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  1. Definitely on the pricy side but it is well worth it when paired with the right clubhead. I was fitted into the shaft with my old 410LST but I was drawing to the STZ's at my local range as they were on sale for $299 which is a steal. I tried it out with a CK Pro White 70TX and was seeing great results so knowing the CK Pro isn't far off from the 1K I pulled the trigger on the STZ and got it built up with the 1K 60TX and haven't looked back. I would definitely recommend a professional fitting over the process I did but I am the exception not the rule. I work with Trackman multiple times a week, understand my swing and numbers very well, know what my ball flight should look like outside, and where it could be improved. I also want to say I took a bit of a gamble but I made a more or less educated decision.
  2. So glad I stumbled upon this thread and would love to add to it. I have a been gaming a 1K in my Mizuno STZ and everything you are describing is spot on. I also swing about 110-112mph and I have the 60TX tipped it 1/2in and this thing does not want to go left unless I do something terribly wrong. The feel is super stable and great swings are rewarded with a nice kick at impact along with a penetrating ball flight. Slight misses result in a gentle cut so I can just aim down the left hand side and fire away without any real fear. I also did a little bit of a shaft comparison between the 1K and RDX Smoke Black on trackman and found some interesting results. The reason for comparing the 1K to the RDX Black (60g and 6.5 flex) is that it was the stock shaft in the STZ that I purchased and a shaft I really get along with as well. Something to keep in mind for the Testing is that Trackman doesn't let me name the target so I had to do 2 different yardages to 2 different targets. The Blue target at 277 is the 1K and the red target at 278 is the RDX Black Dispersion: Again this shaft is anti left unless you put a bad swing on it and that is exactly what that one blue dot off to the left is the result of. However it still was closer to the centerline than 2 of the most left shots from the RDX Black. Trajectory: Both shafts had pretty tight trajectories as well along with each shaft having a really bad hook shot into the mix but again the 1K is still tighter even with those far right shots that can get a bit high in the air. The Numbers: Ultimately these shafts were delivering the club head to the ball pretty much the same and it would be tough to find many differences between them. However the 1K was giving me a few more yards of carry and averaging 300.0 yards of total distance on the dot. Those two factors with a tighter dispersion and a predictable shot pattern are all a lethal combo out on the course. Conclusion: Was this a perfect test? No, it was a test of 5 shots with each shaft one after another and 5 shots is only a brief flash in a season. However I did have to be on for each swing and could not alter the data from the test so assuming 10 pretty decent swings this is what I could expect from the good, bad, and ugly from each shaft. One more thing that I did notice during the test was that even at the 60g weight class the 1K felt on the heavier side and when I looked up the specs the uncut weight of the 1K was 68g and the uncut RDX weight was 59g. This was really eye opening for me and something I am gonna pay more attention too in the future. Just because a 2 shafts is in the 60g weight range does not mean they are gonna be even close to each other so do some due diligence on the shaft manufacturer's website.
  3. Thanks for participating in the MGS AMA! I am a superspeed user myself and have on level 5 of the program. I am a huge believer in it and having started at 103 mph and at one point was averaging 112mph easily. One thing I have noticed is that if I miss one week of the protocols my speed drops pretty drastically and it takes a few weeks to get back to where it was. Are there any plans for maintenance protocols as well as shortening the protocols at level 5 and 6 to 3 swings a side?
  4. I can't speak for anyone else but I personally found three swings with each stick pretty sufficient. I always felt after that I had plenty of gas in the tank to swing faster afterwards and I saw that I was swinging faster which gives me the confidence to swing faster on the course.
  5. I know how you feel. I am on level 4 and I have noticed that I really have to push myself after the protocol to swing even a little bit faster with my driver. 100 swings all out is a lot and then to have to swing faster with your driver to cement your gains for the workout is tough I'm finding. Not to mention how much time it takes to go through the protocols.
  6. what's the reason for selling these?
  7. What is your best advice for starting a career in the golf industry designing clubs? I am a Design Engineer and my dream job is to design golf clubs for a major OEM (preferably Cobra of course). Below are some images of the finished putters as well as some photos of the different alloys that I tested to get the right weight and feel.
  8. When it comes to forged irons Srixon seems to following the mantra of walk peacefully but carry a big stick. The fact that they are back to using the Endo forging house for this iteration is a huge deal but they seem to just glance over this detail.
  9. I also feel that the ZX7's are much more forgiving than the T100/T100S and knowing that my ZX7's are on the forgiving side of the players iron spectrum allows me to feel like I don't have to slow my swing down and in turn lets me hit the ball further. My thoughts exactly.
  10. Last Saturday I hit my ZX7's alongside the new T200's, T100's, and T100S and my notes on feel are as follows. T200's: This isn't the most direct comparison however I never intended it to be. These were hit alongside the ZX7's as a case of because I can and what if they do feel comparable. What I was really hoping for was something that gave a close enough feel so I can pair them up with my ZX7's as a 4 or 5 iron. Unfortunately as expected they were not even close. To me they felt firm, were clicky, and overall not for me. The back badge of the T200 is also some kind of plastic and is great for looks but is also really hard and clicks if tapped with a fingernail so its very off putting. T100's: Feel is very muted but soft at impact. The T100's feel soft but only for a short period of time and then the feeling is gone. Compared to the ZX7 which feels softer and tends to last longer. The difference being if I were to hit a Tour Soft with a T100 I would get the same feel as hitting a Pro V1X with my ZX7 if that makes any sense. T100S: Felt almost exactly like the T100's but just a tick firmer. This could very well come down to me not absolutely middling the ball as well.
  11. hit the test balls along side the Tour Soft and they feel the same (especially off the wedge) but I wasn't getting the same amount of spin with the Tour Soft as I was the test balls on the 50 yard pitch shots.
  12. If anything I would say the Titleist 3 felt soft but it's been a while since I played the tour soft. I have a sleeve so I can compare the Tour Soft to the Titleist 3 today at work and report back.
  13. Thank you very much for the compliment. If I had to choose between the 3 and 4 I think I would go with the 4 since I can always benefit from some lower spin off the driver as I tend to spin the ball around 3,000 RPM's since I tend to add too much loft off of the tee.
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