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  1. This putter is a replica of the George Low Wizard 600 he used. Nicklaus never used a MacGregor replica in tournament play.
  2. My M3 does have twist face. I agree with you in that there can be some interesting ball flight when the ball is struck high toe. I don't really practice too much with persimmon too much as I really don't have a practice wood. Then again, I do have a M43T that was sourced for the sole plate that I could use. The toe of this M43T was filled in with epoxy as quite a bit of wood was removed. It has great grain and is a shame someone who shouldn't have hit persimmon ruined this one. It is a decent driver and would prove to be a decent practice club. In fact that is a great idea. The 300 Mini has proven to be a terrific driver (when a driver's length shaft is installed).
  3. The Epic Day has been relegated to a backup putter at this point. I put in my Byron Morgan DH89 putter I ordered a month before the Epic Day. I gamed the DH89 a couple months ago for the first time since the Epic Day arrived in September 2014. I made a couple putts over 30 feet, a couple more over 15 feet and didn't miss one from 3 feet during that first round. The DH89 has been so good I can't take it out. Well, taking it out for a spa session back with Byron Morgan for some minor tweaking.
  4. And there it is, the right reason to collect! Good for you Chuck!!!
  5. With the original 43.75" shaft this will be a bit shorter than a driver. With a 44.5" to 45" shaft the distance comparison is closer. I have an 11.5° Mini turned down one setting lower (10.8°) with the Fujikura Ventus Blue (non-Velocore) 5S made for TM shaft at 44.5" and it is nearly as long as my M3 440 9° (at 9.9°). The data from the trackman when I demoed the 300 Mini 11.5° with a driver length made for TM Fujikura Ventus Blue 5S 45" the data showed me hitting the 300 Mini a few yards farther than the M3. The 300 Mini allows me a little better ability to work the ball. Some believe the 300 Mini is a novelty but I think when comparing it with 460cc drivers with the same type shaft (in terms of length) the 300 Mini is comparable. While the sweet spot is a bit smaller a good, repeating, swing will have strikes more in the center anyway to render the larger sweet spot moot. To me this club is not a fairway wood replacement but a 440cc/460cc driver replacement. The head is large enough not to look too small. Then again I started playing with laminated woods and shortly played persimmon drivers which were around 185cc-190cc.
  6. Jack Nicklaus used a George Low Sportsman Wizard 600 putter for much of his career to win 15 of 18 majors.
  7. Add to the Ping list off the top of my head: Tom Watson Payne Stewart Lee Trevino Mark Calcavecchia Fred Couples Ray Floyd John Daly Greg Norman Tony Jacklin Ernie Els Paul Azinger Ian Baker Finch Curtis Strange Jeff Sluman Sandy Lyle Davis Love III Lee Janzen Steve Elkington Bob Tway Fuzzy Zoeller Jeff Maggert Chris DiMarco Kirk Triplett Hunter Mahan Ryan Moore Nancy Lopez Juli Inkster Karrie Webb Lorena Ochoa Christie Kerr Dottie Mochrie Betsy King Jan Stephenson Grace Park
  8. I have put in my Byron Morgan DH89 in the bag the past 5 rounds or so and have putted extremely well with it. I am making some long putts with it and burning the edge of the hole of a lot of putts. It looks like the DH89 is in the bag for the time being.
  9. Count me in the group that doesn't care for thick top lines and wide soles. While some irons are rather thin, my preference is the "standard" top line as exhibited by the irons in the following picture. The irons are both Ben Hogan 6 irons. To the left is the 1999 Ben Hogan Apex blade and to the right is the 2020 Ben Hogan Icon blade. Both have the right amount of top line thickness I prefer.
  10. I have a wedge setup spaced by 4 degrees. Actually all my irons are spaced by 4 degrees. My wedge set up is PW, GW, SW, LW at 46°, 50°, 54° and 58°. The 4° gapping allows me to carry the 4th wedge.
  11. Most every club in my bag can be replaced. The one club that really can't is my 58° LW. This wedge has proven to be very reliable for a variety of shots from full shots (80-85 yards) to finesse shots to short bunker shots. I have a standard stiff shaft in my LW, as I do for all my irons. I have tried softer wedge shafts and really don't care for them. I have a backup 58° LW (same make and model) that I put a wedge shaft in and it is NOT the same club. When my current LW needs to be replaced I will use the existing shaft with the new head.
