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  1. I own a GC Quad from Foresight. Love to compare the two side by side. Bill Schroder. Index 5.8 Macon, GA
  2. Right Handed Golfers Only: CHECK First Name/City State: (US & Canada Applicants Only) Bill Schroder, Macon, GA. Desired to Test: 440 or 460: either, but use a 460 Callaway Epic now. Swing Speed: 95mph (If I squeeze hard, I can get to 97). Ball speed generally around 135mpg. Current index 5.7 Age 62. Club: IdleHour Macon, GA. (Guru: Brandon Stooksbury) IMPORTANT: I have my own Foresight GCQuad launch monitor and full simulator, so if chosen you will get pages of detailed launch data with ball and club information. regards, wbs
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