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  1. I, uh, am not exactly proud to admit this, but I've learned that if you suggest interest in joining, you're likely to get a free round at many courses... (In my defense, I actually was interested in joining the couple of times I've done this, but playing the course helped me realize that this was not going to be the venue for me. But I've been legitimately shocked at how easy it's been to play private facilities if you're willing to listen to their 90 min sales pitch about their pickleball tournaments and social gatherings.)
  2. Fascinating! I would guess that the reason you're seeing more distance with the other balls you've listed is that they're higher-launch, lower-spin than the TR. I would also guess that, since the TR is the only urethane cover of the balls you've listed, that's why you are getting softer feel: the cover is softer and therefore isn't as loud as the ionomer balls (sound is a significant component of feel). So even though comparatively the TR is a firmer ball overall, you're not getting the feedback you're used to, which then makes it seem marshmallow-y. On the opposite side of the coin, I can't game the Tour Response because it doesn't spin enough. On the irons, however, the TR is a half club longer than the balls I typically game. Sure glad we have so many options to choose from!
  3. When I bought my ZX7's last year, the forging process differences did nudge me towards the 7's over the 5's, since the 5's are a forged face (a la Wilson D7 Forged). But as someone who played Ping i5's until he bought Ping i210's, I have never put a lot of stock in forged vs cast. With my Srixon's, it was just the tie-breaker. What got to me to pick out Srixon over Ping, however, was the sole. The thinner V-sole is much more suited to my game and the courses I play than the thicker, more rounded soles I had always gamed with Ping. From a feel perspective, I wouldn't say the Srixon ZX7s are softer than the i210s, but the Z-Forged MBs definitely are. Now if Big Stu has a 4i in that ZX5 and wants to find it a nice home, I think the added forgiveness of the ZX5 might be interesting
  4. I know there's a whole day left to play, but I am really regretting my attempt at humor instead of actually following the rules... If at least two of y'all could pass me so I don't feel so bad, that would be great. #RichStrikesAgain
  5. Interesting! I had never heard this (and certainly not experienced it) - My understanding was that polarized only affected contrast/glare, which is then maybe affecting the way you're seeing depth? Definitely good for you to know this about yourself though and importance of testing things out
  6. GregGarner

    Maxfli Tour

    What, you never read Golf's Sacred Journey?
  7. GregGarner

    Maxfli Tour

    I won a Ballnamic ball fitting (via Twitter) and used the Maxfli Tour as my gamer ball/point of comparison. Really interesting to see how it stacks up! I did a couple of different fits (you can do up to 5) and the Tour is definitely a contender, coming in at a nearly 90% match for my game. (In two different versions that I filled out, it gave me the same four as beating out the Maxfli: AVX, Left Dash, Tour BX, and Tour BRX.) Dollar-for-dollar, the Maxfli wins, hands-down. https://ballfitting.com/results/9b9ac0c3-9e58-4884-9f23-ed9fc9e4eaa6
  8. I personally haven't played it, but on the spec sheet, the Srixon Z-Star Diamond should be reasonably comparable. There aren't many high-compression, 3-piece urethane balls on the market, but I find a significant difference in 3-piece and 4-piece balls, especially off the irons. Most X balls are 4-piece, which may be a little tougher for some (like me) to fully compress on slower swings. In terms of performance profile, there are several firm, mid-trajectory, mid/high-spin balls and you can dig into the 2021 Ball Test results if you really want to go down the rabbit hole
  9. Seconded. The Vero X1 is a bomber off the driver, mostly because it's crazy low spin (105 swing speed nets ~2100 rpm for a ProV1 for me and the Vero was closer to 1600 for me. Which is too low for me.) The CSX LS might be an intriguing option. It is by no means a low-spin ball. It's a lower-spinning version of the CSX. The regular CS is going to be lower-spinning than the LS... This is what happens when the marketing team and engineering team don't talk to one another.... I think the Bridgestone BX should give you a great blend of performance, though I suspect you might really like the ProV1 Left Dot
  10. Depends on which model you're looking at. The Snell Get Sum is the appropriate comparison to the Maxfli StraightFli, but if you move up to the Snell MTB line, then you'd need to compare to the Maxfli Tour models. The Tour CG is reasonably comparable to the MTB Black (the Maxfli should be a touch less spin), but I would argue that the MTB-X and Tour CG X aren't especially comparable. The MTB-X is a 3-piece, high-compression offering while the Maxfli X ball is a 4-piece ball. In my testing at least, the Maxfli X ball is higher-spinning than the MTB-X on full shots.
  11. in the Foundations lessons, it's Month 3, "Play Like Tiger"
  12. Fawcett has a video he pulled together for DECADE members where he goes through all 18 of Tiger's approaches in round 4 of the 2019 Masters and then basically describes them in terms of where the DECADE target would have been for each of the flags. The thing that stood out to me more than anything is that (to Chris' point) aggressive to my targets requires that level of confidence and swagger. Firing at flags isn't about confidence, it's about making a mathematically poor decision and then just hoping that the Blackjack dealer showing 9 busts after you 'hit' with 18. Does it happen? Sure. Are you going to 'swagger' after you rake the chips in after being dealt a 2 or a 3? Definitely. Does that make it a smart decision? Nope. The way I see it, "confidence" is really best demonstrated with being willing to fire at the smart target, especially in the face of someone who just stuffed it to a tucked pin. Sure, they might make birdie on that hole, but the odds are they're going to make a lot more bogies (and worse) if they keep trying to knock down flagsticks. They're going to be short-sided more often, end up in bunkers more often, and see far more shots bounce down into hazards. Talk about a confidence-killer...
  13. This was my first thought. I have a 46-deg set PW and bought a 52 specialty GW. Stock PW is 125 and thought a 52 should get me close to 100. On the course, my absolute best shots were 90. Took the GW to a guy with a Mitchell machine and he confirmed it was actually 54 degrees. Bent it and suddenly it's a smooth 100 and can be juiced to 110, which is a much more reasonable gap! If you get the lofts checked and it is a 5-degree gap and you're just not seeing the right yardage gap, I'd either bend one or drop one. You don't need that tight of overlap.
  14. I've got some current-version TP5s I'd like to sell if you're interested I feel you on finding a ball that you like and just sticking with it. I've got 3 doz ProV1s and 4 doz Maxfli Tour CGs that should last me thru the season. (ProV1 for comps and Maxfli for practice. I legit cannot tell them apart except for in windy conditions)
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