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  1. Regardless of who I play with I always have the highest ball flight of my playing partners by a substantial amount. I very well could be compressing the ball but I always thought that compressing the ball and scooping were mutually exclusive so if you were doing one you weren't doing the other.
  2. Agreed. After I get trackman data I will definitely have a better idea of what's actually going on.
  3. I don't have that information yet. I'm planning on doing a gapping session on trackman at my local range this weekend to have all the data for my entire set. Will definitely be getting back to you on that once I've completed the gapping session though.
  4. Anyone have any possible suggestions as to why I could be launching the ball way to high? Aside from slightly scooping the ball a little bit I still launch the ball much higher then I would like and shots into light wind can end up losing 20 yards. Is this mostly from scooping or could my P790's be adding additional launch that is not really needed?
  5. This usually the case in all honesty.
  6. Thanks for the info. I know remarking is also always an option but i would rather only do it once and be done with it.
  7. Does anyone have any recommendations for a marker that wont fade over the course of the round after being constantly cleaned? I find that Sharpie teds to fade over the course of the round.
  8. As an engineer I would absolutely love to see someone come out with a product like this.
  9. Painting over it worked just fine. I didn't want to remove any existing paint on the off chance I want to go back to the original paint fill. I used only one coat of paint fill and didn't really see the need to do more unless I missed some spots.
  10. Knowing that the Cobra clubs are discounted is a huge plus on getting a new 3 wood this fall. I love the black and white finish on the cobra speedzone as well as the color scheme on the tour version.
  11. That alone makes their entire product and business seem super sketchy
  12. Very true however it is a bit tough to find a red and white putter grip that is 17in long. The grip is wearing a little bit so by the end of the season I plan on swapping it out for a Rosemak black and white 17in putter grip. This is my second putter grip from Winn/Ping and the durability is pretty poor so I want to get away from them completely. So I'm hoping that Rosemark will have much better durability then my current grip.
  13. Thank you for this. This is exactly the kind of forum that I was looking for. I ended up following it as well.
  14. Thanks for the tip. If I can save it and it works I will be sure to post an update.
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