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  1. Tiger isn't done yet. He is still competitive and if he catches lightning in a bottle again, or a handful of times ...... . In my book Jack Nicklaus is the GOAT based on his major record. Tiger is right on his heels. As a complete golfer, I don't think there has ever been a total package like Tiger Woods. He excelled at every facet of the game. Nicklaus didn't have as good of short game as the rest of his game. Arnold Palmer was known to be a bit wild off the tee. Ben Hogan could hit it tee to green as well, if not better, than Tiger Woods but Mr. Hogan wasn't a great putter. Greg Norman was as long and straight of a driver of the golf ball as anyone that ever played the game but Greg often made poor choices. Not sure if he choked or if he was way too aggressive. None the less if each of these golfers could replace their deficiencies of their game with that part of Tiger's game then we might be looking at these golfers at a completely different level. No, Tiger Woods was the total package.
  2. I have a terrific range finder (Leopold) that works great. I am trying to become less dependent on the range finder and going back and pacing distances from sprinkler heads like I did years ago. When pacing off yardage it seemed like my mind was more focused on the shot instead of going into auto-pilot or going brain dead like it seems now. There's a disconnect between me and the shot at hand, or so it seems. That said, range finders are terrific for shooting distances between me and a hazard I may want to clear or anything for that matter. Since it is working I don't see the need for a GPS. Also, my rangefinder doesn't project slope so it is legal in some tournament play.
  3. Here are the woods in my MacGregor staff bag. Most are MacGregors but also in there are other makes. A Wood Brothers driver made for Gene Sauers, a custom Mike Coppola (my former club restoration person in Delaware), my Cleveland Classic DG43 gamer from 1990-1992. I am missing my new M85W driver and 693 fairway woods (2-4) which are in the hands of Dave Wood going through their restoration process presently. I am also missing my 945W fairway woods that will be restored next year along with my 945W driver. I will have the M85W fairway woods (2-3) restored as well at some point and the gloss of my M85W taken down to satin. The graphite shaft is a prototype Graphite Design that is 3X and made for Greg Norman. It was given to me by a Class A PGA pro who is well connected with a former PGA Tour caddy.
  4. That's interesting. I may have to experiment with that just for fun!
  5. When I want to affect the flight of the ball I first look to shaft characteristics. Reason being is that when adjusting hosel settings the face is affected (being closed or open). I prefer a neutral setting as that is the ideal design of the club. The problem with shafts is that there are so many options. For me I tend to hit a ball fairly high so I am not going to use a driver with greater than 10 degrees loft. I also don't generate the clubhead speed I once did so a low lofted wood isn't going to work either (anything under a 9 degree). I do have a tendency to spin a ball so I am looking for a mid/high to high kick point, low spinning shaft. There is a specific shaft that seems to work for me regardless of whether the driver is non-adjustable or not. I have used one particular shaft now for 4 different drivers (2 non-adjustable and 2 adjustable) and that shaft produces the ball flight characteristics I want. So I have found my goto shaft. Now I can play with sole weighting to affect the overall COG of the driver. If I tend to hit it too high I move the weights towards the face. If I want additional loft I move the weights towards the back. I have my TM M3 dialed in pretty well.
  6. In my opinion, Jack Nicklaus is the GOAT. As mentioned by RevKev, Compile a reduced schedule where Nicklaus was never away from home more than 2 weeks and rarely played when home, he won 18 majors, lost a few he should have won, had the following finishes in the majors during his career... 20 Second Place, 9 Third Place, 46 Top-Three finishes, 54 Top-Five finishes, 71 Top-10 finishes. Jack played in a record 154 consecutive major championships. His last top 10 was in 1998 at the Masters when he finished tied for 6th at the age of 58. In 1986 he was supposed to be washed up yet, as seen during the last round, he made a charge and other players (Ballesteros, Norman, Kite) could not over take the Golden Bear. Here's a list of multi major winners that Jack Nicklaus played and contended against during between 1960 and 1986: Arnold Palmer - 7 Ben Hogan - 9 Gary Player - 9 Tom Watson - 8 Lee Trevino - 6 Seve Ballesteros - 5 Raymond Floyd - 4 Julius Boros - 3 Billy Casper - 3 Hale Irwin - 3 Larry Nelson - 3 Greg Norman - 2 Dave Stockton - 2 Johnny Miller - 2 David Graham - 2 Fuzzy Zoeller - 2 Hubert Green - 2 Andy North - 2 Bernhard Langer - 2 Ben Crenshaw - 2 Jack competed against a lot of terrific competitors. This list speaks of that.
