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  1. I was exclusively an 18 guy if only bc the courses around me today don't offer 9 hole rates plus I feel like I'm just getting warmed up at the turn [emoji23] I joined a club in January and now I walk 9 about 3x/week, typically before work. I've found if I get to the course around 7, I'm done and back home by 9-9:15, in time for my 9:30 team check-in for work. [emoji41]
  2. When I was starting out, it was all 2-piece balls with surlyn covers (read: cheap). For folks who are shooting north of 80, I would generally recommend a mid-tier ball like the Bridgestone e6 (or e12). As you improve you'll still get workability with the ball but you won't be shelling out $45/dz for performance you won't really be able to take advantage of yet. Or put a different way: find a ball you like the feel of and as your scores come down and your swing is more consistent, you'll start dialing in what you wished your ball could do (lower flight, more half-wedge spin, etc)
  3. I used to try and draw a line, but eventually gave up because I don't have the dexterity to keep it straight. Location and HC - Durham, NC playing to a 3 handicap Current line method - always line up the ball name as my alignment routine. I stand behind my mark, pick an intermediate point, put my ball down with the name pointed to that spot, stand over the ball, and then double-check the line, then putt. Ball choice and personalization - I use Bridgestone Tour B XS (using the 'Tour B XS' as my alignment) and if I was getting this personalization, I would just want my name "Greg" with my name and the line in blue ink
  4. I'm not super familiar with the coastal courses, but I take just about every opportunity to give a shout-out to Scotch Hall Preserve, just down NC 17 from you, about an hour. I got a groupgolfer there for like $30 and it was a ton of fun. I've also heard really good things about The Pines at Elizabeth City (and the restaurant there is also highly-reviewed). If you ever make it over to the Triangle, give a shout!
  5. I get it, but also the S18s are just butter and of course, are just gorgeous. My *only* complaint is the grooves seem to dull a little quicker than I was expecting. But the 52* is my go-to, all-purpose greenside weapon and I'm giving serious consideration to buying the exact same wedges to replace them.
  6. YOWZA. I've heard of buying drinks for your group, but definitely not 3 ahead and 3 behind (let alone the whole clubhouse!). If that's the case, I'd almost certainly rather have an eagle on a par 5! NICE. I was in a group that had an ace during a charity tournament and the guy won $25k. But before he could collect, the sponsoring company went out of business. At least he still had the ace? Oof. That stings. When I was a junior, I hit a 3 wood that one-hopped, hit the stick, and then came straight back about 20 yards into a water hazard. Sounds like we'd both be on board with flag sticks being a little more forgiving!
  7. From Sunday's round -- I was feeling pretty good about this 8-iron from 162 and then it just... stopped. (I think my buddy was just as upset as I was. He thought it was in for sure.) Anyone else still waiting on their first ace? Got any good stories to share about an 'almost' you've had?
  8. I am a fan of 18 Birdies, though since getting Arccos, I don't really use it anymore. There are a few new features (like the swing analysis) that might cause me to try again... I've also used Galf a couple of times to organize little mini-tournaments, which is fun. On the complete opposite side of things, I also like to play completely tech free sometimes. This includes not even looking at yardages, just playing completely by feel. I use the 150 stakes as my only frame of reference and try to just enjoy the game for what it is. Not great for posting to GHIN, though
  9. Scotch Hall Preserve in Merry Hill, NC Built right before the housing bubble burst, so it's kinda eerie driving up and just seeing what clearly was meant to be an exclusive community, but it's just grass. The course is a *lot* of fun. Half dozen tee boxes so everyone can play, clever layout, and love the food truck at the turn. The clubhouse is... underwhelming... But I was there for golf, not to just hang out.
  10. Texas Star, Castle Hills in Lewisville, Wildcat in Houston, Champions (Cypress Creek, of course), Wolfdancer in Bastrop, and Lochinvar in Houston. I worked at Redstone in high school, now Golf Club of Houston, so I've got a spot for the member course, which used to be El Dorado, but idk how it stacks up without my nostalgia! [emoji51] Oh. And if you're ever in Laredo, you've GOT to play The Max. Multiple holes have the Rio Grande as a water hazard and the day I played it, there was only one other group on the course. Probably because it 114 out?
  11. Oh man. The RACs were on my wish list back in the day! So clean!
  12. My dad introduced me to the e6's a few years back and they've been off-and-on go-to whenever they're on sale and I just can't bring myself to pay for a tour ball. (Haven't tried the e12's yet.) My tour ball of choice is the Bridgestone Tour B XS. I've got a high ball flight with a ton of spin; I get more distance than either of the ProV models with a flatter ball flight & more controlled spin. Haven't ever actually done a true ball fitting, but I am very pleased with this one.
  13. Handicap and Location - 3.2 in Durham, NC Social Media Accounts - instagram, twitter Expected rounds in an 8-week span - ~20-25 Current OEMs in your bag - Callaway, TaylorMade, Ping, Mizuno Head to https://www.cobragolf.com/ and build your dream bag for this challenge Dream bag (all right-handed, stiff flex) SpeedZone Dr custom - matte black/white, 9*, HZRDUS Green 60 +1/4", Lamkin UTX Connect Midsize + 2 wraps SpeedZone 3w 15* Tour Custom - HZRDUS Green 60 standard length, Lamkin UTX Connect Midsize + 1 wrap KING Forged TEC 8-piece, 3-PW, Dynamic Gold S300 standard length, Lamkin UTX Connect Midsize + 2 wraps, standard loft, 1* up KING MIM Wedge 50*, Dynamic Gold S300 standard length, Lamkin UTX Connect Midsize + 2 wraps, standard loft, 1* up KING MIM Wedge 54* and 60*, stock
  14. Strong second on this one. Though maybe only use the tips for your photographs... I did a guys' trip about 4 years ago to Birmingham and we did Ross Bridge, Oxmoor Valley, and Silver Lakes. In a previous life, I also played down at Capitol Hill and only really remember being completely beaten up by it. (I'm pretty sure there was one hole that was 600 yds tipped out and it played dead into the wind. I might have hit Dr, 3w, 3w and been short.) And SE TN/SW NC have some really incredible courses, scenery, beer, and lodging options while staying pretty close to home for you so you're not spending all your time in the car. (FWIW, Bryson City is one of my favorites, but the best food in my life was in Clay County, NC.)
  15. Scotch Hall is a *lot* of fun. I drove it as a day trip (about 2.5 hours from you) and snagged a GroupGolfer for it (I think it was $35?) and had an absolute blast. On the complete other side of the state, I had a work trip to Cherokee, so I added a day and played Sequoyah National. Also a fun track and as long as you're accounting for elevation (changes), it's really scorable.
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