  12. Oh boy, this is going to take some time to figure out. I am certain I will have a few missing in various categories. I may have to edit my post a few times but here goes nothing: Drivers: Ben Hogan laminate wood Taylormade Tour Burner 9.5° metal wood Cleveland Classics 485 Tour Action persimmon Taylormade Tour Burner 8.5° metal wood Cleveland Classic DG43 persimmon Bridgestone J’s Professional 9.0° driver MacGregor TP Special persimmon MacGregor M85W Lynx Boom Boom 9° McHenry Metals 9° Callaway Big Bertha 9° Taylormade Tour Burner 9° MacGregor 945W persimmon Titleist 975D 8.5° Titleist 975JVS 8.5° Tommy Armour Tommy Gun 9° titanium Taylormade 300 9° Titleist 983K 8.5° Titleist 983E 8.5° Nike 9.5° (original blue colored driver) Titleist 905T 8.5° Titleist 915 D3 9.5° Titleist 905S 9.5° Taylormade M1 9.5° 430cc Taylormade M3 9° 440cc Taylormade 300 Mini 11.5° 3 Ws: Ben Hogan laminate 3W Taylormade Tour Burner 3W 15° MacGregor 1953 945W persimmon - 3W MacGregor 1952 M75W Eye-O-Matic – 3W (for a couple rounds) Titleist PT15 Titleist 970 15° Titleist 906 F2 15° Taylormade M4 15° Fairway Woods or Hybrids: Ben Hogan laminate 5W Taylormade Tour Burner 5W 20° Sonartec MD 2I hybrid Taylormade SLDR 2I Hybrid Taylormade Sim2 2I Hybrid Irons: Ben Hogan Radials (3-E) Arnold Palmer Peerless (3-PW) MacGregor Muirfield 20th (1, 3-PW) MacGregor VIP – 1990 remake (3-PW) Cleveland Classic Tour Action 588 blades (3-PW) Cleveland Classic Tour Action 588p (3-PW) Ben Hogan Apex – 1992 blade (3-E) MacGregor VIP Tour CB92 (3-PW) Lynx Paralax irons (3-PW) – because Fred Couples and very short lived Ram FX2 (3-PW) Ram Tour Grinds (3-PW) MacGregor Muirfield (3-PW) Titleist 692 (3-PW) Titleist 962b (3-PW) Ben Hogan Apex blades 1999 (3-E) Ping i3 Black (3-PW) Mizuno MP32 (3-PW) Ping i3 Black (3-PW) Mizuno MP30 (3-PW) – short lived Mizuno MP59 (3-PW) Ben Hogan Apex blades 1999 (3-E) second set Mizuno JPX-900 Tour (3-PW) – short lived Ben Hogan Icon blades (3-PW) Putters: WAY TOO MANY TO LIST!!! But the major ones: Spaulding T.P. Mills (forgot what model) Ping B60 Wilson Tour Special II Cleveland Classic Designed by (blade) Wilson 8813 (original) Ping Zing Ram Zebra Ray Cook M1 Scotty Cameron Catalina Scotty Cameron Coronado (gunned blue then 1995 copper) Ping Zing 80520 black band Scotty Cameron Inspired by Brad Faxon Scotty Cameron X2 mallet Scotty Cameron Circa 1 TP Mills Tradition II TP Mills Soft Tail TP Mills Tour Huey custom (made for the 2012 tournament tour bag) Byron Morgan Epic Day custom Byron Morgan DH89 GSS custom Balls: Any ball I could find – anything cheap. Titleist Pinnacle Gold Titleist DT Titleist 384/Tour Balata Titleist Tour Prestige Titleist Professional Maxfli Revolution Maxfli A10 Titleist ProV1 - Then tried a few balls from Nike/Bridgestone/Callaway but nothing could get the ProV1 out of the bag Taylormade Tour Preferred (2016 model) - As of late tried Snell MTB and MTB-X and Taylormade TP5 (will go in the bag after my last few TM Tour Preferred 2016 balls are gone)
  13. I putt with an alignment mark. The balls I use don't come with one so I add one with a black sharpie marker and marking tool. After aligning the mark in line to my intended putting line I focus on putting through the line, like hammering a nail into a board (common swing thought). The reason for this swing thought is to putt through the ball and not just hit the ball. This promotes me to release the putter and make a smooth stroke. I have another method to gauge speed that seems to work for me. I also put a dot by the number in gold sharpie marker to the left of the alignment line (first dimple lower right of the number).
  14. I am currently gaming the last few 2016 Taylormade Tour Preferred balls I have. I have about 8-10 more. I have a few dozen Taylormade TP5 practice balls that I will rotate in once the 2016 Tour Preferred have been retired. I have also recently tried the Snell MT and MT-X balls to see whether I like them and if they suit my game. So far I prefer the MT-X ball over the MT (Black). That said I still prefer the Taylormade ball over the Snell ball but my testing of the Snell ball isn't complete.
  15. My 1953 945W driver just back from the Dave Wood Persimmon Spa! Included are also three pictures from when I received the driver.
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