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  2. ok, thanks. I'm 55y and new so I'm thinking graphite too but I'll be open minded. Stay safe with the rain
  3. so if I'm right (still new to all this) Alta CB is graphite and Recoil is steel.( seems like most of the testers wound up in steel shaft and wasn't sure if that was because of their overall skill level) - I know that some steel shafts can be get down in weight (grams) comparable to graphite shafts ( which I thought were generally lighter and was the advantage of the graphite initially) so if weights and flex are the same, is it just personal preference? And would you expect much difference in feel with the same flex and weights for a similar graphite vs a steel shaft? I see they are pairing the 710 with a Alta Distenza graphite shaft which is very light weight and softer tip flex. I realize that this is probably the part that the Fitter sorts out but just curious so I'll have some idea what to expect/ look for/ ask when I go in.
  4. That is a strong endorsement, especially since you were a tester for the G410's. Any comparisons or contrasts of note that stood out to you?
  5. Thanks to you and Mark for the input. That's funny about gripping too tight - my buddy tells me to "stop wringing the chicken's neck!" so I'm already trying to be more aware of that. I know it's a cool feature but do y'all really use the app and data from those on a regular basis? Or more just "feel" and results on course as feedback?
  6. I have a question for all the reviewers regarding the grips. I read someone post somewhere else that they felt like the Arccos grips had a spongy feel at the very end(tip) of the grip because of the actual sensor. I'm not sure that I'll want to use that service over the long haul so I'm contemplating changing the grips from the start. Any thoughts?
  7. Thanks! I'd love to see any pics that you have to compare to other pics here. From what I'm reading with all the reviews, it seems like short or trying to really punish them, they should be fine. I guess I'm just trying to be sure because while I don't mind making the investment at this price point, I would hate to have buyer's remorse over that aspect. Especially when it seems like the functionality (which is really what should be most important anyway) is checking all the boxes for a new player like me.
  8. Another great, thorough review (and entertaining to boot!) I'm really liking all the positives I'm seeing about these clubs. It doesn't seem like the wear to the finish was much of an issue for you. It looks like you got about 8 rounds of play put on them, but did you put any driving range time on them as well?
  9. Really good and thorough review of these irons. I've been following both the G410 as well as the G710 member reviews and everyone is doing such a good job that it's making my choice tougher (in a good way) !! As some one (Rickp) pointed out, I'm sure I won't go wrong either way, but sure is fun to be doing all the "pondering". Thanks for the effort put into the review.
  10. I have to say I expected more from the fitting, I'm not even sure what shaft they used, I know it was a graphite and regular flex. Seemed like he just grabbed what ever was available to put on the head. Grabbed a senior flex when I asked about whether that would be something I should consider. Showed I hit it a little farther but I really didn't like the "whippy" feel of it and he said he thought my swing would continue to improve and would probably be regular flex when I did get new clubs. He was nice enough but basically said my current clubs "weren't holding me back" and I should keep playing with what I have since it seemed like " I had a lot of good things going on with my swing" and give it 3-6 more months! I appreciate not being hard sold new clubs but I went in being open to getting new clubs that day and left feeling underwhelmed. Seems like its been hard to get any serious help since I let them know that I am new to the game when I go in. My local club is nice but feels like they have to blow the dust off the fitting kits when I've gone there and they don't really take me seriously, then winds up being more of a lesson than a fitting when it is all said and done (but I'm always open to being taught), and my local Dick's has a fitter only once a week from 11-330p which is an issue for me to take time off on that day he is available. The above fitter was an hour drive, so I guess my next step is go further but certainly not as easy to schedule and hate to do all that and get the same meh experience. I agree I probably won't go wrong with either but would just like a true head to head evaluation to feel more confident about it. Oh well, I've still got plenty to work on until then and I guess it'll finally happen when it's supposed to.
  11. Thanks to both of y'all for the feed back. I'm starting to feel better about the G710.
  12. Thanks for that clarification. I really do like the look of those irons new and hoped they would hold up well. Currently I am in that higher hdcp group(20+) as a beginner but expect that will be something I can bring down with work in other areas beside iron play that I am working on as well (3 and 4 putts or more are not helping!). I seem to be getting much better at getting the ball up more regularly and targeting is improving with irons. I really liked the G710 at a demo day before the shut down in the spring(was prior to recent gains I've made at the driving range) Went to fitter last week to try both heads but they only had the G410 available (the other out on loaner), and I seemed to hit that one well too, so I guess I need to make an appt to hit both on the same day. Not sure how much I should expect to be a "shot shaper" starting at this age (55y) - I feel like straight and fairly accurate is more reasonable (hopefully)! Thanks again for the help
  13. Great review ( as all have been that I've seen here so far) - could you expand on what you think about the wear factor on these irons that you experienced? I'm curious as to each of the reviewer's observations on this and I couldn't tell exactly how big of an issue you thought that was. (I see where Lacassem's picture of 8 iron looked pretty rough compared to the 6 iron but it seems like he really specifically tried to put it thru some hard "test miles") I've think I've narrowed it down to the G410 vs G710 as my first new set of irons (been using a buddies old set of Titliest DCI Oversize irons as starters when I started learning to play this past year) and that may be the deciding factor. Thanks again for your review as well as all the other thorough reviews on both the G410 and G710's on this site as they are definitely giving me good insight and direction.
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