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  1. The trackman was set up to have 30 yards of roll. My course is generally around 10-15 yards of roll. I am not sure if altitude was set up for the trackman as we sit at 5,000 feet above sea level. The real test will come tomorrow when I play. I am hoping to borrow the 11.5° demo and the Ventus Blue 5S shaft. I am sure I'll get the opportunity and will see how the 300 Mini performs.
  2. I had a session with the club fitter at my home course on the trackman and tested the Taylormade 300 Mini driver (11.5°). I tried it with the stock shaft (stiff flex, 43.75") and had the best results at 2 degrees strong (9.5). Trackman produced driver distances at nearly 275 yards (245 yard carry), swing speed at 97-99 mph and smash factor averaging at 150. I then tried my Graphite Design Tour AD DI 6S (45") from my M3 driver in the 300 Mini driver at 11.5° and had results not as good as the 300 Mini with the stock shaft. Trackman produced driver distances at nearly 275 - 280 yards (245 yard carry), swing speed at 100 mph and smash factor averaging at 143. I had the best results with the Fujikura Ventus Blue 5S driver shaft they had in stock for demos. I tried the setting one setting stronger than standard, so 10.8°. Trackman produced driver distances at nearly 290 yards (260 yard carry), just over 100mph swing speed and smash factor averaging at 150. I was also able to hit some decent draws and fades with the 300 Mini that is difficult to do with the M3. My shot dispersion with the Ventus Blue 5S shaft was the tightest of all the combinations averaging 10 yards of center, shading to the left of center). I couldn't have hit this better. My M3 with the Tour AD DI 6S shaft was producing swing speed around 98-99mph, smash factor around 142-143 and distance around 280 yards (245-250 yards carry). I would be interested in seeing how the Ventus Blue 5S would perform in my M3 but as it is the TM 300 Mini with Fujikura Ventus Blue 5S at 45" has been ordered. This is a driver replacement, not a club to fit in between the driver and 3 wood or 3 wood replacement. The trackman numbers don't lie. I have come to believe that the Graphite Design Tour AD DI 6S shaft is more than my old body can maximize. Now I question whether this shaft is the right fit for me and may part with them (but that is another story). Not only was the 300 Mini within 10 yards of my current driver (M3) it was about 10 yards longer. I am playing a round tomorrow and will see if I can borrow the demo club with the Ventus Blue 5S shaft. I may set the driver to 10.2° (2 clicks stronger) when I try the demo driver to see how it performs.
  3. If this driver is within 10 yards of my M3 but I can work the ball with greater ease then this is definitely a driver that I could came full time. I don't have an ego that makes me want to play from the tips anymore. I am in my mid 50s and the days of playing in tournaments with the young bucks are over. I still have golf ego but it is not how far I hit the ball, it is how low I score. I have a tendency to try to score (witness my short game) as opposed to the machismo shots (letting the Big Dog feast). I cannot tell you how many young long ball hitters I end up scoring lower at the end of the round.
  4. I am curious how the 300 mini would perform with a Ventus black shaft.
  5. Of course losing a bit of weight and regaining some flexibility in my shoulders, arms and back would definitely add to the swing speed. The curse of getting older.
  6. If the 100mph mark is the Mendoza line for this driver then that is certainly something to think about. I'd love to be like the young bucks on this and other sites who boasts of 110-115+ driver swing speeds but I am a not-so-flexible mid 50 year old golfer who's 120+mph driver swing speed is long behind in the rear view mirror. Today I swing around 100 mph on lower speed days and can achieve 105mph on good days. I'll definitely want to demo this driver with shaft options and compare it to my M3 gamer.
