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  1. I too have always had lower back issues, but pain focused on left side. Stretching and Ibuprofen worked until something happened in December 2018 (many potential culprits, lifting, trying tennis, etc.) and it was worse than ever. Tried chiro but that seemed to make it worse. Was so bad I could not stand up, and left leg would alternate between violent cramping and numbness. Had to call EMT a few times, and I remember going to the ER on Christmas Eve (no relief, they thought I was med shopping.) A good friend's wife runs an ortho surgery practice, they finally did an MRI, revealed my L5-S1 had not only Herniated but ruptured, and disc material migrated down the spinal cord in my left thigh. Cortisone shot relieved the pain enough to tolerate it, and had surgery in late January, they removed two hunks of disc material, each about the size of a nickel. Immediately felt better (but naturally weak), and started PT about a month after. By April, I was back playing and am fully recovered. I was also 63 at the time, so hope that gives you some confidence you can do it also. Good luck.
  2. I bought the MGI Zip Navigator AT bundle through Costco a few months ago, and thus far I love it. My goal was to be able to walk further into the summer here in Phoenix, but the ultra-hot weather has already rolled in, so Hodor (you absolutely must name your cart) is in hybernation for now. The model I have is a little different than the one found in many golf retailers, basically the front end is beefier (which helps on rough terrain.) My advice on some of your questions: 1) Make sure you get one with the outrigger wheel on the back, definitely helps prevent tipping backwards. 2) Remote is the way to go. Once you get used to it you'll wonder how you lived without it. 3) Lithium battery is worth it, most of the high-end ones come that way. 4) Although the MotoCaddy was rated #1 on this site, the MGI was also rated highly. To be honest, they look so much alike I'll bet they're made in the same factory. Good luck with the shopping.
  3. Hi, Dave in Phoenix Arizona here. Currently play Ping Tour-W wedges that are all 6 to 8 years old, so I'm already expecting to need new wedges soon. Also have switched to low spin premium balls (Titleist AVX, currently Bridgestone Tour B RX) for distance, but miss extra control on finesse shots around the green. I'm a low handicap (2.5 index) semi-senior (64) and can definitely tell the difference in performance of the type you're testing. Preference would be a 56 degree, but I also use my 58 degree for many shots, so either would be fine. Don't have all the cool logos and signatures, but would really like to participate...thanks.
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