and i love it, played 50 holes the other day walking, and routinely play 36 walking. Great exercise, plus it speeds up the game IMO. IF everyone walked at a normal pace, directly to their ball, pace of play would be much better.
  13. Massachusetts is all closed (according to the Gov.) I'm sure a few are staying open. All Non-Essential businesses are shut down until 4/7/20 @ 12:00pm. Rhode Island & Connecticut were open as of this afternoon, but with NY & NJ on the Covid-19 rise I doubt those places will stay open much longer. NH just shut down courses until May 4.
  14. Bag Boy Quad XL user here. LOVE The stability & space i have in the pocket & the compartment near the hand grip. I also have the Bag Boy Chiller cart back with the top lock tech. The combo is great, bag never gets loose, no straps, no extra anything. Also, not sure how many people do this, but i use the quad XL with my backpack as well. Before I put my golf bag on, i put my 2 backpack straps inside the 2 notches for the top lock on the cart, then put my bag right on top of the straps and lock it in. Makes for a serious amount of extra space, i bring the go pro, snacks, extra socks, and some cold weather gear, hopefully i can dump that stuff soon though!!
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