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  1. Very pleased with my KY Wildcats…..we are playing Iowa in the Citrus Bowl on NYD. Also pleased that Cincinnati made to the final four.
  2. Found a replacement for my aging indoor putting mat…..wow is this mat amazing…thick rubber backed with many options to practice indoors.And, it came with a travel bag so you can roll it up and take it on the road.
  3. And if you are a Vet, you get significant discounts making new irons very affordable plus the forgiveness that your 40 yr old clubs do not have.
  4. 47/45:92 today with terrific weather, 50* at tee time warmed up to 71*. Still not playin* well but could not putt today.
  5. Mine was setup by Wilson at Edwin Watts….10.5* std, red sole(lighter weighted graphite) 2 gram weights even for straight flight, shaft is Aldila Rogue white regular. He said throw away everything else and don’t change a thing..
  6. It’s in your signature. Just click on your profile and select signature. As you browse through the forum, you can see some interesting ways players have shown clubs in their signature.
  7. Very interesting……let us know how your Triton is set up. What sole plate, what weights and what lie position. Also, what shaft are you using?
  8. Welcome to My Golf Spy, etrezet. How about telling us who you are, where you live and golf and WITB?That way we know more about who we are dealing with.
  9. If you are interested please give them a try….btw there is a driver 3W combo available on the forum……
  10. Your price point is at 76% of what a Vet can get brand new. Not bad, just saying. Your price is conus shipped, PXG adds $40….+ for you. As for me, I have the driver and will probably get a #5 & #7 wood next year. Best of luck to ya!
  11. Thanks BostonSal, I have been playing with a torn tendon in my right shoulder from auto accident in July(waiting for SWMBO to recover from her shoulder surgery before I get mine) my right leg is numb from 3 bulging lower back discs, hoping for relief in mid December from a Radio Frequency Ablation(from same accident). It is what it is so I’m not gonna sweat it. BTW, at 48* we still wear shorts and a light pullover.
  12. Shot a 45/47:92 today at my hone club, Plantation Palms. 7/14 FiR 50% 5/18 GIR 28% with 36 putts. Driver was hit well, irons mostly okay, up and downs 24% No birdies, only lost 1 ball. Temp was 48* to 71* and Sunny.
  13. Played Cresc3nt Oaks in TarponnSprings, FL today as our club was over seeding. Played the back nine first so I shot a 47(back 9)/46(front 9): 93. Struck the ball well off the tee but approach shots not so good. Seemed like all my wedges came up a club short today. That said, I did have a birdie on the par 5 #2 hole and it held in the net skins game for $12…woo hoo! BTW, temp was 48* at tee time and warmed up to 64*.
  14. Congrats, alfriday101, make sure he registers on the web for the hole in one clearing account at Nationalholeinoneregistry.com.
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