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  1. Augusta played soft, which benefited Langher. Under normal conditions he would lose 10 strokes on balls not holding greens from those distances he played in from.
  2. Very happy to see DJ win, after all those letdowns in past majors.
  3. I’ve played or walked 11. I would rank those differently and I have played others that are better than the ones ranked.
  4. Ok, but tell us why it is better than all but 5 courses in the entire country. I’m sure it’s great but what makes it better than 50 other great courses? I just think people buy into hype.
  5. Have you played it? Tell us what makes it better than those other courses.
  6. Oakmont? Really? What makes it better than Pebble or Pacific Dunes or Sand Hills? Oakmont seems like the perfect example of the course itself being overrated due to history and exclusivity.
  7. I would like to see that eventually but not yet. I want to see him earn it more. The 5 Grand Slam winners are the elite players of golf history. Jack- 18 majors. Tiger- 15 majors. Player- 9 majors. Hogan- 9 majors. Sarazen- 7 majors but played his prime before the Masters existed. Rory's 4 majors just doesn't put him in that stratosphere. I would like to see him win one or two others first and then take the Grand Slam.
  8. The top-100 is out. I've played a handful so I'm no expert on all of these, but to me all these lists seem to overrate lots of the older courses just based on historical legacy or championships played on them. For example, Glens Falls is better than Spyglass? https://golf.com/travel/courses/golf-top-100-golf-courses-us-2020-2021/
  9. Of the traditional (non-Ferry Point) New York City muni's, Split Rock is IMO by far the best and Pelham is right behind it. Also pretty decent are Dyker Beach (the front-9, the back gets pretty boring) and Forest Park (short but quirky in a good way). Van Cortland is over-hyped, La Tourrette may be the worst course I have ever played, and Clearview is booooring.
  10. Long Island City
  11. It gets pretty breezy there, especially this time of year, so if you play now you will really get the links weather.
  12. I love Ferry Point. It's a great course, better than any public course in the New York/New Jersey area other than Bethpage. They got the details right and you notice more subtleties the more you play it.
  13. For me the two toughest are Bethpage Black and Doral, but I have entirely different views of the experience. Bethpage is very difficult but a joy to play, with one memorable hole after another. If it were set up just slightly differently, with wider fairways mowed on a few holes and a bunker or two removed, it would be even more fun. Doral was just a slog with many small target areas that you are severely punished if you miss.
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