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  1. First Name - Martin City, State - Oakland, CA Current Driver in Play - I have two... a Titleist TS3 (8.5) and a Mavrik SZ (9.0), both with Fuji Ventus Black 6x (TS3 is ol' reliable, but the difference in ballspeed/reduced spin vs. Mavrik was noticeable so I'll swap both out depending on course layout/type of event. Hoping the new TSi3 kicks the Cally out the bag!) Handicap - 2.2 Swing Speed - 108-113 mph Which Driver Would You Like to Review - TSi3
  2. First Name/City State - Martin / Oakland, CA Handicap - 2.2 Current Model Wedges Played - Vokey SM5 with KBS 610 stiff; 50, 54, 60 deg What Appeals to You About a Raw Wedge - Looks super "player", uber stylish. Curious if rust changes spin characteristics? Played 588 BeCus growing up as a jr golfer, would love to give some Clevelands a whirl again
  3. Usually the advice is to hold on to a 3 wood once you've found one you're in love with.... but with one that old it might be worth looking at one sooner than later. I found distance and forgiveness to have really come thru on a lot of these new models. You should see some good deals coming out soon on current models since many OEMs will be releasing their new stuff soon... maybe give a G410 fw a whirl and match your driver? Either way. Now or later, my thought is it will be a significant upgrade to what you're already playing.
  4. Solid........ but get fitted. They have a lot of different options.
  5. First Name/City State - Martin... Oakland, CA Current Handicap or Average 18 Hole Score - 4 Handicap Current Iron Model Played - Mizuno JPX 900 Tour
  6. Hi all, long-time lurker, first time poster. Well, not so much lurker but more so would get directed to these forums for all the golf equipment specific questions I would ask Google, lol. I'm 36 years old and an admitted club junkie/ho. I love reading about tons of new equipment, high end, tour.. whatever... although I find that my actual bag changes tend to be few and far between. Up until earlier this month, I was gaming the same Mizuno Mp-29s since high school... and most of my longer clubs were from about a decade ago or older (Titleist 910, SonarTec, TM Rescue TP). Well , this was all be
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