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  1. Your arguments are based on unverified anecdotes that are at odds with logic and the experiences of most others.
  2. Don't get snarky because your arguments are falling apart to reality. Hitting a 3-iron accurately over 225 is even more unbelievable. There is no way your friend can hit a 3-iron 225 accurately 7 out of 8 times and he can't hit a pitching wedge.
  3. The video was excellent because of Faxon. I felt like I got a $1,000 putting lesson. Shiels makes some annoying comments throughout but it was minor. Faxon was brilliant.
  4. No, they can't. As @stuka44 said, people see one or two great drives and think they are averaging that, and aren't counting all the pulls and slices. If someone can be that good to keep the ball in play 7 out of 8 times with 275 yard drives, they have a very good golf swing. Even if their short game and putting isn't very good, they won't be that outstanding in swinging a driver and so awful with everything else that they are a 24. 275 yards is a monster drive. Top 1%. To be able to do that 7 out of 8 times needs skill and athletic ability.
  5. Someone who can average 275 yard drives and keep them in play 7 out of 8 times is not a 24 handicap. No way.
  6. And how many drives does he slice or pull hook out of play?
  7. High handicappers playing the back tees are reducing the fun of those playing behind them. It's disrespectful.
  8. A 15 handicap is about an average golfer, and not likely to be able to consistently hit fairways with driver.
  9. There is no way a 24 handicap is averaging 275 yard drives.
  10. I don't see any issue with a low handicap golfer playing from the forward tees (unless it is a competition with rules around it). I'm looking at the etiquette POV. Higher handicaps should not be on the back tees.
  11. Wouldn't that equate to players who are not very good should not play from the back tees? And handicap is the best measure for how good a player is.
  12. Some people see one good long drive and associate that to the person, and forget about all the wayward drives that bring the average driving distance way down. The stats are there that show the correlation of handicap and driving distance. Handicap would definitely be the best standard for which tee boxes to play. Even if a lower handicap doesn't hit it as long, they will more likely keep their ball in play and hit better approach shots.
  13. 1- There is plenty of data that show that, in general, lower handicap golfers hit the ball farther. Sure there are outliers (think the bell curve), but there is a definite correlation. You also can't go by the one out of ten great drive that a high handicapper hits and eliminate all the errant drives when measuring distance. Which relates to: 2- If lower handicaps didn't hit the ball straighter than higher handicaps, they wouldn't be lower handicaps ...
  14. 100% agree. I am all for mandatory tee boxes based on handicap. All the time I see players with no business being on the back tees that still play them. Players that can't hit it more than 220 and barely hit any fairways. They slow up play and it is just disrespectful to other golfers on the course.
  15. Huh? I’m not talking about viewing time. Actual broadcasts show most all the drives and approaches of the leaders. YouTube recaps show show very little of that.
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