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  1. If you ever do get a radar I can send you my spread sheet for keeping track. The radar for me not only helped log progress but keep track of where the fastest point in my swing is. If I made two swings of equal effort but one was significantly slower than the other on the radar then I know I released the club way to early and lost a ton of speed for the same amount of effort.
  2. $100 with tip is pretty reasonable for a caddy (The rate at the club where I caddy at is ($80 with tip). I appreciate the tip on golf pass as well something to think about.
  3. Holy hell. I better start saving now. Thanks for the heads up.
  4. I will be sure to speak with the groom about your strong recommendation for the ocean course. I did some more research and all of the courses in the Charleston area seem beautiful so I am very excited to be making this trip. I guess the wedding will be fun too.
  5. So its kind of where does it say explicitly i cant do this and since it doesn't I can. I have edited my previous post to remove the image as well. Thank you for the heads up on that.
  6. For what it's worth I emailed the USGA and they have said it was legal. I was not given an explanation as to why and what rules allow juggling to be legal though.
  7. I've been meaning to order a rule book for some time so I finally pulled the trigger yesterday and it will be here tomorrow.
  8. but it's not a golf swing though. So how would this constitute as practice?
  9. I haven't taken a look at the rules and I don't think I would be violating one. I thought this would be an interesting topic to discuss.
  10. If I have to wait for the group in front of me to clear before I hit my next shot is it illegal for me to juggle a golf ball (not the one in play) on my sand wedge to pass the time?
  11. Any thoughts on incorporating the counterbalanced club into your workouts?
  12. Thank you for the info. It seems that I am okay with treating this as week 5 since I was seeing higher speeds since the break. If I don't feel ready after week 6 then I will just spend another week at the green level before moving on to the blue level. Usually my days are Mon, Wed, and Fri and are pretty regular as well. Right now I am from 102 to 109 roughly so I am very happy with the results so far but I want more.
  13. Thanks for the feedback. I was swinging pretty fast yesterday and while my starting clubspeed was down a few mph recently it was still definitively higher than when I started the training. I'll treat this as week 5 for now and see how week 6 goes before moving on to level 2.
  14. Started Superspeed a month ago and I was only able to do 2 days last week for week 4 and am only able to do 2 days this week as well. Do I consider this week week 5 anyway despite only being able to do 2 days or do I just consider it like week 4.5 and start week 5 next week?
  15. Trackman has a neat virtual driving range so I used it for some more dispersion testing with a 7 iron. The pin was 170 out with 165 to hit the green and it gave me the sense of hitting towards a target and not just aimlessly down the range. This was from 1 range session with no shots removed from the testing and was much more closely resembling what I was seeing out on the course. I will for sure be doing this more often as the weather is pretty much keeping me inside so far so if there are any clubs in particular that want to be seen let me know.
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