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  1. It's about that time, people! Here come the deals! Tour B series with free personalization from RockBottomGolf
  2. FWIW, I had placed an order with Srixon before the WM Open and needed to talk with their support team right after Brooks' win. On the call, the support rep said their ZX7 sales the Monday following his win was nuts and she'd never seen anything like it. And looking today, it seems like demand is high (at least relative to supply, anyways) 4-6 ZX7, 7-P Z-Forged combo sold out 4-7 ZX7, 8-P Z-Forged combo sold out ZX5 4-6, ZX7 7-P combo sold out ZX5 4-7, ZX7 8-P combo sold out Just ZX7's in general are sold out, apparently Oh wait, so are ZX5's But you
  3. I think autocorrect might have gotcha here. Did you mean Uther? https://www.uthersupply.com/collections/all-golf-balls
  4. This also makes me think about the Titleist Virtual Ball Fitting. I was sharing how my current gamer (Srixon Z-Star XV, which feels pretty firm) is great in every arena except putting and I often struggle to get a feel for it and keep hitting it well past the hole or over-correcting and leaving it well short. The fitter, David, mentioned that putting is where every ball fitting should start because off a launch monitor, there is no significant difference in balls and putting is the most consequential aspect of the game. However, when I'm playing a ball that feels softer than my XV, I have a te
  5. it's a pretty dedicated consumer who is willing to wade through this This brings up an interesting point though: what does the Venn diagram look like of "people who care enough to research shaft options" and "people who won't get fit for golf clubs"? I would imagine there's not much overlap there... If you don't value getting fit, do you really care that much about bend profiles, kick points, etc?
  6. It's pretty rare for me to be at the range solely for practice purposes but I usually have one specific thing I'm trying to accomplish and I really only work towards that thing. Here's an example: Goal: less sway and more coil (right hip) on backswing with irons - hit 3-5 gap wedges, 3-5 8i, 3-5 6i, 3-5 4i to get warmed up (I try to mix it up odds vs evens) - pick one target for the entire session and set up alignment sticks - hit 10-15 6i thinking only about coil; switch after solid contact - if struggling to make solid contact, go to slow-motion and/or half-swings with same amou
  7. This is a more structural problem with online fittings like TrueGolfFit. If the database only works on released equipment, it necessarily means you aren't going to get the latest release, since there haven't been 10,000 shots tracked with it. Additionally (and somewhat conversely), unless there's some way to cull the list when products are no longer available, it's (at best) an interesting exercise to expand your horizons beyond the Big Five. In my example, getting "fit" for a Wilson Cortex is interesting but not relevant unless I happen to find it at a bargain somewhere with just the right sh
  8. Idk about 'fired up' but I did go ahead and try the $9 TrueGolfFit driver fitting and well... I'm less than impressed. Both of the options it recommended for me are unavailable. and since it doesn't have any additional information about what makes these drivers better (or what a larger list of options might look like) I can't make an informed decision, which suggests I should... go to an in-person fitter
  9. It kinda reads like a first attempt at unsupervised machine learning en route to training your AI engine to write reviews for you...
  10. thanks! and apparently I won a dozen ProV1s and then the account messaged me to say, "sorry, we messed up, you didn't win"
  11. Well thanks, fellas. That's awfully kind of you
  12. I've always taken the approach of playing the best clubs for your game right now. I've played golf since I was 8 and I'm turning 34 this weekend and until just a couple years ago, I really couldn't have told you about club types other than "blades" and "cavity backs." Player's cavity, player's distance, cavity backs, game improvement, super game improvement... these may be helpful from a marketing perspective, but ultimately just let the fitter watch your swing and make some recommendations. Would I like to play blades? Maybe. But it's ego. And switching the blades would reveal pretty qui
  13. According to Tony's results, $47.99 (Left Dash)
  14. I used to tee it up where basically the head of the tee was poking out of the ground and so the ball was just slightly elevated over the turf. But after watching this and doing some on-course experimenting, I'm now teeing it lower and getting really good results. I found when it was teed up, I was changing my swing. Without a tee, I sometimes got a raw deal on the lie (or at least inconsistent...). But by making it where the ball is just fractionally off the ground but still level with the turf? Much cleaner and more consistent strikes.
  15. What's the over/under on how many days post-launch before these show up for sale here on the forums? And for bonus points, how much over retail will they ask for?
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