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  1. As the originator of the 'dirt in the power holes' firestorm, I feel a little guilty. I certainly didn't mean to suggest that I was picking up a toupee of turf that I had to painstakingly dig out, just that, much in the same way you should wipe off your grooves, I had a couple shots where I needed to get a tee out to clean out some residual dirt. Certainly not something that would affect performance or anything. I just like really clean clubs
  2. When walking with a push cart, it definitely doesn't inspire a lot of confidence to look down at all those power holes while traipsing to your next shot. Additionally, they are just ever-so-slightly recessed and do, unfortunately, collect a bit of dirt. Overall, my initial impression on the power holes specifically is pretty negative, but I fully admit it's vanity/ego on my part. In the bag, I think they look like GI clubs, but as others have noted, the designers have worked hard to hide the GI aspects at address, which I appreciate. We'll see if I'm able to shelve my ego and just go on performance
  3. I think it's CG-related, but very possible that it's a compounding issue and a little of both. My i210s were DG S300 hard-stepped, so not exactly a high launch/high spin shaft but I still got it up there. (And for reference, I used this chart since I was unable to get in for a proper fitting for this particular set.) I plan on bringing both sets out at the same time and hitting a shot from each set from the same lie. I can't promise, but I'd love to figure out how to overlay those videos so you can see just how much higher my i210s fly, because when I say the D7s are lower, I don't mean a couple of feet. They are yards lower.
  4. Ah, yes. In my case, I find the differences in ball flight and distance to be pretty interesting given these specs: Ping i210 D7 Forged Ping i210 D7 Forged Ping i210 D7 Forged Iron Loft Loft Lie Lie Length Length 3 19.0 19.0 60.5 59.5 39.25 39.50 4 22.0 21.5 61.0 60.0 38.75 39.00 5 25.0 24.5 61.5 61.0 38.25 38.50 6 28.0 27.5 62.0 61.5 37.75 38.00 7 31.5 30.5 62.5 62.0 37.25 37.50 8 35.5 34.5 63.3 63.0 36.75 37.00 9 40.0 39.0 64.0 63.5 36.25 36.50 PW 44.5 44.0 64.6 64.0 35.75 36.00 So yes, the D7s are a touch long and strong (and based on the spin I'm getting, they're definitely getting the friction on) and the flatter lie is almost certainly to blame for my newfound butter cut. As for ball flight, I'm reasonably confident it has to do with the i210's weighting (see side-by-sides). I'm certainly not about to #FindItCutIt, but it seems reasonable that the D7 has a higher CoG than the i210. I also have a different shaft, but it should be comparable (DG S300 vs KBS Tour-V 110S).
  5. Well friends, it's looking like Sally is going to interrupt my original plan, so I wanted to go ahead and get you my first on-course assessment. After 5 consecutive hours of Zoom calls, I snuck out for a quick 9. I wasn't the only one with this plan and there was a group behind me, or else I would have tried to set up my tripod and record some shots. Maybe next time Walking up to the first tee completely cold and typically I need about 3 holes for my swing to loosen up and my distances to come up to baseline. I tried to take that into consideration but, well, you'll see... Nothing of note on #1 other than I tried to hit PW uphill to a back flag and absolutely spun the cover off it, down to the bottom tier of a really big green complex. Yay, 3-putts... #2 is the 3 handicap. It needs a great tee shot and then you have to navigate a 3-tiered green with some wicked slopes. Sets up great for a little baby draw and, well, I hit two 8s that both gently fell to the right and ended up 18 inches apart, both right next to their ballmarks. When I'm warmed up, my 8i is a pretty standard 140-145, so a cold 142 caught my attention. #3 is a tricky par 3 with a brutal right to left slope and always plays a half to full club longer. Based on the last hole, I decide not to club-up. Good thing... #4 is a sharp dogleg with a hill that will roll any drive that tries to cut the corner. Oops... too close to hit the D7 this time! But it's hard to be mad about a 3-foot birdie putt. #5 starts a stretch that takes driver out of your hands (arguably I shouldn't use driver on #4 either). Really poor 4w that missed the fairway and nestled down into the Bermuda rough. 