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  1. Can I be first in line for the Android testing?
  2. Yeah, I just got a call from these guys asking me to try out the woods and I get to keep the driver. Once they asked for the credit card, I was like, no way.
  3. Hi All The last few sets of clubs I've purchased were used and so came with specs that's didn't fully match me. I've decided to treat myself to a fitting and was looking for recommendations for good club fitters beyond TrueSpec and Club Champion. Curious to know what else might be out there in the Lis Angeles area. Thanks all!
  4. Nobody has ever put a driver through the ringer the way I will!!!! Plus the original TS drivers were amazing, can't wait to test this Rami West Hills, CA Handicap 28 Epic flash sub zero in 9 degrees Swing speed about 95mph
  5. Looks like I'll be the outlier here, I've only used a GPS once and the rest of the time I'm on a rangefinder. Using the rangefinder has become a part of my preshot routine, so there's honestly a meditative quality to it. With the GPS what I found was that if the system is not updated regularly, as when a course goes through a rehab, you can run into more problems than what it's worth. I'd go with the rangefinder any day. That said, I was looking into the Garmin Approach G80 as a launch monitor / GPS system, but ultimately went with a swing caddie as it was over $200 cheaper and I didn't kn
  6. My six (almost seven) year old son's been wanting to go play. Because of the safety restrictions we can't do a full size course because he wouldn't be able to walk the whole thing in the heat. Anyone have any good recommendations for a Ventura County Pitch ' n Putt that's open and practicing good safety protocols? Thanks!
  7. I've been playing my Callaway Rogues for almost two years now and still love them, but am definitely curious about upgrading in the future. Has anyone tried out the new Mavrik irons or if not those, anyone have any new favorites around a similar pricepoint?
  8. Thanks so much for the heads up on these Scott!
  9. Check out 2nd Swing, if you can get your hands on a Callaway XR16 is good shape, go for it. It'll be well under $300 and it's one of my favorite drivers I ever owned, it's designed to go fast and it's VERY forgiving. If you want something newer, see about the Epic Flash's, now that they're not the most current model, you can probably get one for around $300.
  10. Yeah, I just found out that Rustic is reopened, I want to chat with them to find out more about what they're doing for risk mitigation. Like if I could pay online, show up and tee off without ever having to check in at the pro shop and know that the cups were upside down, I might consider it, but even then, only for a back 9 so I could go solo - yay social distancing. Thankfully I got a net and a Swing Caddie so I can get some hits in in my backyard and not fall out of practice
  11. Hi Everyone, Really happy to have joined this forum. I've been playing golf sporadically for about 7 years, but just got into it more seriously about two years ago, since then I've improved, but my handicap is still around a 29. I just find it to be an amazingly fun sport, where even if you're not great at it you can still have an amazing time and even a few incredible moments. I discovered MyGolfSpy a few months ago and have thoroughly enjoyed the in depth reviews. I live in the LA area but don't really have a home course. I started learning at Woodley Lakes before expan
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