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  1. That's what I was thinking. Even if I didn't lose it, I'd have to take it out of play after ~1-2 rounds...
  2. I've made the same comment about the #3 ball. I want to know what it is so I can game it. (For my game, though, the #4 ball is garbage and I'm not even going to finish the sleeve.)
  3. Got out this morning for a pre-work, dewsweeper 9 and decided to put them into play starting on the 4th hole. Somehow I didn't lose any... Hole 4: #3 ball - 306 yards (calm down, it's downhill) through the fairway; 9 iron hit just short of the pin and ripped back several feet. Very soft feel, mid-flight. #4 ball - 302 yards, in the fairway; 9 iron hit pin high and hopped back about 18 in. Hole 5: #3 ball - 285 fairway, PW pin high just off green #4 ball - 265 pulled into left rough, moved ball up to #3 ball and hit PW pin high on green Hole 6: #3 ball - 4 iron hit thin right, appx 185 yards (210 to hole) #4 ball - 4 iron hit flush, but about 8 yards short of what I would expect with no roll-out; starting to think this #4 ball has way too much long game spin for me to game it Hole 7: #3 ball - heely pull-cut driver ~282 yards #4 ball - very, very solid strike 283 yards this was the most eye-opening for me. Off the face, I expected the #4 ball to be ~20 yards longer than #3. As you can see, if a golf ball can be classified as "forgiving," the #3 ball is deserving of this moniker. The rest of the hole was pretty comparable. #3 flies lower and spins more on short irons, #4 flies higher and spins less on short irons Hole 8: #3 ball - 285, solid but pulled into left rough; floaty 7i into the green, small hop and rolled out (wet rough isn't conducive for spin I suppose...) #4 ball - 245 (not a typo), slightly low-heel in the fairway. Was going to take a picture but couldn't even see the #3 ball from where this one ended up. Picked it up and played it from where the #3 ball ended up. Solid 7i that stopped about a foot after the pitch mark on the green. Hole 9: #3 ball - 290 yards down the middle, 4w center of the green, but missed into right greenside bunker #4 ball - 258 yards in right rough (not as dead center on the strike, but certainly wasn't a poor strike); pulled up to where the #3 ball ended up and hit a very curvy 4w into center of green that stopped about 7 yards after ball mark. Really gathering a lot of evidence that these #4 balls are VERY spinny in the long game. Definitely does not fit my game, despite enjoying watching a high hard draw 4w into this green. SUMMARY #3 is a bomber. This plays like a tour ball. Very soft feel, mid/low flight and low spin on long game with mid flight and high spin on short game. Reminds me a lot of the TP5. Obviously I have no idea of the price point, but anything under $45-50 and I'd game this ball. #4... well... I don't know who would game this ball. Very high spin in the long game and mid/low spin in the short game. High launch on all clubs. Your suggestions for who benefits from this profile are welcome, because I can't think of any player at my club that I would recommend this to. I should be able to get on a Quad later this week to get some data to go with my on-course assessment, which will be very interesting to see. Additionally, I'll probably game the #3 in my Thursday night league (insert Club Pro Guy reference here), especially since it won't be dew-y, but I don't think I'll play the #4 in any scenario where I care about performance. The testing continues!
  4. I opted not to put them in play during my Sunday morning money game, but I did chip, pitch, and putt with them before the round. Overall in these three areas, #3 was softer/thuddier for me. Off the putter, nothing in it. Basically the same ball (which is a positive in my book). Chipping and pitching started to show some differences with #3 having a bit more hop-and-stop while #4 was check-and-run. I had a 58 degree and hit shots as close as the fringe and as far back as 30 yards, including some greenside bunker shots. I found I could really pinch the #3 and hit a low, spinny shot that would take one hop and stop while the #4 would take the same hop and then trundle out a few feet (with comparable strike quality). Didn't really notice flight differences, though I wouldn't expect to one these kinds of shots. Both balls felt great; #3 a little softer than #4, but I thought both felt very middle-of-the-Tour-ball-road in firmness, probably clocking in close to 90 compression if I were guessing? I did manage to scuff one of the #4 balls, so I'm only going to use it on full shots if I lose the other two. Which is to say, by the third hole, it'll probably be in play.
