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  1. My collection is starting to come together. I have moved several pieces/sets and have concentrated on a few classic MacGregor models and a handful of others. I still have to have several woods restored but that is a project for the next year or two. What is missing in my bag are a set of MacGregor 945W EOM fairway woods (2-4) and a custom order MacGregor Tommy Armour M43T that was just restored. The M43T is a rare piece that was most likely made for a MacGregor staff member or club pro (which MacGregor catered to back in the day). This information comes from a very authentic source who kn
  2. Here is another picture of the crown showcasing the grain. Very dense and from an ancient growth tree.
  3. Thanks. Dave Wood is the best in the restoration industry. His works always come out outstanding. I have always been completely satisfied with his work on my woods. I have about a dozen more I will be sending him over the next couple of years.
  4. Here are a few pictures of one of my 945W drivers I just had Dave Wood restored. This is my other 945W that was just restored by Dave Wood.
  5. My current gamer now has the distinction of being the single putter that I have been gaming the longest, 6 years this month. I first put my Byron Morgan Epic Day Long Pipe copper plated putter in the bag in September 2014. There is no end in sight as this putter simply performs. What is your longest stretch for a putter in your bag? (4 pictures, three with patina developed and one when it was brand new taken by Byron Morgan) I have added two strips of lead tape under the sole for additional weighting. The putter has a Salty Mid-Plus cork grip o
  6. My tickets for the 2020 Tuesday practice round was pushed to 2021. I would believe most patrons selected for the 2020 Masters chose to have the tickets honored for the 2021 Masters. That said I was never selected prior to 2020 and have been applying every year since the Masters Tournament committee started the practice round and tournament proper lottery. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  7. I have been a ClubWRX contributor/donor the past couple years or so. I did it be because I appreciated the effort the owner made in providing a free site to discuss many aspects of golf. I have been a member since 2006 and have seen a decline in respectful tone by many new members. I am also tired of the "Johnson" measuring contest that many of the so called scratch members have in that they are so great a golfer and can hit drives over 300 yards and can break 85 at Augusta National Golf Club never seeing the course, 1 hour practice, no caddie, walking and playing under Sunday Masters tourn
  8. RobotDoctor

    Balata ball

    Back in the day a 7,000 par 72 yard course was considered a big course. Today there are par 70 courses a bit longer. I definitely agree course conditioning and equipment technology has played a big roll in larger distances. However, the ball is where the biggest gain has been made. A persimmon wood needed a ball with a high spin rate and a balata ball was ideal for this. Also, I was able to hit a forged blade 1 iron back in the day. My set make up was 1 and 3 woods (persimmon), 1, 3-SW and a putter. The irons were all forged blades (MacGregor or Ben Hogan). Today I still game Ben Hogan
  9. It is a generally free forum after all. Maybe the execution was done poorly there isn't a mad rush from most of the membership to financially help even though there is an option to help. Be that as it may, the site seems to be a shadow of what it was a decade or more.
  10. I've been a member since July 2006 and I have seen a change in membership in terms of golf focus, equipment focus and outright respect towards other members. To be honest, the forum migration hasn't been too big of an issue for me. What bothers me most is the combativeness of several members I have interacted with is making the site not worth it. There is definitely a degradation of membership who frequent the classic/persimmon board. FB is much better and many GolfWRX members have gone there and left GolfWRX. Yes, some of us still love that. Also, the pontificating of many members in ho
  11. How many of you are putting one in play? I am not. Which color are you playing? White Which brand? Taylormade Tour Preferred (2016 model) Are you consistent in using a colored ball? see first question Do you find yourself playing better? a ball color should make no difference in how a person plays For the traditionalist, does it grate at you to no end when you see a playing partner putting one in play? It does not bother me in the slightest to see anyone play a colored ball. If it works for them then more power to them.
  12. This is a Wood Brothers Texan driver that was made for Gene Sauers back in the late 80s. I am not sure whether I will have Dave Wood restore this or not. The inserts have become a bit loose and Dave wants to restore it.
  13. My favorite putter style is the Ping Zing. I have putted very well historically with this style. I gamed a Ping Zing from 1992 through 1997. I gamed a Cameron Inspired by Brad Faxon from 2002 through 2006. I am currently gaming a Byron Morgan Epic Day custom long pipe since September 2014. There is something about the weighting and balance, especially the toe weighting that allows me to naturally release the putter when striking the ball. I do not have to manipulate my hands or stroke to put a great roll on the ball. All I have to do is focus on line and speed and the rest is auto pilot
  14. Here are side by side pictures of both my M85W drivers. Both restored by Dave Wood. One glossy (restored by the previous owner) and one semi-gloss.
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