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  1. Pupini

    Shorter Shafts??

    So I decided to cut down my 9 iron 1/4 inch and played a round on Sunday. I have to say that my strikes with that iron were very good. Playing another round on Friday and will see how it goes. Originally I tried chocking down, but it didn't have the same feel. Another two rounds are probably needed to make a decision unless a range opens up soon. Thanks everyone.
  2. I am finally ditching my 10 year old 3W and would welcome suggestions. I've heard good things about the Cobra F9 and the SIM. Hands-on pros and cons of each would be great. If there is a different 3W you would recommend, I am all ears. I was a huge fan of the V-Steel back in the day which lead me to the SIM. I play to a 12 with 110MPH driver head speed.
  3. I'm coming off shoulder surgery, so my therapist has me doing lots of planks (especially side planks for golf). My TP also recommended some basic stretch band work to keep up on range of motion.
  4. Pupini

    Shorter Shafts??

    Thanks for the advice guys.
  5. Pupini

    Shorter Shafts??

    My contact is pretty decent. My wear mark is more like a quarter instead of a dime, and it is a little I little high on the club face towards the toe. I know that will improve because trimming the shaft will make the club a little flatter, or so I've read.
  6. Pupini

    Shorter Shafts??

    Hey guys - Considering shortening my golf shafts. I'm short 5'4" and currently use standard length shafts. What would happen to my distance if I shorten the clubs. I am a 12-14 handicapper and hit an 8 iron about 155. I would gladly give up some distance if I would see an increase in accuract (which I expect). I just don't want to lose a full club. My thought is cutting 1/2 inch off. - Thanks.
  7. - Kyle - Midland Park, NJ - Handicap 13 - Ping i10 - T200
  8. Kyle, New Jersey Handicap 13 Ping i10 160 with a 7
  9. - Kyle - New Jersey - GEL SEDO (Groove Equipment Limited, Designed by Dr. Paul Hurrion) - FRONTLINE ISO SLANT
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