9i said, "I got this." Powered right through with no issue. I might have eased up just a bit for fear of blasting over the green, which is death. Ended up on the (correct) back tier with about 25 feet for bird and left it on the lip. #6 par three that needs a draw. It's basically a cliff long and right and a hill left will feed misses back to the green. Hit two shots; the first was just long but straight and the second I tried to hit a sweepy draw and over-cooked it (good sign in terms of workability). I'm now warmed up and squarely in the "yeah, these are long" camp. But honestly, I think most of the distance gains are from a lowered ball flight. #7 is typically a 4-iron off the tee. 215 runs through the fairway and unless you're feeling really good about a sharply-hooked driver, the green isn't driveable. I decide to back off to a 5-iron, trying to leave myself a PW in. This does not go to plan. But man does it feel good. Then my sucked back too far and I missed what should have been an easy birdie. #8 is a real SOB. Par is a great score here. With a great drive, you've still got a mid-to-long iron uphill to a 3-tiered green. According to Arccos, I hit this GiR about 20% of the time compared to my overall average of 50% GiR. Based on my approach yardage, I would have pulled 5 iron in my Ping set, to a front flag. I hit 6 and it one-hop and stops. #9 is a three-shot par 5 with a big uphill drive, downhill layup, then uphill approach. Toe-y drive and then a slightly toe-y 8i. Then thinned a PW. Dropped another ball and hit it decently well, but pulled. Dropped a third ball and landed it within a foot of the second ball. At least the irons are consistent Once Sally clears out (Saturday? ish?) I'll get back out there and hopefully shoot some video. But for now, it looks like I can reliably plan on ~10 more yards with equivalent stopping power and a much, much lower ballflight.
  6. Tuesdays are my busy days, but I couldn't resist. Ran out to a local lighted driving range to work up and down the set. Decided not to shoot any video (poor lighting, range balls, off a mat...) but thought you might at least want a hot-take, even if it comes with more than a couple grains of salt: These feel really, really solid. I would describe a typical range ball feel as "hollow,." You can just tell there's nothing going on in there. Not unlike me, some days. But these D7s upgraded the range ball feel to "crunchy." (Hey, it's still a range ball.) Speaking of feel, I was a little concerned coming into this test that I would be giving up feel. That sounds strange for a forged iron, I know, but between the 'power holes' and the 'power chamber,' I was worried that I wouldn't be able to place the ball at contact (i.e. low-toe strike, mid-heel strike, etc) and every shot would just kind of feel the same. That is not the case at all and in the best way. I got the right amount of feedback to know how to adjust but with minimal visible difference to ball flight. With the shorter irons, it seemed I couldn't miss. The D7 4i (my favorite in my Ping set) was an absolute monster and the 3i was much easier to find the center of the face compared to my Ping. These irons are a touch flatter than my Pings (standard vs 0.5 degree upright) and right away I noticed just the softest of butter cuts with my standard swing. Spent some time working shots both ways then high/low and really didn't have any issues, though it's difficult to judge just how workable Ball flight is noticeably lower and more penetrating and if that holds, that's immediately going to make these real contenders to stay in my bag permanently I feel silly talking about turf interaction while hitting off a mat, but I could definitely feel the bottom of the club. We'll see how that translates to grass. As a fun aside, I had three different people stop and watch me hit a couple shots and one audible, "wow." So that feels pretty good. Playing 9 tomorrow evening and again Thursday AM before work. Will report back before I head into my usual weekend routine (18 Friday, 18 Saturday, 9 Sunday, lay on a heating pad Sunday afternoon) By next week, I'll have enough Arccos data to post some preliminary numbers.