  7. Where did you play? I have played Patty Jewett more times than I can count (between 1986-1987, 1989). I last played it a couple years ago. I also spent a fair bit of time playing Pine Creek back in the early 90s. Colorado Springs is my hometown.
  8. The public courses in Fort Collins, CO are closed. I am not sure about some of the private courses. I believe Fort Collins Country Club is open to walkers or those who own their own carts with facilities closed. I am not sure about the other private clubs.
  9. I used to live in Longmont off 17th Ave between Francis St. and Gay St. I have played more rounds at Ute Creek than I can remember. I also played Saddleback Golf Course quite a bit. I live in Fort Collins so I don't get down to Longmont that often.
  10. Hello to the board, my name is Sam. How long have you been playing golf? What’s your handicap or normal score? I have been playing golf since the summer of 1986. My handicap has been as low as scratch and of late between 10-12 (years of being married to the Anti-Golf). I have worked very hard in my game the past 6-7 years now being married to my second wife who encourages me to practice and play often. Last year I got my handicap down just under 4 (per rounds posted at the CGA) with great putting and short game. I generally score between 77-82. There are days when my game really stinks and I can score in the upper 80s to 90. There are days when all things go well and I can score close to par or at par. I possess a Jeckyl and Hyde game. What do you love about golf? The challenge between the course and the state of my game. I love the mental aspect of the game. I love being out in grass and trees. I love the history of the game and the values the game represents (integrity, honesty, sportsmanship). What brings you to MyGolfSpy? Do you already know any other Spies? I joined the site in 2010 but for some reason didn't post or become active. I had two other golf sites I was very active in. One that most everyone here knows that talks about all things golf. The other one was a site dedicated to putters, all putters not just one brand. The latter site seems to be inactive at this time which is a great shame. Where are you from? What is your home course? I live in Fort Collins, CO and my home course is one of the city run municipal courses, Collindale Golf Club. What are the best and worst things about golf in your region? Colorado is terrific because the sun shines 220+ days a year (chamber of commerce states 300+ ... pfffftttttt). The altitude here (5,000 feet above sea level) is terrific for 10% longer carry due to thinner air. We live in a semi-arid desert so thorough watering is a must so the course is always in terrific condition, a huge plus. Also regarding semi-arid desert, humidity is really low here that many of the locals complain when humidity rises above 34%-40%. Generally we see 15% - 30%. Some of the worst things is chance of snow from late September into May. Golf in March, April and May can be cancelled because of snow. Afternoon thunderstorms are prevalent during the summer months and they can roll in quickly. Windy at times. What do you do for a living? I am an independent technical consultant in the industrial robotic manufacturing sector. I travel extensively for work all over the US and occasionally in Canada. How’d you pick your user name? See question 6. It is my job to cure "illness" of the robotic arms and peripherals at manufacturing sites.
  11. I am so sorry for your loss. You and your family are in my thoughts.
  12. With regard to The Masters I am very biased this year. I have entered the lottery EVERY year that it has been in existence (1995 for practice rounds and 2012 for tournament proper). I was finally selected for practice round tickets for 2020 on Tuesday. I have attended one previous Masters tournament in 2015 Monday courtesy of one of my close friends. This year, he and two other close friends were going. I am not sure whether the 2020 Masters tournament will be rescheduled in the fall or cancelled. Regardless I am sure The Masters tournament will take care of those who have 2020 tickets in one way or another.
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