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  1. I'm an absolute believer in putter fitting. I had tried just about everything and always had something going haywire that I couldn't figure out. Try a blade, push everything. Try a mallet, hit horrible lags. Went through a Ping fitting in 2007 and they dialed me in on a variety of issues that were all, gasp, equipment-related. They put me in a black dot mid-mallet, face-balanced putter with 0* of loft (according to the fitter at the time, it was Ping's first-ever 0-degree putter), and a 33" shaft and it's still what I game today. According to Arccos, putting is still the strongest part of my game and that certainly wasn't true pre-2007. I have done a couple fittings since and each time the fitter has said some variant of, "I can't get you better numbers than what you've got." The one downside of getting fit is that it makes you more persnickety when you're trying to buy off-the-rack. I've thought a few times about mixing it up and getting something different, but now that I know what I need specs-wise, it makes shopping particularly difficult. (Just today I was thinking about grabbing the Wilson putter that MGS said was best value, but it doesn't seem to be available in my specs. And for $99, I wouldn't expect it to be...)
  2. This is an interesting point. My GHIN is 2.2 but Arccos thinks I'm 0.3. One potential reason for the discrepancy would be that if I don't play the ball down, I don't post to GHIN (obviously) but I'm always running Arccos. So at least as far as it's concerned, I never hit rope-hook 5-irons into the trash, chunk 20-yd pitches, or skull a bunker shot 50 yards over the green...
  3. Same. Thankfully he had the exact same shaft available in stiff and X and I absolutely hit it better with X. Lower, less spin, more carry, straighter, less dispersion. Hard to argue with results. But then again, one company's X is another's stiff, particularly when you start factoring in kick-point, butt and tip stiffness, etc.
  4. If I'm playing by myself, I always just hit my first putt and then pace off to the hole from there and then finish up and set the pin and first putt as I'm walking to the next hole. One slight issue there is when it auto-advances to the next hole and I'm not done marking the pin/putt, but it's easy enough to swipe back. In a tournament last month, we got pin sheets, which made it extremely convenient for setting the pins, however, it did cause a slight issue when I went 2-3 holes before realizing that Arccos was always measuring to the nearest fringe and the pin sheet was total green depth... oops
  5. Another thing that would be really interesting is to compare Mevo+ with Trackman with a camera-based monitor (ideally like a GCQuad?) -- My understanding is that radar-based monitors are overall much better for ball metrics and less accurate for club metrics (i.e. swing speed is more accurate with camera-based monitors and carry/total distance more accurate with radar-based and both types are about the same for things like ball speed and launch angle) I've read some other reviews that complain about Mevo+ needing some extra love/patience when it comes to spin; I suppose that's why they want you to use the little stickers on your ball, eh?
  6. I had the good fortune of being hosted at the Ping factory back in college (sponsorship) and got to talk with John Solheim himself for a bit (he attended my college and sits on their board). He walked us through their naming processes and it was fascinating. One piece that jumped out at me was when they first started the G line, there was a wondering why they went from G2 to G5. No lie, it has to do with numerology. "3" is the number of the Trinity in Christianity and Solheim himself is an evangelical Christian and "4" is unlucky in many cultures (tetraphobia). So they went from G2 to G5.
  7. Well alrighty then. The MGS Forum has spoken: 4w it is! Stay tuned for the review. I've got a few mini-tourneys coming up, so hopefully it'll arrive with enough time to tackle a few range sessions and get an idea for distance and flight. Appreciate y'all giving your input; I'm really indecisive when it comes to dropping coin. (My driver fitting a couple years back lasted 90 minutes plus a half-day hemming and hawing trying to decide even though the Epic Flash SZ was the clear winner with 11 more yards and a tighter dispersion than what I was gaming...)
  8. I hit a few 4w's off a short tee and was really squeezing it. Both carry and total for each were pretty close, maybe 5 yards more roll on the 3w but >1000 rpm *more* spin with the 3w (!!!) And yeah, if I go 4w, I can get a feel for what might replace the GAPR. I demo'd the Hogan UiHi a few weeks back, and that would definitely be a contender for me. And fwiw, I hit a few with the Super Hybrid and holy crap that was a total no-go. That thing is weird... Felt like swinging one of those orange ball trainers.