  5. I would guess 0% - between the timing of the announcements and product development cycles, I lean more towards what the others here have mentioned about Mevo+/SkyTrak. I think there will be decent overlap between how each is positioned (i.e. both will tout their portability, indoor/outdoor use, home sim, etc) but Garmin's bread and butter is GPS and Bushnell is laser/optics. All that to say, if the high-end rivalry is Quad vs Trackman, I'm totally here for an affordable rivalry between Bushnell and Garmin
  6. Just last week I pre-ordered the Garmin R10 and now I'm wondering if my impatience has gotten the better of me. I'm trying to rationalize that Bushnell is typically at the higher end of whatever market they enter, so maybe this will come in around $1000-2000 and still not the sub-$1000 price point, which is what I wanted. Didn't Tony say a while back (2019? 2020?) that it didn't make sense to buy a PLM yet because of how aggressively the price and features would change in the coming couple years?
  7. I'm not saying you need to swallow the whole pill here, but I did think the videos were fun https://www.titleist.com/teamtitleist/b/tourblog/posts/when-should-you-replace-your-wedges
  8. I've always had a very high ball flight such that I'm not optimizing my performance. I learned how to hit really high by growing up in Houston with lots of tall pine trees and then when I went to college and had to play in 40+mph winds, I really struggled. In most conditions, I don't mind hitting it high, except that it means I'm giving up yardage and am typically a full club shorter than guys with comparable swing speeds and I also have trouble holding greens when hitting less than about 6i (steep descent angle means it doesn't take much spin to rip). I can, however, stop a 4 iron within about 5 feet... so it's not all bad I suppose
  9. It's getting harder and harder to ignore Titleist's commitment to quality....
  10. I'm excited to see how these work out for you. I was late to the game on this thread, but in reading just your first post I was ready to comment, TRY SRIXON. I was gaming Ping i210s (mentioned in the Titleist ball thread) and was getting stupidly high launch and if I played any sort of spinny ball, I lost ridiculous amounts of distance. (Bonus though, that I could hit 3i into any green and it would stop within 2 yards) The ZX7s have flattened my flight while still getting a good overall peak height and they've dropped my spin enough that I'm not constantly wondering how I can make it work with an ionomer ball. True story, I gave a serious look at the Tour Response ball because they're so low-spin off irons, but I was losing too much distance off the tee. With the ZX7s, I no longer need to worry about that.
  11. I have only one regret about my ZX7s: I didn't order the 3-iron... (Based on how easy to hit the 4i is, I should have) Enjoy them!
  12. Ooh which ones? I'm super pleased with mine. They're lower spin than the Ping i210s I was gaming (thankfully!), which has me wondering if I can get away playing something higher spin...
  13. yeah, visually I can't tell the difference between these two balls. The dimple patterns and depths are, without counting or color-coding to look for patterns, identical. The covers feel soft and between that and the thinner script logo, I suspect they're both urethane. Haven't gotten them out to the course yet, but in some living room putting, they sound the same. (Way to early to declare them to be the same ball, but without cutting it open, I've done about all I can before heading to the course.)
  14. My 4's are stamped "YP" which I choose to believe is "young professional" and therefore a slightly lower-priced model offering booming driver distance (obvs) and rip-it-off-the-front-of-the-green wedge spin. Obviously the 4 ball is for impressing your golf buddies and not actually getting optimal performance. </sarcasm>
  15. This is a good point. The TP5s I had were 2021 but the X's were 2019s. In the TXG test, the difference in spin between the 2019 TP5x and the 2021 TP5x was about 300 rpm but the TP5 spin stayed pretty similar between 2019 and 2021. So yes, the difference has narrowed between the two, but there's still a difference and the flight time doesn't really matter, since the readings are taken at impact and, if anything, spin will gradually decrease the longer the ball is in the air. If I took a rubber bouncy ball and tossed it on my hardwood floor, I could pretty well model the same effect where something I spin aggressively has more 'grab' and comes back at me vs something I just toss may even bounce forward. The rpm differential between the bouncy balls wouldn't be as high as with golf balls, but golf balls have slicker covers and aren't landing on wood (well. ideally...). But as a a player, if I were already playing in conditions where I was going to have less spin coming into a green (i.e. worn grooves on my wedges, downwind, shallow angle of attack, slower clubhead speed, etc) I may not be able to tell the difference in balls because I'm not ultimately generating much difference. This might not be the case for someone gaming fresh wedges, high clubhead speed, and a steep AoA as they'll naturally generate more spin of all balls and the ball construction matters more for them.
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