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  1. Food table for the masters watch party is all set.
  2. Ferrule of the adapter cracked on me recently and I'm not sure if its because of me, the install, or an aftermarket adapter. Fortunately I have seen zero issues in this perfecting performance but I am starting to think that maybe I'm the problem here.
  3. It is very happy to be back in the bag as well.
  4. Update: Driver head was delievered to Dicks yesterday and was also picked up. In total I was without the driver head for about 2 weeks which is really quick considering there was shipping both ways. Titleist seems to have went the full replacement route and the specs are bang on the money. Head weight was almost exactly the same at 196g with the plastic and it is in perfect condition. Now all that's left to do is a screw it back onto a shaft, spec it out, and give it a go.
  5. That would make sense. While these clubs were built by club champion and not srixon I would assume that would be the same way they went about them.
  6. I have to eat my hat here a bit and take back my comments on the length and build quality of the trial SMS 7i. My club ruler came in the mail a few moments ago and the first thing I did was measure the SMS and my ZX7 7 irons and the results are in. The SMS measured out to a length of 37in even which is exactly what it was ordered to. The ZX7 7i that was built by club champion measures out to 37 1/4in for length and was actually the incorrectly built club. I actually still have my old build "prescription" and it was supposed to be built to a length of 37.0in so the 7i is built 1/4in too long.
  7. Also special shoutout to @Marlin Dave and @GolfSpy_KFT for the additional solutions to my predicament. Love the support that this community has for one another.
  8. I'm not gonna disagree with you here and I think that Ping themselves would admit that G400-G410 was only a slight improvement if anything and not a huge leap forward. the G425 and G430 I think they seem to have fixed the ball speed issue that I am currently having but hey it's a backup driver so as long as I can hit it well and keep it in play I don't need much more from it.
  9. I appreciate the compliment on my review and was glad the handicap breakdown was relatable. All too many times I play with someone new and they say there's no way that I'm a 12 and the amount of times I've been called a sandbagger is far to many to get worked up over. I have just learned to play my game and that 's how I get the most enjoyment out of it is by hitting the ball really hard and hitting some nice iron shots. Short game is what I have been shifting a lot of my practice to as of late and have found great success in improvement. I've found using the same motion and just changing clubs to let the loft do the work has been the biggest improvement and easiest to practice.
  10. I've been hitting the Ping for about a week and I don't really get to bothered by the sound or feel of it. To me any contact with the driver that isn't middled or close to middled doesn't feel that great so I don't put too much stock in sound and feel with the driver. That being said I 100% agree that when the TSR3 was struck out the middle it was the best sounding and feeling driver I have ever hit. Interestingly enough I'm finding that the Ping severely is lacking on ball speed where as the best strikes have a smash factor on Trackman of 1.46 and it's nearly impossible to get higher than that. So hopefully my TSR3 is covered, replaced, and back in my bag soon where it rightfully belongs.
  11. Driver head was dropped off at my local retailer a little while ago today. Nothing really left to do now but wait on some hopefully good news and starting getting acclimated to the G410 LST. Estimated warranty lead time from speaking with Titleist is 3 weeks supposedly but I'm fully prepared for it to be at least a month and a half.
  12. I think they will but its just a matter of how long it is going to take unfortunately.
  13. I'm not gonna disagree with you here especially seeing Taylormade and Callaway having 2 year warranties despite releasing new drivers each year but each company can prioritize things their own way. I also still haven't had the opportunity to send the photos but I am waiting on an email response from them So I haven't gone scorched earth on the company just yet. I am still in the early stages of finding other options and in the meantime I have a Ping G410 LST waiting in the wings that is going to get reshafted with a HZRDUS Yellow 6TX that could be a suitable replacement. I will continue to update the replacement process here as time goes on as I think that's insanely valuable to members here. Numbers wise that's pretty spot on and it slowly creeps up to the high 320's for total distance when I get the spin a bit lower to allow for more run out. But I really do love both shafts the RDX BLUE just was easier to square up and lower the spin due to strike point. I am hopeful that Titleist will resolve this issue though because I think it would be a really big shame if I don't get to play this setup again because if I have to replace the head I'm gonna try some new stuff because why not and its gonna have to earn its spot back in the bag.
  14. Congratulations to all the testers! Really excited to hear about the fitting process almost as much as the putter testing themselves.
  15. Update: The HRZDUS RDX Blue has been working lovely as of late produced a fantastic high launch low spin ball flight. The misses with the RDX Blue were high and spinney while the misses with the UB7X were low and to the left. I could honestly play either shaft and be happy based off of this session but that's not always the whole story. The reason the RDX was in the bag and was a success was because the lighter weight and slight counterbalancing just felt easier to deliver at slower speeds where as I really needed to be swinging fast (not hard) to get the most out of the UB7X. Unfortunately it has worked too well and I have cracked the face of my TSR3 this past weekend. I have reached out to Titleist about this issue and unfortunately for me Titleist only offers a 1 year warranty from the date of purchase which for me was either October or November of 2022. My only hope of having this replaced was if this issue is from a manufacturing issue and my TSR3 was doomed to fail from the beginning. This is what it looks like to me as that's a horizontal stress fracture but the only way I can get it covered is to send it to Titleist for it to be evaluated on their end.
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