  9. Went to a Callaway Demo Day yesterday looking for a 5-wood. Recently dropped my 3i to pick up an extra wedge and I don't love my GAPR Lo. Golf Galaxy has Epic Flash 5 woods for $200, so I figured I would use the fitting to see what shaft would make the most sense. The fitting, however, took a bit of a turn. Instead of the stiff-flex HZDRUS like my driver, I ended up in an X-flex Rogue White. Even stranger (to me) is that I was hitting the Mavrik SZ 4 wood off the deck as far as my 3 wood teed up and the Mavrik 5 wood was almost the same distance but with a higher flight and more spin, neither of which I need. I *love* my 3 wood off the tee, but it's such a deep face, I really can't hit it off the deck. So now I'm in a bit of a conundrum: drop the 3 wood and game a Mavrik SZ 4 wood, but keep the GAPR? Or keep the 3w but get the Epic Flash SZ 5w and loft up? (If it helps, clubhead speed for the 16.5* 4w was right at 100mph at 12.1 launch with ~3200 spin. And I get a 20% discount if I order through my club in addition to having $85 in my credit account.)
  10. My understanding on the new version is that the XVs are a little softer and the regular Z Star a little firmer. I did find an older Z Star and it was ok, but it seemed a good 5-7 yards shorter off the tee than the XV but I loved the feel inside 100 yards. It's hard to tell, but it seemed to have more sidespin than the XV. Interested to dig into the new XVs sitting on my counter!
  11. Ooh, fancy. I'd love to give these a go. I think my Epic Flash SZ would be pretty tough to beat, but if it holds up, I'd make sure everyone knew about it First Name/City State: Greg in Durham, NC Desired to Test: 460 Swing Speed: 112
  12. My selection criteria: whichever one I need to use the least end of list In all honesty, I think it's pretty important to get fit, preferably on grass and PLEASE use your golf balls that you play on the regular. I had the good fortune of getting fit at the Ping factory when I was in college (I think we went in 2006 or 07?) and that's the putter I still play. I've had multiple fittings since and each time the numbers, feel, roll, all of it are the same or worse than what I game now. (For me, I really had to work hard to move away from 'preference' and just go with the raw stats. I love the look of a Scotty blade, but I cannot putt with it to save my life.)
  13. Wow! I don't know that it would cross my mind to sell ProVs just to buy another brand, but I suppose if there's any ball that would "keep its value..." I've played Bridgestone for years (usually e6's, but I prefer Tour BXS if I'm feeling spendy) but after reading the ball test as well other forum tests, I decided to give the Z Star XVs a go. I'm a couple sleeves into the first dozen and went ahead and did the BOGO deal. I love the performance, but the sound/feel off the putter isn't my favorite and the 'bright white' covers take some getting used to. (Probably PTSD from all the various 2-piece distance balls I've played over the years. Hello, Slazenger...) But I want to give them a fair shake, particularly since so many other players are raving about them. Haven't gamed the regular Z Stars yet, but I might snag a sleeve just for comparison!
  14. I appreciate counting the PW as a wedge. Not everyone does... I've currently got 3 with a PW that matches my iron set at 44.5* and then Mizuno S18s at 52* and 58*. Arriving tomorrow, however, are some new S18s (which I got for $80!) in 50, 54, 58. The plan is to get my yardages for the 50 and 54, check each ball flight and spin, and then decide which goes in the bag based on the course. At some point I'm going to get a 5 wood and take out both my 2h (GAPR Lo) and my 3i and that'll give me room to just game all 3 of the Mizunos. We'll see how it goes!
  15. Lotta good courses in the area, hard to go wrong. I think Raleigh Golf Association is a lot of fun, the Neuse is a great track but you might lose a few here and there, and of course any of the university courses are top-notch (albeit pretty pricey...). Lemme know if you need any recommendations! (I'm a member out at The Preserve at Jordan Lake, so if you're headed that way and want to get in a morning loop, I'm game!)
