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  1. Cleveland Golf company made a line of putters in the 80s called the Designed by Cleveland Classic which was a blade in the honor of the old Designed by Arnold Palmer. This was an 8802 style blade. Most of them were carbon steel plated in nickel chrome. However, there were some made out of a solid copper billet. How many of these were made? Some how the number 500 total pieces sticks in my head. Any verification would be greatly appreciated. I just picked one up from someone who had ties to the old Cleveland Golf company. Hes got great items.
  2. Zero. Too cold for the most part, a bit of snow cover. The best days to play I was out of town. Actually spent over 2 weeks out of the state.
  3. Do not refinish the putter. The value will plummet on the collector's market. This putter should fetch anywhere between $200-$500 in the condition as is, maybe a little more. refinishing it will remove the original milling marks and collectors hate that. The original head cover itself could fetch north of $200 by itself since it is an original head cover. I would suggest reaching out to collectors on The Cameron Collector to see if anyone is interested. If you're wanting to game the putter do it as is. If you refinish it send it to BOS Golf in San Marcos, CA as they refinis
  4. Here's a few pictures of my Byron Morgan Epic Day putter. This one has been in my bag since September 2014 with no end in sight. The head weight is 350 grams (or close to it). It still felt a bit light so I added a couple strips of lead tape on the leading edge of the sole. I finally put this on my swing weight scale today and it came in at E3.75. That's a bit heavier than I thought it would be but that makes sense since the Salty Mid-Plus putter grip is 37g. Adding the weight of the tape buildup it's probably 45g so about 10g lighter than what I had on it originally. It is 34" in lengt
  5. Two MacGregor M43T drivers heading to the PNW for a spa session with Dave!
  6. Always determine honestly the true inherent nature of your putting stroke. Keep it natural and do not alter it based on a putter or what the current issue of Golf Digest suggests as the best stroke. The best stoke for any of us is what comes naturally. A comfortable stance will determine length of a putter and the lie of a putter. Getting fitted by someone who actually knows something about putting would be a great plus here. This is often hard because to find someone who knows about putting and how to fit a putter isn't something that exists in every pro shop or club fitting house. I ha
  7. This is my MacGregor Muirfield 20th 8 iron after many years of game play. These are at my brother's place and will soon be heading back home to me. The face reveals a real "Tale of Two Cities" in terms on impact marks. There is a distinct pattern high toe center and one low just inside towards heal center. The low heal/center is my impact mark when I was a 6 to 2 handicap golfer. The high toe-ish impact marks is from my brother. When I get these back I would like the faces to be sand blasted so I can leave the battle scars alone.
  8. I was a long time TT DG S300 player. Love the feel and the shot profile. However, I found that it became harder to load the shaft in my later 40s than it was in my early 30s (I changed from X100s to S300s around the time I hit 30). The Nippon Modus3 Tour 120 shaft still had a stiff tip which I want in an iron but the mid section was softer so I am able to load this shaft without any additional effort. While the shot trajectory is a wee bit higher it is still acceptable for me. I use a choked down lower iron if I need to keep the irons lower. I still use the Modus 120 stiff shafts tod
  9. Back in the late 80s and early 90s I gamed a MacGregor Muirfield 20th 1 iron. My set comprised of Driver, 3 wood, 1, 3-SW, putter. I also played a Titleist Tour balata ball. I doubt I could get a modern ball in the air like I could with a balata ball. That 1 iron was a fairway finder for me off the tee yet I could still hit it from the fairway. I still have that iron.
  10. I just bought 6 dozen AAAAA grade TP5 practice balls (no Pix markings, just generic balls) and every one is pristine, no marks whatsoever. I have about 2 dozen 2016 TM Tour Preferred left so once those are gone I'll rotate the TP5 practice balls into game play.
  11. It's funny that we are all on the quest for bettering our games. The longest time in my bag goes to my hybrid and putter, both put in the bag in 2014 (summer for the hybrid and fall for the putter). The 58° wedge since 2015 or 2016.
  12. LOL!!!! I just noticed your signature. You're a Titleist *****! And I mean that in a good way.
  13. For me it is about what ball best fits my game. While I abhor throwing money away, I really don't like playing products that do not work for me just to save a dollar (or few). To me that is throwing money away. Ok, I think you may have convinced me that I will take advantage of the fitting. Why not?
  14. That is true. I have a ball I really love and it works for me. I don't care whether something is free or not. That is not the point for me. It is whether the product truly fits my game, being a ball or irons or putter or woods. Then again, you're absolutely right in that it doesn't cost anything so what is there to lose, except the 4 dozen balls I have that I currently game? If I like the new ProV1 and make a change then I guess my shag bag just got a bit fuller.
  15. I am debating on doing this, not because of free balls but because of always wanting to play a terrific ball. We will see.
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