  7. I have been golfing for 35 years and am quite used to small headed drivers. I used to play persimmon woods and still to this day occasionally take one of my drivers out to the course for a few ceremonial drives. I used one last week at Ute Creek Golf Course in Longmont and out drove my TM M3 440cc 9.9° tour issue driver/2016 Taylormade Tour Preferred ball with a 1950 MacGregor M43T with original shaft/Titleist 384 Tour 100 compression ball by about 10 yards on #17 (575yd par 5). AND I struck the drive with the M3 pretty well. I just hit the persimmon wood even better on that strike. My first metal wood was a Taylormade Tour Burner 9.5° (mid/late 80s model). I have gamed drivers with smaller size than the TM Mini 300 coming out. I have hit the old Cleveland 330 Launcher as my buddy owned two of them at the same time each with a different shaft. I hated both of them. I did game a Taylormade 300 series 8.5° driver in the early 2000s for a couple years and loved that one. There is a reason I like smaller headed drivers compared to the monster drivers today. One is pure looks of the driver and two is the ability to work the ball a bit better than the TM M3 440cc driver I am currently gaming. What can I say, I am a club ho like many of us but I am not 100% convinced I'll buy one, at least not new. If I wait a couple months these will start showing up on the BST pages on this site and another popular site.
  8. Generally smaller heads allow for the ability to work the ball a bit better. Not everyone is enthused with 460cc drivers. Personally I despise them and have relegated myself to a 440cc head (9.9° loft). I am definitely interested in the TM mini driver at 11.5 degree loft. I can make it a lower loft by a degree or 1.5° and have close to the same loft of my current driver. My swing is fairly repeatable where I strike the ball in the center of the club face or close to it every time so I don't need the massive face of a 460cc driver. Also, I am not in a distance contest and am not playing big time tour or amateur events. I play in a local tournament or two every year and would do just fine even if I lost 5-10 yards of distance. I am looking for a driver I can work the ball right to left or left to right and control the flight of the ball better. I have always been able to do that with smaller headed drivers. This one just might be tempting enough to try.
  9. I got a golf push cart this year for my birthday. I have used it but in recent weeks have been back to riding in a cart due to a recently sprained left ankle. Ankle is recovering well, not 100% yet but getting closer. I plan on walking in a month or so and eventually want to just carry the bag, no push cart. I just picked up a Sun Mountain 2.5 stand bag which feels much lighter than my Sun Mountain 3.5 stand bag. I get in a better rhythm when I walk plus it is better for my health (and my needed weight loss).
  10. Absolutely. There are many golfers who can swing those telephone poles. Good for them. Then there are many who are vain and have egos the size of the state of Alaska who play them because of the "look at me" syndrome. Good for them as well. As for me, I'll play the softer, less macho, shaft and let my score provide the machismo.
  11. As a golfer who gamed Dynamic Gold S300 shafts from much of 1987 through 2014 (gamed DG X100 shafts from 1990 through 1997) I definitely agree with the club release. When I was younger I had no issues with loading the shaft and the release. As I am older I really love the Modus 120s!
  12. The following is what is currently in my bag. I just picked up the Sun Mountain 2.5 Byron Morgan bag (gotta represent my favorite putter maker). Driver: TaylorMade M3 440cc 9.5° (tour issue 9.9°), Graphite Design Tour AD DI 6S 3W: TaylorMade M4 15° (tour issue small head, 15.1°), Graphite Design Tour AD DI 7S 5W: TaylorMade Sim 2 Max 18° (tour issue 19.1°), Diamana D+ 80g stiff Irons: Ben Hogan Icon 4-PW, Nippon Modus3 Tour 120 stiff Wedges: Scratch Golf 1018 forged: 52° (bent to 50°), 56° (bent to 54°), 58°, Nippon Modus3 Tour 120 stiff Putter: Byron Morgan custom Epic Day Ball: Taylormade Tour Preferred (2016 ball) Bag: Sun Mountain 2.5 stand bag I just put the 5 wood in the bag so the jury is out on this one.
  13. It would be better to see the sole of each wood as well. I would definitely like to know what model of woods you are selling. Not all persimmon woods hold a great value even if is in good condition. Refinishing the woods could diminish the value as well depending on who did the restoration.
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