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  1. I have the #3- 712U for those days when I put the driver in a corner because it's being bad. Love it. Swing a bit too hard with it trying to out drive my mates drivers sometimes and miss the sweet spot which never turns out good. Off the deck is fine as well on the fairway with a flat lie.
  2. I struggle with this to the point I will just replace the driver with my trusty Titleist 2 iron once in a while but it only goes 250 and puts a lot of stress on the rest of my game on long par 4s and makes par 5s more stressful. More often than not I just manage it by using the driver on the long and wide landing area holes and pull out a rescue on the tighter ones. Good days and bad days, just try to see where I am at and adjust accordingly. It also depends on the course and tees. Short course less need for a driver.
  3. Agree, love the site, accept all the emails every day and get all excited about the tests and then USA only. How about some love for the dedicated readers above you
  4. I like the feature set and the size but the I device only makes it a non starter. Will for sure give it a go if they ever do support Android.
  5. Would love to participate and give the 460 or the 440 a go (prefer 440): Right Handed Present Driver Cobra F9 with Tour Atmos XS shaft Swing Speed 110 Langley, BC Canada
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