  7. Oh! Interesting! No Power Holes on the gap wedge? (I mean, I don't know why you'd need more power on a gap wedge, but I would've thought the same for the PW, which does have them.)
  8. Alright! Let the games begin! Somehow, I managed to finish the workday without absconding to the driving range. But I did unbox these just as soon as they made it through the door. When I found out I was selected for this review, of course I then spent days reading every review, watching every YouTube video, and closely examining the specs. Unboxing them, however, revealed a profile more compact, more solid-looking than the images I had seen to date. I snapped a few side-by-sides with my Ping i210s, which I've always thought were a fairly compact Players Cavity. My Pings are not blades, of course, but my previous set of irons were Ping i5s and the i210s are much cleaner. But the Wilson's? Aesthetically they are definitely holding their own. Without seeing them side-by-side, I expected a wider sole and the shiny chrome exacerbates this effect, but they're not as wide as I thought they would be. Oh, and while this is probably not news to anyone else, I wasn't sure if the 'power holes' on the sole was actually a hole or not. (Really, my concern was whether or not I was going to have to dig dirt out of there... Spoiler: they're not holes.) However, as you can tell, the D7 soles are really comparable to my i210s. I think the i210s hide the sole width by having a thinner body where the D7 looks quite a bit beefier coming up the back of the iron. The hosel of the i210 is also a little longer, which I think makes it look thinner. I don't want to over-generalize, but the Ping looks like a Ping (especially in the pointier toe shape) and the D7 looks like a classic iron with some nods and winks to just how much tech is back there. I spent the most time this evening looking at the 3-irons side-by-side. I knew the D7s had just a little less offset than the Pings but I think the Pings' 'notch' in the slightly-longer hosel plus the shaping of the heel as it comes into the neck makes it look significantly different than the D7. The toplines are very similar, though I can see a little more of the backside on the D7 whereas the i210 has done a little better job with the 'butter knife' look. Side-by-side, I immediately think the D7 is a great extension of the shorter irons while still maintaining its own identity while the i210 is sorta like a stretched-out version of the shorter irons. And I can't place it, but the aesthetics alone make me think the D7 just has more punch. So now I've downloaded some baseline data from Arccos, swapped out my sensors, and hope to make it out to the course here in the next few days, weather and work permitting.
  9. I used to work on education policy and it was basically impossible to release anything without JLF jumping in. I will say, they are at least consistent: if it involves the government, they're against it. (JLF is very libertarian. They make Rand Paul look like big-government guy.) That being said and to @JohnSmalls point - regardless of your political stance on the role of incentivizing business, let's focus on how the game of golf might benefit from this move. In general, if a state government wants you and the local economy is structurally ready to support you (hello, Pinehurst), it seems like this is a win all the way around.
  10. HEYYYYY YOUUUUU GUYSSSSSSS While sneaking in an early morning round, I got a really interesting email just a little after making the turn: HOLY COW am I excited. My current gamers, however, might already be getting a little jealous. I played absolutely horrible on the front hitting only 2 GiR with a pair of double-bogies. I read this email to them and I proceeded to do this: Y'all. That is setting the bar pretty dang high. That's my lowest 9-hole score ever. My irons were absolutely electric and as you can see, I hit all 9 GiR and 3 of them were inside 10'. Your move, Wilson! But something tells me they're up for the challenge.
  11. Will be able to give you a more definitive answer in a couple days but it doesn't appear to have 'power holes' on the topline, just on the sole. I'll be getting 3-PW, so if there was an iron that was going to have them, it'd be the 3i!
  12. dude. this is awesome. And also, wow am I glad for guys like you that care so deeply about this stuff as compared to guys who just slather on some JB Weld and call it a day...
  13. A rare bird indeed! When asked why we moved from Texas, we say, "for the cool summers" and lemme just tell you how much the Yankee-locals love that answer
  14. It's not too far a drive from Cary to Pinehurst and then they could just live with the rest of the state of New Jersey C ontainment A rea for R elocated Y ankees
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