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  1. Hosted my annual Buddy Trip last week(Thur-Sun) for 16 players, including me. I rented 4 4 bedroom houses and we played a different course every day. Thursday…North Shore GC. Shot 88…always a great course. Friday…Stonegate at Sola Vita-Cypress course. Shot 91…disappointed with course conditions We also played the Oaks course front 9 twice as a team scramble…lotta fun. Saturday…Falcon’s Fire GC. Shot 92….awesome course Sunday…Hawk’s Landing GC. Shot 92…somewhat disappointed as the fairways used to be covered with grass. Overall, we had terrific weather and all had a great time except for one player. He was driving back to the rental houses Thursday afternoon and was sideswiped by an Audi on the turnpike. His car was totaled and the Audi drove off never stopping. Sore and bruised, he did play Sat & Sun but could not turn to hit his driver…
  2. Today was my last day of therapy…they were happy but saddened to see me go…..been going 2 to 3 times a week since early last October. Think I was there longest standing client….LOL.
  3. Doorbell just rang as I was packing my bag for the 4 day Buddy Trip which starts tomorrow. Answered the door And a small box was waiting for me. Thanks MGS for your fast delivery.
  4. The Orthopedic Doc cleared both my wife and myself from his care. We are now free to move about the country! It has been 10 months since the auto accident and we are just now feel8ng our old selves again. I know I still have some shoulder pain so I will continue to exercise with weights and bands to remedy the pain.
  5. Shoulder still has pain and stiffness, but I am swinging okay. This week I see the Orthopedic Doc then take 15 players to Kissimee for four days of golf, a different course every day. I am hopeful that my shoulder can handle 4 days in a row.
  6. Yesterday I shot a 43/44:87 and tied for 3rd place in our points game. Started ou5 wit( a great drive, then put my second shot in the sh#@. Followed by another in the water hazard that crosses the fairway….oh well….then things smoothed out and I played pretty decent.
  7. That’s terrific…..a Hin1 is a wonder feeling. I had one back in 1985.
  8. Back with my Tuesday game, shot 48/43:91 with 9/14 FIR, 2/18 GIR and 30 Putts. My shoulder had bits of pain and I was pulling everything left. I get the pain in the follow through, so I backed off my swing and dealt with it.
  9. On vacay last week in Clarksville GA. Played 3 times on some rigorous mountain courses. My shoulder still has soreness which does restrict movement. Working with dumbbells and therabands. Not quite done.
  10. Still have some soreness but doing rehab.
  11. Last round of golf for vacay yesterday at Apple Mountain Golf Club in Clarksville, GA. s*** 40/42:82 with a Par 4 Birdie. 11/14 FIR 6/18 GIR and 35 Putts. My shoulder felt better than the other two rounds but my left ankle was hurting so I wore my ankle brace. BTW, we played putt putt three nights and I won two.
  12. On vacay at a resort in north Georgia this week. My SS was not picking up my Driver. I had to manually adjust it for every hole. So I sent an email yesterday regarding the issue, they determined my driver tag was bad and said they would ship me a replacement. Excellent Customer Service!!
  13. Foz might be back……shot 45/44:89 with 11/14 FIRs, 6 GIR and just 30 putts. Had two birdies, Par 4 #2 and Par 3 #7. The birdie putt on #7 was about 18”.
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