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  1. I had them ship me their demo clubs. A 5 iron and a 9 iron. I'm 70 years old, so I have trouble hitting my RocketBladz 5 iron and theirs was no different. The 9 iron however was very nice. It felt great and flew a few yards further than my current 9 iron. Still wasn't enough to justify spending the money.
  2. Andy Mechanicsburg, PA Walk about 80% of rounds 10 year old Sun Mountain
  3. Andy Mechanicsburg, PA Have used a net in the past, but now it has a hole in it Have never used a launch monitor.
  4. Andy, Mechanicsburg PA 7 1/2 True knit Comfort for walking 18 on my hilly home course.
  5. Andy Mechanicsburg, PA Callaway Big Bertha Alpha 8.4 index 90 mph TSi3
  6. Andy/Mechanicsburg, PA/USA Odyssey O-Works #7 Anser 2
  7. Have been playing since high school. According to the Golf Association of Philadelphia (GAP) I have an index of 6.6. However, I am 68 years old and play from the forward tees on walkable courses. I grew up as an "only child" (both my siblings were much older), so I love the individuality of it. Never excelled at team sports. I like the honest reviews and that they include a "best value" category. That's important for those of us on fixed income. I grew up in southeast Nebraska. My first rounds of golf were played on a municipal course with sand greens. Now I live in Mechanicsburg PA and my home course is Armitage Golf Club. The best things are that there are a lot of golf courses within a 30 mile drive of my house. The bad thing is that, in the past 5 years, we have lost 3 really great courses. Seems the allure of real estate development wins out over golf. Retired I'm a Pennsylvania golfer.
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