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  1. Thank you. We haven't booked anything yet. I was looking for some advice before doing anything. I appreciate the advice. I'm going to look into it.
  2. I have and use both. I use the GPS to determine carry distances off the tee, layup yardages and to identify hazards that my not be visible while standing on the tee or fairway. I also play very quickly so I will usually use the GPS to get a general yardage to the pin, or a carry number if the pin is tucked somewhere that requires an understanding of yardage depth. The rangefinder is used for shots under 140. That's where I am expected to knock it close and want a more precise yardage. For me, it makes no difference knowing if the shot is 185 or 190 so the general yardage from the GPS is just fine.
  3. My oldest is graduating from High School this year and I decided to take him to Ireland as a present. Kinda a mini guys vacation before he heads off to college. Anyway, we plan to play a round or two while we are there and I wanted to see if anyone could share their experiences. We are staying in Dublin to start and may travel to another area. Everything is a little up in the air right now, but guess is that we will be there for 4 days. I would love some course recommendations (modest $$), did you bring your clubs or rent?, should I rent a car while there, any advice or suggestions. My son is 18 so the Jameson distillery and Guinness Brewery will be on the list of sites to see.
  4. Pupini

    Sub70 golf

    I had the wedge fitted with a matching shaft (NSV Graphite) to my 638 irons. I've never had a graphite shaft in a wedge, but let's see how it goes.
  5. Pupini

    Sub70 golf

    I have the Sub70 639CB irons and love them. I also bought the 939X Hybrid and it performs great. I can't say enough good things about these clubs so I decided to give their wedges a try. Just purchased the 286 Raw 48*. Really excited to put it in the bag and try it out. I have a Vokey 52* and 56* and we'll see how this compares. I'm not planning to use it much around the greens and I really need it to full the gap between the 44* 639PW.
  6. For what it's worth. I too was interested in hitting more fairways and didn't care as much about distance. During my fitting I hit a ton of different combos and the one that worked for me was the Ping 425LST with the KBS TD60 shaft. My FIR has increased significantly.
  7. Thought I would give everyone a quick update. Picked-up my new Ping 425LST last week. First impression is that I made the right choice. I was able to play 18 holes and the results were eye opening. I hit 11 out of 14 fairways and my misses were 5-10 feet offline, not "other fairway" misses. I had swings that felt horrible and I expected to see the ball inline for the trees, but to my surprise, they held their line and wound-up in the rough, but playable. The result was my first sub-80 round in two years and I attribute it to more fairways hit and always having a playable ball of the tee. I have another 18 scheduled for this weekend and I hope to see the same results.
  8. I went for a full driver fitting a few weeks ago and the best shaft for me was the KBS TD with the Ping 425LST. After going through the fitting, I am now a firm believer that there is no one size its all approach. Just because I like the KBS TD with the PIng, doesn't mean it will react the same when paired with a TM or Callaway head for example.
  9. I was in a similar situation. Had shoulder surgery, turned 47 and my joints couldn't take it anymore. I had played TTS300 or Rifle shafts in my irons since I was 25. I went for a fitting to get new irons and was recommended the Recoils. Great shaft and I loved it. PGA SS recommended a set if Mizuno's that would have cost me $1,200+ and I just didn't want to spend that much. I bought a set from Sub70 and based on my specs and what PGA SS recommended, they put me in a set with the Aldila NV iron shaft. These shafts are great. Very similar feel to the Recoils. I would add those to your list.
  10. How many rounds have you played with it? I just bought the Ping 425LST because the Max gave me too much spin. I've always been long enough that I would gladly give up 10 yards for more accuracy, so it's more of a personal preference.
  11. Great Idea. I was in the market for new irons so I went to PGA SS for an iron fitting. I picked up a few MPH with graphic. Then I went to the Sub70 website and ordered a few demo clubs in graphite. After bringing them to the course and range, I was hooked. I am 47 years old, but had shoulder surgery last year. I wish I made the switch sooner. Some good shaft options include the Aldila NV and the Recoil. I went with the Sub70 irons which saved me about $800.
  12. I just went for a fitting and was placed in a Ping LST driver head. Heads are very subjective to feel, sound etc. However, when looking at shaft options, I would HIGHLY recommend the KBS Tour red shaft. I hit the the Ventus, Sensei and found the KBS to be an absolute perfect fit for me. I have a similar swing speed and as you.
  13. I wasn't familiar with it, but like I said, it was very impressive.
  14. First of all, thanks to everyone on this forum for the advice. Knowing that PGASS has a 90 return policy I purchased a Ping 410Max (Pro Stiff Shaft) two weeks ago because it was $100 off. At the same time, I scheduled a Driver fitting thinking that if I needed a shaft upgrade, I could still get it and I would be $100 ahead of the game since I already saved on the cost of the driver. I've never been fitted for a driver and it was an eye opening experience. Here's what I learned.... Before getting started, I told the club fitter that although I just bought a new club, but was open to anything -shaft upgrades, new driver, etc. I wanted him to keep an open mind so he could find the right driver for me. I also told him that I wasn't concerned as much about maximizing my distance on sweet spot hits, my focus was minimizing the damage on off-center hits or poor swings. I'm 5'4" with a swing speed between 108-113 and there are a lot of moving parts in my swing. Lots of leg action and sometimes poor hip rotation so my miss is often a push/block with a weak tail. After warming up with a 7-iron, I took 10-15 swings with my 410 so we could determine a baseline. From there it was a fun exercise of trial and error trying different heads, shafts, combinations and fine tuning everything. A few quick observations (from what I experienced during my fitting). All of today's high-end drivers are really good. The difference between club heads on well struck balls is minimal (a few yards). I hit the Ping 425 series, Titleist TSi3/TSi2, Sim 2, Callaway Epic series, Srixon, and the Cobra. I also tried a bunch of different shafts, Tensei Orange, Ventus Blue, Ventus Black, Mamiya Lin-Q Purple, and the KBS Tour Driven Red. Again, each of these shafts performed really well. I've read good reviews on this site about the Ventus and the Tensei, but the shaft that impressed me the most was the KBS Tour Driven. All shafts that I tried were X-stiff. Until now I've played a stiff shaft because I thought that my swing speed fell into the stiff category. The Tensei was good, but it didn't produce the low spin rates I was searching for on mishits. The Ventus Blue and the Lin-Q were both excellent. Good spin rates and overall distance. Very good and I would recommend both. The KBS was a clear winner. I had my three best hits of the entire session with that shaft and the Ping 425 LST. If anyone is looking at a shaft upgrade, I would highly recommend putting the KBS in the mix. In the end, I wound-up going with the Ping 425LST with the KBS Tour Driven Shaft XS. The combination of the two here spot on for me. The dispersion of my misses was reduced greatly because it kept my spin rate below 3000. My miss tends to be towards the toe and high on the face. There we some balls that I hit on toe that carried 260, rolled another 20 yards, and they were only 20 yards offline. Previous setups would have that ball 30 yards offline. It was very impressive to see how important finding right combination of head and driver are in results. While recommendations on shafts and club heads are great, nothing can replace a good fitting. PGA SS used GC Quad for the fitting and the cost was $49. Not bad.
  15. Thank you again everyone for the advice. I decided to buy the 410 Plus with the tour 65 shaft. While I was there I signed-up for a driver fitting knowing that I can return the club for credit within 90 days if I don't like it or if there is one that is much better suited to my swing.
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