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  1. 100% agree. This is what I wrote earlier in this thread regarding defining a divot: If there is missing grass and the ball sits below the intended fairway, and it is apparent it was caused by a prior golf stroke, it's a divot. I can tell you 100% of the time if something is a divot or not. Judgement is needed to call a ball embedded, so the same can be said for divots.
  2. I provided that earlier in this discussion. I’ve never had any confusion identifying a divot hole. It’s an easy thing to tell.
  3. It is an interesting take, but the point is a made up unrealistic hypothetical. I've never seen a missed mowed spot on the fairway that impacted a lie to anywhere near the extent of a ball in a divot hole. But to the general concept- the course set-up is not man-made damage to the course. It may be a good set-up or a bad set-up, but that is the course set-up for the day. A divot hole is man-made damage to the ground. A justifiable distinction.
  4. The “mower missed a spot” relief? Lol. Well that is creative …
  5. I don’t think Stricker and the team want any part of Reed. Especially after his comments the last time. Webb should be the next one up.
  6. Exactly as Dave said. The ball met the definition of overhanging. They either play by and apply the rules, or go by some rules sometimes and make up rules other times based on however you feel is fair at the moment. The latter way would never work.
  7. Portrush announced as the venue for 2025. Augusta, Quail Hollow, Oakmont, and Portrush for that year’s majors. The PGA will sure be last on that list, they should move on from Quail Hollow already.
  8. I could have seen Na instead of Berger, but all the picks are sound.
  9. The atmosphere seemed terrific. Festive but nothing over the top.
  10. Bamberger has an interesting twist to this idea- cumulative scoring, but cuts after every round, except the top 30 in points coming in get to advance all the way through regardless: https://golf.com/news/pressurized-fedex-cup-playoff-format-every-shot-count/
  11. Track and Field. Swimming. (Maybe not 30, but multiple competitors.) The only way to replicate golf with sports that bracket down to two finalists is to use match play, which is not feasible for various reasons.
  12. I thought that from 2007-2019 it was FedEx points that determined the winner, which included the regular season points. That is not what I’m suggesting. I like the idea that the FedEx points determine qualifying and advancing, but the end winner is the lowest three tournament cumulative score.
  13. What other sport gives a team more points or goals or runs in the playoffs because they had more regular season wins? The playoff format determines who qualifies and advances, but the game itself shouldn’t be handicapped.
  14. I am all for a cumulative three tournament score for the FedEx Cup Tour Championship winner.
  15. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.golfdigest.com/story/nelly-korda-rules-solheim-cup/amp I am surprised no one has mentioned this? Thoughts? My view is the official was correct. When I saw it I immediately thought Sagstrom picked up the ball too soon.
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