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  1. GregGarner

    Maxfli Tour

    Sure, but missing from this story is what kinda whiskey you got there... Inquiring minds want to know! Does it help with golf ball performance???
  2. I grew up in Humble. I'm well familiar with this problem!
  3. As the literal answer to your question, you play softer greens than the algorithm assumes This is part of what I wish reviewers took into account: the numbers are useful, but unless we have context for what that means in real-life on the courses we play, they're just comparative points of reference. I used to hit the ball very high and so even mid-spin balls were too aggressive on the soft greens I play. As soon as I started flighting shots down, I was having trouble holding greens unless I switched to a higher-spin ball. It all depends on how you play the game and where you play it!
  4. I've got 4 adult tickets for the Tuesday practice round currently up for re-sale on the Open's platform. They were £45.00 each originally, but I can't go. Willing to accept pretty much any offer at this point.
  5. I mean, I've got 2 doz new, current-gen TP5s and 4 doz TP5x's that I'll do $40/doz shipped if anyone's interested
  6. GregGarner

    Urethane or not?

    I tried the DC Blues. CRAZY firm cover and reminded me a lot of the first-gen Callaway Chrome Soft X LS. However, totally unplayable for me as a single iron shot from the fairway ripped a scuff in the cover. It was like the worst of the 90s in a single ball: firm like a Top Flite and cut like a balata!
  7. GregGarner

    Urethane or not?

    In testing, the main difference is in the long game. They've been able to take some spin off with the long clubs, presumably due to the improved 'impact modifiers' in the cover technology. Still tons of spin in the short game. I used to game BXS (2 or 3 generations ago) because I liked the flatter flight and short game control, but I have to be really careful about not over-spinning them. Kept seeing too many shots ripping off the front of the green, even with a mid-iron, so I had to move into something with less overall spin. But the BXS is definitely a beast of a ball.
  8. GregGarner

    Urethane or not?

    One thing worth noting is that the Tour BXS is one of the highest-spinning balls on the market. This means it's more likely to go offline than a lower-spinning ball, but it will also give you much more greenside control. I think it could be tough for you to find a good comparison to the BXS, but you might take a look at OnCore's Elixr, which has a current promotion as well, though obviously I don't know about international availability. (Their Vero X1 is noticeably lower-spinning on driver while still maintaining pretty decent greenside performance, but it's more expensive than the Elixr.) The Vice Pro Plus also jumps to mind as a cheaper, spinnier option, though it'll be quite a bit firmer than the BXS, if that matters to you. I've heard good things about the SEED golf balls, but haven't been able to get my hands on any to try them... Pretty much all of the cheap-er urethane options are still going to be either reasonably more expensive and/or lower spin (Srixon Q-Star Tour, Taylormade Tour Response, Titleist Tour Speed, etc). But like I said, the BXS is one of the spinniest balls out there, unless you go to a Mizuno or Kirkland or something...
  9. GregGarner

    Maxfli Tour

    I won't play matte balls based on how they (don't) handle moisture, but I have had something sorta similar with my gloss white Tours. Not fresh out of the sleeve, but I've had a couple of balls that after a couple holes of play, just start falling out of the sky. Not as in a mis-strike, but a flushed iron that just comes up 15 yards short or a hammered drive that's 20-30 yards short of where it should be. The first couple times it happened, I didn't think anything about it. I'm not a tour pro and maybe something funky happened in my strike. Then I noticed that it was only happening with the Tours and VERY unpredictably. Mayyyyyyybeeeee 1 ball in a dozen? And again, only after I've played a couple holes? Honestly, even if we cut open the balls and found out that I'm just a mental basketcase (which is also true), it's shaken my nerves enough that I won't play them in competition. They're virtually indiscernible from standard ProV1s, so that's my gamer when it matters. And no, I've not had the same issue with ProV1s
  10. In terms of compression, the regular Z-Star is softer than a ProV1. However, the cover is thinner and a lot of "feel" is actually sound, especially on less-than-full swings. The new Z-Star Diamond is going to be the same compression as the XV, both should be a touch firmer than the PV1x. If soft and spinny is what you want, check out the Bridgestone Tour BXS or the Taylormade TP5. Both are going to be lower-launching, so that might something worth keeping in mind. If you need high-launch, high-spin, and low-compression, you're quickly moving towards Kirkland territory, or maybe even Mizuno?
  11. That gradient just looks so, so good
  12. seconded. On a launch monitor, there is no discernable difference between different golf balls. To make matters worse, if you put headphones on, the 'feel' aspect is almost completely negated. (something about fluid dynamics, your hole-side ear, and your brain interpreting sound as feel) - and that's before we get into what kind of putter you're using. If you wanted to take, say, a Scotty Cameron GSS Newport 2 and use it (and only it) to roll some putts and capture the sound of the face striking the ball, you could at least get an idea of the differences in the covers of the ball, but as soon as you change putters, that interaction changes. (Makes me think of when the White Hots first came out along with the Rule 35 golf balls and all the marketing hype about how the insert was the exact same material as the ball to give you unparalleled feel, etc etc)
  13. GregGarner

    Maxfli Tour

    X is going to be more spin than the Tour. If you're hitting the standard Tour too high with too much spin, you might need to look to something more like a Titleist AVX or maybe a Tour Speed or Taylormade Tour Response? The Maxfli Tour is already a pretty low-spin ball, so if it's ballooning on you, you're probably not going to get the results you want with most tour-level balls. For comparison, the NXT is an ionomer cover and would be more comparable to something like the Titleist Tour Soft or, if you're looking at Maxfli balls, the Softfli or StraighFli.
  14. Not to totally hijack this thread buuuuuut... With a driver? Swinging 110, you should be closer to 260 -270 carry plus whatever roll-out after that. Do you hit it really high? Really low? (For comparison, my driver swing speed is about 112 and my 5-wood is my 230 club) -- just curious; seems like you might be leaving something on the table with a swing speed that is nearing PGA Tour average!
  15. As with everything, getting any kind of fitting is always the way to go. That being said, you are EXTREMELY unlikely to get fit into a QST or an Elixr by the Ballnamic database. And I'd be pretty shocked if you were fit into the Vero X1 or the standard Z-Star. All that being said, for your game, it sounds like personal preference is probably your winner. The Elixr and Z-Star are going to be comparable for feel, QST a little softer. But I wouldn't sleep on the Vero X1. It's a very low-spinning ball, which should give you more distance through the bag, but still performs well around the green. I'm currently gaming the Maxfli Tour, which is also (relatively) low-spin, but not as low as Vero, which should still spin more than your QSTs. If I were buying an OnCore ball today, it would be the Elixr. If I were buying Srixon, probably the XV. Totally unsolicited and unwarranted, but I'd be super interested in knowing your launch monitor numbers with the QST. In general, it's high-launch, low-spin off the driver and I'd be interested if something with a little more spin in the long game (like a Z-Star Diamond) might help with driver carry. Given than the Diamond is excluded from the 3-for-2 promotions, the Maxfli Tour X would be the next most comparable spin profile.
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