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  1. Thanks for the history! Yes, Mosholu still exists. I forgot to include it because I've never played it and it is just 9 holes.
  2. It wouldn't work for ratings and fan interest to go right back to the same course so quickly. It's much different having the women's open right after because seeing the women play the same course as the men and how differently they play holds interest.
  3. https://golf.com/travel/courses/americas-30-best-municipal-golf-courses/ For those who want to see the article.
  4. Actually no, the evidence doesn't show that at all:
  5. For the New York City golfers, in honor of the Golf Magazine Muni Course rankings, I'll take a shot at ranking the NYC muni courses that I grew up on (just reviewing the courses, not the pace of play or other things). Other than Ferry Point, none of these would be on any best in country list or considered anything more than a 4 on the Doak Scale, and most have average conditions at best, but there are some decent courses in the mix. These are only the ones I have played (have not played Kissena or Silver Lake): 1: Ferry Point- in a class above all the others. High-end, great conditioning,
  6. I agree with those saying this was a valid penalty. She mismarked her ball and did it in a very odd way that suggests it could have been intentional. Even if not, it was so sloppy it warranted the penalty. I do agree that allowing the wrong scorecard to be corrected so to not double the penalty is a good change.
  7. I put it in another topic because after I posted I realized the moderator asked to keep this on the PGA only. But to your comment- wrong again. The substances adding to spin rates increase velocity. Please make further comments on this in the other topic.
  8. To the argument that athletes are superior to 30 years ago ... https://www.si.com/mlb/2021/06/04/sticky-stuff-is-the-new-steroids-daily-cover @Chip Strokes“I think that a good portion of the increased velocity is because guys can throw pitches at 100% all the time,” he says. “They can rear back and literally throw with everything they've got and still have a reasonable amount of control because of the sticky stuff. I think if the ball feels a little slick, your mechanics have got to be a little better; you’ve got to stay within your means a little bit more.”
  9. Please post these accounts and experiences of long-term serious problems with the vaccines. As no studies or reports show any of this. The issue isn't as much the individual person's risk, it is about putting others at risk.
  10. On chip shots and short pitches, I would like if they kept the camera view from behind the player until the ball finishes. They always cut right after the stroke to the green.
  11. Great point about the mental toughness and focus, which was an outstanding attribute of Tiger that you don't see often. I used to have a tough time rooting for Lexi after she was caught mismarking her ball at the ANA a few years ago, but I thought she built herself back up after that and I'm all for second chances. I was hoping for a big win for her yesterday. This shows that the same things that make the weekend golfers get tentative affect the pros too.
  12. Was tough watching Lexi fall apart like that. Was hoping she would come through.
  13. He played with Cantlay and Sheffler yesterday. Neither of them have been vaccinated. They will still be allowed to continue to play under daily testing protocols.
  14. Rahm has always been a class act, but if he chose not to be vaccinated before this, and it seems like that is the case, I can’t feel bad for him.
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