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  1. Shaft is sold. Please close topic.
  2. Looking to sell a brand new Ventus Black 6X driver shaft. Shaft is uncut at 46in and in wrapper. looking to sell for $300 with shipping to lower 48 states.
  3. Glad you were able to find what you were looking for!
  4. Not sure if you checked 2nd swing but they have a few of these with the like new ones for under $140. https://www.2ndswing.com/titleist/single-irons/t100/?facet=ClubSubType:7-iron,ManufacturerKey:460#used
  5. good to know its being tested with the Mevo+. obviously there should be no issues with trackman but those cheaper launch monitors are where the biggest interest for me is.
  6. I game last years STZ and it is without a doubt the best driver I have had. I fully agree with the sentiment of if people just tried them they would love them but that's not the case. The range near me has two stand bags full of last years STZ and STX they have reduced the price from $400 to $270 which is a steal considering the new one is $450 and there really isn't much to change from last year to this year aside from the change of an internal weight to external.
  7. Unfortunately The club head speed wasn't showing up on the shots with 177mph ball speed but assuming he had trackman smash factor of 1.5 on those strikes his trackman speed would have to be at least 118. Which puts quad easily over 120.
  8. My overall setup went from P790 with Zelos 7 Stiff to ZX7's with DG 120 S400. The reason for the Zelos 7's is that I was fortunate enough to test them in 2020 and they outperformed the Modus 120's that were previously in there (see the graph below with above the red line is Zelos 7 and below is Modus 120). I was enjoying the nice swing speed boost from the lighter shafts and also the dispersion between the two was much tighter with the Zelos 7. There are a couple other reasons I cover in my complete review of the shaft but long story short I liked it a lot but the flight on the course was way to high.
  9. Honestly I don't think you are giving up much. I was coming from a set of P790's into my ZX7's and the main reason was because I was launching them way to high and a breath of wind would stall the ball and it would come straight down. So I wanted forgiveness but I didn't want it in the form of a high launching and fast club. I was trying to flatten my ball flight severely and the ZX7's produced that flight in spades.
  10. I'm gonna have to agree. The only irons that I liked that was close to the ZX7's was the Mizuno MMC and the Taylormade P7MC's. I feel like the MMC's weren't appreciated as much as they should be and the P7MC's are just a fantastic iron and one that I wish I got to try during my fitting.
  11. They are absolutely still worth the money. At a rate of say one ball every week that means a dozen should last 12 weeks roughly which is longer than a dozen Por V1's would last out on the course.
  12. With a full season under the wedges belt and the pending release of the SM9's I think a little update is in order. Spin Update: These things still have more than enough grip to them when called upon. I have played a little over 30 rounds with them and hit thousands upon thousands of shots in practice and they still perform. The best shot I hit with my 56° was about 60 yards out uphill and downwind and i hit a low spinner that was coming in hot hit the green and stopped immediately. It looked like a bladed wedge but grabbed the green and didn't let go. WedgeWorks Update: I have had absolutely no issues with either grind or bounce that WedgeWorks has recommended for me. Bunker shots are an absolute breeze and shots around the green are just as dialed in. I have chipped in twice from around the green so far with my 56° and once with my 60°. Could the argument be made that an in person fitting would produce still better results? Of course it can but I did not have that luxury and so the online recomendations have been money so no complaints here and I will definitely be using it again if need be. Finish update: Unsurprisingly but still disappointingly the finish is starting to wear on both my 56° and my 60°. Almost all of the wear is happening on the sole of the club and this is to be expected. Most of the damage done here is out of the bunkers and anyone expecting a perfect finish the whole life of the wedge would have to never be in a bunker their entire career. Below are some images of the wear and tear on them over the course of the season as well as some before and after images to show the change. Final thoughts: I would absolutely use the WedgeWorks tool again and get an idea of which grinds would work best for me regardless of whether I am getting a new vokey wedge or not. I would also take that knowledge and get fitted to see how the two results would compare. I would still do the customization all over again as I like to have my things personalized to some degree. However, I don't think that I would go with the slate blue again. As beautiful as it is and how nice and different it looks it looks I did it once and that was enough for me. It is an additional $50.00 and it doesn't look as great with the wear although I view the wear as a badge of honor. In the future I would be looking more at the Raw finish because it looks great in it's own way, rust is a good look for it, and I would still have the ability to do a bit of grind work I if I see fit.
  13. Been following this topic for a while and my dozen of Pro V1 RCT's arrived last week. Anyone seeing any issues with durability at all? I'm guessing that I got around 1,500 shots in on one ball before it cracked on me. The cover also got torn up pretty quickly and knowing this I haven't been using it with my wedges to keep it from getting beaten up quicker. Not sure if this is a me problem or a ball problem.
  14. With the start of a new year I wanted to post an update on how I have been getting along with my set of ZX7's. The biggest thing that has jumped out to me with these irons is the distance control. I have been blown away by the consistency of carry distance that these irons offer even down to the consistency of the misses. For example I know that my 7 iron will carry about 175 but a miss will carry no less than 160 so if there is a minimum carry of 160 I have nothing to worry about. Another pleasant surprise is the AW in the set. It doesn't have the same badging as the rest of the set and looks like a simple clean specialty wedge in the bag and at address. I use it for full shots and chipping around the green when necessary and this thing performs. I have chipped in twice so far with this wedge alone and the sole grind is fabulous for around the green and full shots. Plus that ever so lovely forged feel that I get from the rest of the set makes it a surprising winner and I strongly encourage the AW be considered for this set. Let's talk about feel one last time. Obviously these things feel just as good as they did the first time and are still the best feeling irons that I have hit with only a few giving them a run for their money. The three clubs that have come close to the ZX7's are the Wilson Staff Model blades, Mizuno Pro 221, and Miura CB 301. I tried the JPX921 tour and they felt great but more comparable to a T100 than the ZX7 (soft yet firm). These irons are fantastic as they were from day 1 and are a pleasure to hit. The only thing I wish I did differently was go with a ZX5 in the 4iron and possibly a 5iron. I have moved away from my 4iron into a 23° ZX utility and so far life has been good and its a very nice transition into my hybrid.
  15. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/16mt0KHh-iC-epzGeKcXZ9bBUffz4ze0KU6fhsGc-3AE/edit?usp=sharing Here it is
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