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  1. Would love to set this up in my garage with personal launch monitor.
  2. Sweet putter! Spider X copper w/stability shaft
  3. Love to test this, just started my putting green area in my backyard.
  4. Jim Wiertel Charlotte NC Spider X w/ stability shaft Would love to test the impact #3
  5. Jim/ Charlotte NC Never used a personal hitting net Use an app for launch monitoring Would love to test out this hitting net in my garage over the winter.
  6. Jim Charlotte,NC Callaway Epic 2.4 index 108 swing speed Would love to test TSi3 9.0deg
  7. Would love to try this wedge. Jim- Charlotte, NC 2.4 index vokey sm7 wedges currently I like the style and finish and interested in the spin
  8. Jim North Carolina I practice on course putting green year round, weather in N.C. is pretty good all year I’ve putted on friends indoor mat before Would love to try the ultimate green with fast speed
  9. Jim- Monroe,NC Taylormade SpiderX w/ stability shaft 34” Floki- Tomcat 14- Tyne 3
  10. Jim/ Charlotte, NC 2.2 USGA handicap Taylormade P760 irons KBS money taper stiff
  11. 2.5 handicap in North Carolina Taylormade P760- 165yd 8 iron What I know about sub70 is what I have read and heard on the internet.
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