  16. I totally get the sense that the 'game' aspect of golf is markedly different. When I'm playing with my buds and we're walking off a green, they're laughing or chatting about a crazy fairway lie and I'm squinting at my phone, trying to place the pin and my putt. (Side note, while I don't mind setting the pin location, I think in 50 rounds it's only picked up 2 or 3 of my putts. I *always* have to input them. Sucks.) Two things I've noticed that have caused me to change my habits, for better or worse. 1. I walk a little slower between shots. I've noticed when I play fast, it misses more shots. By myself in a cart with nobody in front, 18 takes me about 2 hours. Walking takes about 3-3.5 depending on the course. When I play in less than 3 hours, it's like Arccos doesn't have a chance to catch up and it just misses shots. 2. I have a Galaxy S9+ and I was using one of the battery saver features. I played 2 or 3 (very frustrating) rounds before realizing that my battery saver feature was disabling the GPS and thus the Arccos system. Switched my battery to 'performance' and it's back to working as it should. Between those two changes, Arccos works 90% better. But maybe there's an argument to be made that you shouldn't have to adapt your behavior to make a tracking system do what it's supposed to do? (I do wish I could more readily find my overall stats like fairways hit % and GIR %. The 'handicap' measurement is fine, I guess, but why wouldn't you show GIR % too?) </grumble>
  17. Update: tried solar sleeves for the first time today. I like the compression aspect and that my arms weren't sweaty, but I had on black sleeves and it was pretty warm. But they definitely blocked the sun! And apparently I forgot to put sunscreen on my hands... Oops.
  18. Greg in North Carolina Handicap: 2.3 Current Hybrid in Play: GAPR Lo (2h at 17.5 degrees, graphite shaft, about 245 off the tee and 230 off the deck) The most important thing to me in a hybrid is being able to execute the shot I have in mind. Off the tee I want a penetrating draw. Off the deck I want to be able to work it left or right, high or low. I have a naturally high flight with plenty of spin and I've always shied away from hybrids. Truth be told, I'm not wild about my GAPR's feel, but the performance keeps it in the bag. Lately I've struggled with my 3i, so a 19 degree hybrid that actually works for me would be *incredible.*
  19. Admittedly, I'm horrible about remembering to put on sunscreen. A couple years back, my wife started giving me the sniff test when I got home (she's brave...) to see if I was wearing sunscreen. But I typically use the Up & Up spray-on, SPF 30 or 50. I'm sure the coverage isn't as good as a thick, mineral-based lotion, but I like that I can just close my eyes and spray my whole face. I grew up in Houston and one thing I remember being so excited about was discovering a Bullfrog sunscreen+bug spray combo. Given that mosquitoes are the National Bird of Texas and there's just a little bit of sun in the Bayou City, this was a godsend.
  20. I'd love to see Ryan Palmer put something together. (I mean, he knows the course as well as anyone...) But I think I'm gonna take JT for this one.
  21. My top choice is Bridgestone Tour BXS. I love the flat ball flight off the tee, I hit them a mile, and greenside control is exactly what I want. I'm trying out some Z Star XVs right now, but they feel like rocks (especially off the putter) and I don't know that I can deal with the high launch. I'm already a high ball hitter... All that being said, if I find a premium ball in decent condition, I'll play it (especially if not a competition round).
  22. The ones from Arrowhead were sharpened, but the other two were as-is
  23. My personal favorites are the ones that capture a perfectly normal course under extraordinary conditions, but I know the "fan favorites" are the extraordinary courses under normal conditions [emoji16]
  24. I used to be a vegetarian and these were the only non-meat options at Tour events. They're... Less than satisfying
  25. Growing up, my dad and I had the exact same routine: We each got a Powerade/Gatorade at the turn, he'd get a milky way and I'd get a Snicker's. Then after the round we'd go to Sonic (we'd try to time our round to end between 2-5p) and get cherry limeades and split cheese sticks. These days, I'm usually playing first thing in the morning, so it's a Clif Builders bar and some Stok on the way to the course and then a nature valley oats n honey at the turn (unless I'm playing late and it's lunch time). I fill up my water bottle with Gatorade and drink that throughout the round. If the front nine wasn't great, I'll toss back a couple beers at the turn, but it's not every round [emoji41]
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