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  1. I ordered a 3 Hybrid, new JB 60 deg wedge and the new 286 wedge as my 56 deg. They arrived this past weekend, and I must say - wow! Jason called me and we discussed a few things about what I was looking for, and what others clubs I was fit for etc. Being able to dial in shaft selection, lie angle - all for free is kind of an unbeatable experience. The sound off the hybrid is so pure. The wedges were butter. I may end up trading in my old driver/3wood at this point and grabbing a 3 wood from them since everyone seems to rate them highly as well. One thing I've learned through years fo
  2. Surprised to not hear much about Mizuno in the podcast... what do you guys think was the reasoning for this? I was hoping to get a bit of detail as to why it ranked pretty middle of the pack to low, after the initial podcasts when they were first announced.
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