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  1. I was about to say. Those standard devs are NUTS. Well done!
  2. That's what I would have thought too. And it's totally possible that what I experienced had nothing to do with lighting, just that it's happened a couple of different times and that was the first thing that came to mind when thinking about the differences in my sessions. Any physicists here that can help troubleshoot?
  3. The Blue one seems pretty straightforward that it's just a low-spin ball. Low-spin core, low-spin cover. Knee-jerk on that would be Noodle or Velocity, especially given the high launch angle. In any case, I don't think there's any scenario where that mid-iron and driver data is going to redeem the short-game data here. Sorry #3... Ball #2 is a little trickier. The data are pretty noisy, especially with the short chip. Pretty comparable to #1 on full swing, but hard to really make a determination until iron and driver data are released. If you forced me to decide right now, I'd wonder if #2 was a Q-Star Tour Divide. But that's on the assumption that #1 is a Tour-level ball...
  4. For the 'unofficial' testing through MGS? The #2 ball was the AVX and the #3 ball was the ProV1 Left Dot. That kind of head-to-head testing is a great way to go about fitting, but you can spend an entire season just winnowing down balls. And then by the time you think you have a winner, it's a new season and there are new products released. Meanwhile, Jordan Spieth only just switched from his 2017 model ProV1x...
  5. I saw on their website that this was a service that they offered, but I couldn't figure out how to schedule it. When I went into the store (~15 min, thankfully) they said it wasn't dynamic fitting and they'd just talk through the different options with me. Which I declined. Lol Hoping I just got a guy that was unaware that you need to hit the balls to know if they fit...
  6. Honestly the only thing missing is course mapping and seeing the hole layout. I do like the flyover aspect of Arccos, but I guess I could do like 18Birdies or something if I only needed that feature. Or buy the $3 yardage book in the pro shop? Too soon to say this definitively, but I am not at all missing Arccos right now.
  7. Sonnova nutcracker, man! I can't believe 1 was an X LS!! I *loved* that ball in my own testing, I just wish the cover didn't shred after 3 holes. The new version fixed this, but it won't be out for a bit... Would love to see a Tour Speed (esp after the MGS staff just raved about it) or Tour Response thrown in. I think they'd be reasonably easy to identify, but maybe that would make for all the more fun!
  8. UGHHHHH. I vote ball 1. And... I'll guess it's a BXS. I'm gonna be mad about Ball 2 for a while.
  9. Dang. That was going to be my guess too! Since we don't have club data, it's hard to tell That being said, something tells me Ball 2 is the TP5x. Decent spin on wedge, maybe riding up the face just a bit with the firm cover with a slight loss of ball speed on the mid-iron because you're not compressing the core. (Was about to guess BX, but I think the BX is a little easier to compress on the irons.)
  10. These irons are SO good. GLWS; I know their new owner will LOVE them!
  11. I don't particularly care one way or the other, I think it's just sloppy work by the MGS crew. It would seem they meant to say, "not one of the big brands" (Cally, Titleist, TM, etc) and "DTC" is convenient short-hand. I can buy balls "direct-to-consumer" from any of the big brands too and you can even get a discount on some of them, like TM, if you subscribe. Fundamentally, for me at least, "DTC" is a business/distribution/sales strategy, not a categorization of a company.
  12. greggarner

    Oncore Vero X1

    I was part of Golf EQ's testing back in the summer and played several rounds with it as well as some dry-ball data collection. I think it's a great ball for a player needing to reduce their spin. Personally, it didn't work for me. I couldn't keep it in the air off the driver! My spinniest shot was somewhere around 1800 revs. Off the irons though, it's a monster. Towering shots that carried forever and (somewhat surprisingly) high spin around the greens. Honestly, if it had just a couple hundred more rpm off the driver, I'd game it immediately. We couldn't correlate any data to confirm that the 'perimeter weighting' made it more forgiving, but anecdotally I did seem to have more trouble working the ball (i.e. it likes to fly straight) which could just as well be because it's generally and relatively a low-spin ball. (Not Left Dash low-spin, but certainly lower than ProV1.) If you do OnCore's ball fit quiz, you can get a discount plus they generally run sales and discounts periodically. I would recommend grabbing a dozen and trying it out.
  13. I wondered about this. I was hitting some range balls and the numbers were wackadoodle. Then I was at a nicer course that has Titleist range balls (one of the Surlyn models) and the numbers were much closer to what I expected. I've also noticed a huge difference based on how much light there is. I have a lighted range not far from me and at night under the lights, it's fine. But one time I went at dusk and the lights hadn't really kicked on and the R10 really struggled.
  14. Played with a Callaway rep a few days ago. I mentioned how much I liked the XLS except for one thing: cover durability. He handed me a white box sleeve and said, "yeah, we hear that a lot. This is coming out in a couple months. Let me know what you think." Y'all. These are *legit.* The cover is muuuuuuch softer but more durable while maintaining the performance from the current version. Nice, flat trajectory on all clubs and a firm-but-not-harsh feel. With the current gen, on short irons, I could flush it and think I clanked it. Much more responsive and better feedback with the new version. Greenside is tuned and responds how I'd expect based on the shot I'm hitting and they've really done a great job making it less clicky on slow-speed swings and off the putter. Oh, and durability? Current version: ~3 holes before the cover is shredded. New version? Played 9 today with the same ball and not a scuff or scrape to be seen. Don't sleep on this one...
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