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  1. How many of you are putting one in play? I am not. Which color are you playing? White Which brand? Taylormade Tour Preferred (2016 model) Are you consistent in using a colored ball? see first question Do you find yourself playing better? a ball color should make no difference in how a person plays For the traditionalist, does it grate at you to no end when you see a playing partner putting one in play? It does not bother me in the slightest to see anyone play a colored ball. If it works for them then more power to them.
  2. This is a Wood Brothers Texan driver that was made for Gene Sauers back in the late 80s. I am not sure whether I will have Dave Wood restore this or not. The inserts have become a bit loose and Dave wants to restore it.
  3. My favorite putter style is the Ping Zing. I have putted very well historically with this style. I gamed a Ping Zing from 1992 through 1997. I gamed a Cameron Inspired by Brad Faxon from 2002 through 2006. I am currently gaming a Byron Morgan Epic Day custom long pipe since September 2014. There is something about the weighting and balance, especially the toe weighting that allows me to naturally release the putter when striking the ball. I do not have to manipulate my hands or stroke to put a great roll on the ball. All I have to do is focus on line and speed and the rest is auto pilot.
  4. Here are side by side pictures of both my M85W drivers. Both restored by Dave Wood. One glossy (restored by the previous owner) and one semi-gloss.
  5. RobotDoctor

    Balata ball

    I don't know why I have such an affinity to persimmon woods but I do. I started playing golf with a laminated mid 80s model Ben Hogan set (1,3 and 5). My first persimmon was a mid 80s Powerbilt Citation driver my brother had that he gave to me. I could murder the ball with it. Of course I had started playing Balata balls (Titleist) at that time because I starting to have some ability with my game and better and consistent ball striking. I then went to a Cleveland Classic Tour Action driver for a couple of years. I went Taylormade metal wood for a year or so before going back to a Cleveland Classic DG43 driver (which I still have). After the DG43 I went with a 1954 MacGregor Toney Penna TP Special then a run of other classic MacGregors. When the Titleist 975D came out my days of persimmon drivers was over. I still gamed the 1953 MacGregor Tommy Armour 945W 3 wood I had put in my bag in 1990 until I could not find Balata balls to hit. That was around 2001. Now persimmon woods are fairly cheap to find so I am able to collect woods that in the 80s and early 90s were cost prohibitive. I have a couple of people that I know who restores woods very well. There are a few people out there that do this so I am working on completing the restoration on my collection and I'm wrapping collecting up. I do have several dozen Balata balls though!
  6. This is my 1953 MacGregor Tommy Armour 945W set (1-4) that I just purchased earlier this year. These were restored last by the late Barry Willett but they will be restored by Dave Wood next year. I owned a set of these back in the late 90s but traded them away for a first generation Scotty Cameron TeI3 Santa Fe. Would have been a good trade had I never used it and still owned it. That putter left me back in the 90s.
  7. This is my 1954 MacGregor Toney Penna TP Special driver John Hayes restored several years ago. I have the full set (1-4) and the fairway woods are as stunning as the driver.
  8. This is my 1952/1953 MacGregor M09 LFF. Definitely a rare driver as not many made. This is a deep face, just over 1 7/8" deep. Dave also restored this from a previous hatchet job. It is now very, very solid.
  9. This is my MacGregor Tommy Armour 693 driver. It is a solid block, meaning no lead to weight the driver. A solid block is a rare piece, according to Dave. I have the full set (1-4) all restored by Dave Wood.
  10. Here are a few of my persimmon woods in the following posts. This one is my MacGregor M85W I just got earlier this year and had Dave Wood restore. Dave is responsible for the old company Wood Brothers and for the restoration of many famous persimmon woods. Namely Ben Crenshaw's M85W and Greg Norman's M43T gamed in the 80s. Both of these classic MacGregors went on to win major championships. Dave told me Crenshaw's M85W is an excellent driver. He said mine is reminiscent of Crenshaw's but on a different plateau than Ben's. He said in 50 years of restoring MacGregors this was probably the best M85W he's ever seen. Gotta love that level of praise.
  11. RobotDoctor

    Balata ball

    Here are a few in progress pics of the current restoration by John.
  12. RobotDoctor

    Balata ball

    Stu, you are so right. Wood Brothers woods are gaining in notoriety and value. LFFs are hard to come by, especially in decent condition. The WW Special is a rare bird for sure. I did stumble on a driver on eBay that was purchased for just under $33 including shipping. The reason many stayed away is because it is a M43T with Tommy Armour stamping on the crown. Anyone that knows MacGregor woods knows the M43s had a Winged MT stamp, not Tommy Armour. I saw the potential of this driver and knew the Tommy Armour stamp was authentic. I looked at the M43T stamp and wasn't sure if that was authentic or just a butchered refinish attempt. I also didn't care for the face screws as these are wrong and horribly done. I know a few people that has red brick paper fiber material left, one being Dave Wood. With these issues I thought for the price it was worth it. I talked to Dave Wood about it and he saw the pictures and confirmed with almost 100% certainty that this driver came from the MacGregor Custom department and said this was a terrific buy, a rare buy. I told him the price and he was shocked. I just sent this driver to John Hayes and he's working on it. Hes replaced the insert with red brick fiber and will score lines and redo the screws with appropriate size and location. He also found a pristine butterfly soleplate that is the same and is replacing that. He's replacing the shaft with a M85W two tone leather wrap he has that is in excellent condition, even though this is a M43T (chord grip). There were some holes drilled out of the bottom to lighten it up, remnants of the terrible restoration job previously done. John will correct those and this driver will come home stunning. It turns out this driver is another diamond found in the rough.
  13. RobotDoctor

    Balata ball

    Yes, that is a Wood Brothers Texan. That one was a tour block made for Gene Sauers. Not sure he ever gamed it but Dave Wood had nice things to say about this one. I am fortunate that Dave Wood is a friend of mine.
  14. RobotDoctor

    Balata ball

    Here is my collection of persimmon woods (not showing my 945W EOMs - 2 drivers and 2-4 fairway woods).
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