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  1. Oh man I feel your pain. I struggle with getting the swing better. I know I over analyze things and when I stop thinking I do better. Weird… I have gotten lessons in Skillest from Nick Starchuk. He’s Canadian like me so that’s another bonus. I didn’t understand some of what he told me and so I never got any better. Until I started watching some of his you tube videos showing him giving outdoor lessons to other students. That’s when the light came on. 80-90% of us struggle with the same thing so him teaching other people the what I struggle with (a fade) really made sense. Now I understand what I’m doing and what I need to do to get better.
  2. I had never heard of Golftec before until I started a job in a bigger city so when I called and the instructor told me about the technology and practice time available, I was sold. I love the tech they use, I find it very helpful. Unfortunately, when I'm in the city for work I'm on 12 hour days so I was very limited to when I could get in there to practice. My instructor gave me an extra lesson because of that fact. Legit I would say.
  3. I have one buddy who's always on you tube "fixing his swing" and I'm guilty of that as well but when I go for a lesson often times what I think is wrong isn't the problem. Getting lessons is so valuable to actually get better. Even understanding ball flights. Buddy won't know where he's aiming then his a dead pull and say he hit too big of a draw. I agree you will probably get a little worse before you get better. After my first two lessons at Golftec I finally broke 80 and hit 3 drives over 300 yards which had never happened before. Then things fell off a bit and winter hit but things are turning around now and when I get to the course I have no doubt my scores will indicate that. Want to get better, see a pro. IMO
  4. I just had lesson 9 of 10 last night. Seems we go back to old faults to touch them up. I had a fair amount to work on over the winter and it's getting closer. Courses are opening very soon. Golftec is a great place.
  5. Had my driver reshafted and I want to install an adapter on my old shaft to compare. Are the ones on Amazon good?
  6. I really want to improve my ball striking once and for all. I’ve been using the 18 Birdies app for lessons this winter and I think it’s good feedback. So how do I know if am improving if I can’t see the ball flight? I know how far I usually hit the ball but sometimes I hit a push or a block with what felt like a solid shot. That’s my concern.
  7. Been recording my stats for a few rounds and I wanted to compare my putting on two rounds on two different courses. I'm hoping someone can explain it a little better to me. round 1 had 33 putts course rating/ slope 121/69.7 round 2 had 34 putts course rating 70.1/130 Ibassume these numbers are for the course in general and not just the greens?
  8. Played my latest match against a 14 and only had to give up one stroke. On that hole he played aggressively and lost the hole before I even putted out. He was up 3-0 on me at first, I wasn't playing well as I had the nerves I guess. I soon settled down ad refused to let a poor shot get to me. By 10 i was one down and his emotions were killing his game. I kept playing my game and made some great putts and sand saves. By 17 I was 1 up forcing him to try to make something happen on 18 after my tee shot was in the fairway. He blew his tee shot, dropped and blew his next shot as well. An easy par 5 gave me the 2 up win. Can't wait for the next match!
  9. The numbers are just for the M6. The guy running the sim couldn't figure out how to show both numbers. I've missed both ways with the Cobra but usually a cut. I'll keep the Cobra as back up if I don't end up enjoying the M6.
  10. Sick of hitting a cut 95% of the time, I went to the local golf store and compared my Cobra king ltd to a Taylormade M6. i was looking for a straighter ball flight as well as higher launching as my Cobra is kinda low launching. I was hoping to get pictures of both driver numbers to compare but the dude running the simulator couldn't figure it out. Anyway, I'm attaching two pics. Driver numbers of the M6 and an overview of where they both went on the range. White is M6 ( including a complete top) blue was Cobra. Any thoughts?
  11. Yup, same course. I know what shot i want to hit each hole.
  12. Lost my first match 1 down. was a great match and we both played well. Couple silly mistakes on my part. I tied up the match on 17 leading us to the par 5 18. it's under 500 yards dogleg left, normally a big cut for me being left handed works well. This time it was too much but i still got on the green in 3. His second shot was from 150 yards, lol. he lipped out his eagle putt and that left me to make birdie from 15' to take it to a playoff hole. I hit a great putt but it lipped out as well. I've played that course a few times now so my next match is Monday there vs a guy who is a 14 and normally plays at a course thats wide open. I'll have an advantage I think so I 'll play conservative and smart to win it.
  13. I entered a match play event through my golf pro. It’s handicapped and you play anywhere you agree on with the other player around here. My first match is against a 0 handicap who works at Innisfail golf club. It’s the toughest/nicest course around here. I’m a 13. How would you prepare for a match like this?
  14. I got fit for a Cobra King LTD when it first came out. He would change heads and shafts but not tell me what he changed. It always came back to the same set up he said was way better than my then current Ping G25. I didn't completely understand all the numbers, but I did point out the overall distance between the two next to nothing. He said it was the spin rates that would give me the distance I was looking for. It's a small local guy that owns the shop and his simulator is set at sea level so distance is always lower. He had the same driver as I was fitted for and swore by it. Although somewhat skeptical I bought it and it has been the best driver ever for me to date. Thinking about getting fitted again to see what happens.
  15. you can't go wrong with Mizuno. Wouldn't mind trying the MP-20's
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