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  1. I wouldn't say that I really feel a big difference between balls but I have found a real tangible scoring difference. I was wondering the exact same thing and at the beginning of this year ran an experiment for the season. I belong to a private course and play almost everyday during the summer. Three days a week I play by myself. During those rounds, I played two balls independently for the entire round. I used a TP5x and a ProV1, different manufacturers and different styles of balls. After playing 30+ rounds in this manner, I found that I played the ProV1 to a handicap index of 10.2 whereas the TP5x played to a 11.5. That is significant. I'd been playing TP5x for the last couple of years, I've switched exclusively to ProV1 now. In looking at my data, I see that the biggest difference was on approach shots. I'm not a big hitter, 7 iron carries 160, but I do hit it straight. I just seem to get more consistent distance with a ProV1 off my irons.
  2. After reading "7 Reasons why range balls shouldn't be part of your next fitting" I'm questioning the value of obtaining a launch monitor for myself. Sounds like it would only be useful if I had the space to set up a practice area at home and hit off a mat. I was hoping to pick one up this spring but I'd be using it at the driving range with range balls. After reading the article I'm now doubting this would provide me with any useful information. What to people think? Do you use a launch monitor at the range and find it to be useful?
  3. I mostly play at a private country club. I can get a round in less than 2 hours if playing by myself, if playing in a foursome normal play is just over 3 hours. If you play on weekends it can extend to 4 hours which seems like an eternity. I do play public courses as well just for the variety or when traveling. Whenever I go public, it is a real wakeup on the pace of play and the course conditions. I find public courses also have worse green conditions, especially in unrepaired or poorly repaired ball marks.
  4. Dave Edwards, CO Snell MTB Black I have not experience with Top Flite golf balls, I've played Titleist Pro V1 for a long time and recently switched to Snell.
  5. Dave Edwards, CO Callaway Epic Flash 14.9 index 98 mph TSi3
  6. First Name and Location: Dave in Edwards, CO How do you keep your putting sharp through the winter?: In the past I haven't, this the first year I plan to keep my whole game improving over the winter. I just completed a conversion of a room in my home to be a full time golf simulator utilizing a Skytrak launch monitor and a Netreturn Simulation net. I'm in the process of looking for a putting mat to add to the room. Current/Past Experience with putting mats: I currently have no experience with putting matts. I'm in the process of reading all I can about my options to make my decision. It has been tough without the ability to actually test a solution, having to rely on others opinions and experiences. I'm likely to order a few different options from Amazon that have free return options once I've narrowed down my choices but that of course would eliminate things like birderball that are not available via Amazon. Go to www.birdieball.com and tell us which speed green you'd want to test: I would like to test the fast green option. I play 90% of my golf at a private course with notoriously fast greens.
  7. Name and Location: Dave Burton Edwards, Colorado Have you ever used a GPS device or watch? Which one(s)? : I've used a Sky Caddie, Garmin S6, Garmin Fenix 6 Current method of determining yardage: I use both my Garmin Fenix 6 and my Leopold GX4 depending on situation
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