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  1. I was missing some shots, usually approach shots with my wedges, so I emailed support. They told me to test each club sensor by laying the watc( on the edge of the counter then placing each club, one at a time, perpendicular to the watch about 2 inches above and see if it registers the club. I did this and all registered within a few inches. Then I figured with the watch showing the last club, I started taking a practice swing then looking to see if the club registered. At 70 yrs old I don’t always take practice swings to keep from wearing out, but this actually works! Have not missed as many lately.
  2. I tried the insoles from fpinsoles.com they were designed by skateboarders and absorb all the shock. I had two pair of older FootJoy FJ Sports that came back to life with the GP insoles. When I got them, I put them in the oven at 225* for 12 minutes then inserted into shoes. Now I have two new pair of golf shoes!
  3. My Wilson Staff D-7 Wedge is 45*, so I carry the Cleveland Zipcores in 50/54/58. The 50* is my 90-100 yard club, the 54* is my 80-90 yard club and the 58* is my 65-75 yard club, all at full swing. At half swing, I get 40 yards from the 54* and 50 yards from the 50*. The 58* is my sand wedge.
  4. Very nice, should be easy to re-home it.
  5. Tuesday net skin game at Plantation Palms…shot a 46/48:94 witH three penalties today. I lost a ball (OB) on holes 6, 7 & 8. Then took a penalty on hole 14. Prob my worst round at my new club. That said, I had 11/14 FIR, 5/18 GIR and 35 Putts. I was experimenting by pulling my 3W from the bag, changing my 6W back to a 5W and adding my 7W. The few times I needed the 3W, I used my 19* Hybrid. This leaves me with Driver(180-210) 3 Hybrid(175-190) 5W (165-175) & 7W (155-165). This will be my bag going forward at the new course.
  6. He actually owns several courses. He had four for several years, sold one then closed one, now just two courses. Membership gets you play at both.
  7. Yes it is.....two of my Grandsons were police officers there for 6 years.....both have moved on to new careers. Downtown Lakeland is very nice, terrific restaurants.
  8. I hear ya MattF, yesterday my 4some was playing behind a 5some on the front nine where we waited on every hole. After nine, I finally discussed this issue with the Ranger (translation: complained). He came back and said we could play through on 11. They were playing a scramble. Sometimes it just takes a short conversation with the Ranger to resolve the issues at hand.
  9. One of the 6,000+ that signed up…..think this launch monitor would be a terrific addition to my arsenal. If chosen, I will get a net for the backyard.
  10. I have one more day to play Pebble Creek, this coming Saturday. We will play our regular game in the morning then Retee at 2:00 to close it down….
  11. Last Sunday round at Pebble Creek GC and it did not dissolve. 38/42:80 FIR 11/14 79% GIR 5/18 22% Up and Down 53% Putts 26 Two Birdies(#3 Par 3 and #8 Par 5) Today’s round brought to you by Titleist ProV1x and Wilson Staff Model. You can tell by the pic that they are not clearing downed branches…..this is on the Par 5 #8 hole. Just have to position layup around the dead limb. Gonna miss this guy….
  12. I know……..my approach and chipping was way much better than usual. I was getting the ball much closer to the pin.
  13. So, some of the members have left and joined a weekday membership at Heritage Isles, about 4 miles west of Pebble Creek. Some quit and are now playing at Lexington Oaks, about 8 miles north. The res5 of us have taken the offer from Mr Place and transferred membership to Plantation Palms, about 10 miles northwest. We get free cart plan ($160) for August and our monthly membership will remain the same as at Pebbl3 Creek for one year. Currently, the membership at PP is about $30/month higher than PC.
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