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  1. hit the test balls along side the Tour Soft and they feel the same (especially off the wedge) but I wasn't getting the same amount of spin with the Tour Soft as I was the test balls on the 50 yard pitch shots.
  2. If anything I would say the Titleist 3 felt soft but it's been a while since I played the tour soft. I have a sleeve so I can compare the Tour Soft to the Titleist 3 today at work and report back.
  3. Thank you very much for the compliment. If I had to choose between the 3 and 4 I think I would go with the 4 since I can always benefit from some lower spin off the driver as I tend to spin the ball around 3,000 RPM's since I tend to add too much loft off of the tee.
  4. Was able to some indoor testing on Trackman and get some quantifiable numbers between the two balls. There are 2 things that I want to point out before getting to the numbers. I tested 100 yard wedge shots, a full 7 iron, and driver between the two balls. I hit shots until I had a decently tight grouping of 5 shots with each ball and club and then after the grouping I made sure that the delivery for each shot was as close as I can make it. I checked the impact location club speed and dynamic loft and if all of those parameters were within a reasonable distance from one another I kept the shot. Overall Dispersion pattern for each club and ball. At initial glance the wedges and 7 irons don't seem to much different from one another and there is a little bit of a difference for the driver in terms of carry. One could argue that the Titleist 3 was a bit tighter off the wedge and 7 iron but was lacking a bit off the driver but lets check the numbers of each ball. 100yd shot (Vokey SM8 56° Wedge) The Titleist 3 ball was carrying bang on the number for the average and all of the shots were fairly consistent. The 4 ball spin was a little finicky and substantially lower spin on this shot. However numbers aside there would be no way to tell the difference between these two balls on the course. In my testing on the course I had no problems spinning either ball back on the green at this distance. In terms of trajectory there is not much to it here. The 3 does have the potential to reach a higher peak height. 175yd Shot (Srixon ZX7 7 Iron) There is absolutely zero difference between these balls in any of the above metrics. Both of these balls perform excellently off a 7 iron and exactly what I have been seeing out on the course. The trajectory for either ball was the same as the other and there is no difference between the two which was something I noticed out on the course as well and had plenty of stopping power. Driver Ping G410 LST Here is where there is the biggest difference between the two balls can be seen. Titleist 4 had more loft being applied which would attribute to the higher launch and higher peak height but it still had lower spin and a much more consistent spin rate at that. This higher launch and lower spin resulted in the ball being 4 yards longer both in terms of carry and total distance than the Titleist 3 ball. The same story continues when looking at the trajectory of each ball. The Titleist 4 had much higher peak heights than the Titleist 3 and despite that both balls traveled about the same distance. The Titleist 3 did have the occasional short ball and that is worth noting. Conclusion Overall I don't see too much a difference between the two golf balls. I no longer think they are the exact same golf ball like I initially did and I would change my theory to they are very similar off the putter. The low spin of the full wedge for the Titleist 4 might cause me some concern if I just look at the data but I did take them out to the course and there is more than enough spin. I did feel that Titleist 3 was much softer especially off the wedges as well.
  5. At times I thought the same but it's just so dependent on where you strike the ball to get the true "feel" of it. I very rarely hit the same exact spot on the face so I never really cared all to much for feel in general. I used to play the softer golf balls chasing feel but after seeing how much ball speed I could be losing by playing a softer golf ball I moved away from that.
  6. Already had the pleasure of hitting the T100's and whoever gets to test these irons are going to be very very happy with the opportunity. They were an absolute joy to hit and you can't say enough good things about them and let's be honest does Titleist ever make a bad iron?
  7. As the ever curious I have been comparing the feel of my ZX7's to a few iron models. I hit them alongside the Taylormade P7MC's and I gotta say the feel with the ZX7's was fantastic and softer than the P7MC's. The P7MC's felt really good off the face as well however I just found them firmer than the ZX7's. I also hit them along the Mizuno MP 20 MMC's and the ZX7's are right up there with them and have a much lower ball flight which is a huge plus for me. A range near me already has the new Titleist irons so I plan on putting them up against the new T100's and even the T200's because why not.
  8. Work was busy last night so I didn't get the ability to do the kind of testing that I wanted to. However I did take them out to the indoor putting green to verify the difference in feel I felt my first time during testing. Initial testing made me think that the 3 ball was softer than the 4 but after further testing both on a putting green and at a practice facility I am leaning towards there is not much discernable difference between the two. They feel the same off the putter face, 100 yard wedge shots ripping back nicely with both balls, around the green they were rolling out the same, and on a 150 yard par 3 they both had the same stopping power and flight. I haven't hit the driver yet but I will have another chance today to some simulator testing on trackman so maybe there is where the differences will show up. So far though either I can't tell the difference between the two golf balls or they are the same golf ball and Titleist is pulling a fast one.
  9. For what it's worth my brother is now gaming my P790's with the Zelos 7 shafts in them still. He took them out onto the course today for a short 9 holes and was seeing the same results as I was. They were very high launching and very easy to hit. I think they will be a good combo for him as he is a slower swing speed player and he has an injured neck so he can't swing as hard as he would like but because of the P790 and Zelos 7 combo he doesn't really have to. He did manage to try out the Zelos 6 in a P790 (he works at a driving range that had the shaft) and he definitely prefers the Zelos 7 over the Zelos 6.
  10. Going to do some launch monitor testing on trackman later today. I will be doing a 7iron and driver testing. The reason I am opting out of the wedge is that I feel the best way to gauge spin around the greens is how the ball reacts outside rather than in a simulator. More to follow and stay tuned.
  11. A course near me has a huge learning center with short game area and 2 full length practice holes. I will be taking the golf balls to the practice facility this Saturday to put them through their paces. I will also be doing all of my comparisons to my gamer ball the Bridgestone Tour BX. The reason being is that it is not a Titleist ball so I won't be influenced trying to compare it something I think the balls being tested are. I also know what to expect from the Tour BX which makes it great for a control ball.
  12. I started with a bit of testing off the putter to get a sense of feel and there is a distinct difference between the two balls. I don't want to say which is which as feel is subjective and I don't want to influence my fellow testers but the process is underway.
  13. I thought so as well but I'm gonna press on assuming its a sleeve each in stead of a dozen each and make it work. If they fly straight enough I'll only need a sleeve and not a dozen.
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