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  1. Steve/ Baltimore Md 17 Titlelist Vokey SM5’s 52-58 Love the finish Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy
  2. Steve T. Baltimore MD Scotty Cameron Newport 2 interested in Anser2, everyone is looking for an answer to putting woe's
  3. Wedges, specifically SM8’s. I current use SM5’s. Which are worn but I hit them so sweet I have been hesitant to give them up. When I jump I will definitely get fitted. Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy
  4. I try to practice twice a week. One day I work on chipping & Putting. The other day full swing. One thing I found with Covid is I have been practicing more because besides playing there is nothing else to do. I have lowered my handicap 6 strokes this year that I attribute to my more aggressive short game which came with the practice. Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy
  5. Steve- Maryland handicap- 18, current irons. Taylormade M2 ‘s 6-PW i use a 4 and 5 hybrid currently but would be willing to use a 4 & 5 iron for testing purposes. That might add a spin on their performance
  6. Looking to change out my wedges this summer, would love to be lucky enough to try one of these. might lead to me buying the other two lofts i have Steve Maryland Current Wedges :Titlist SM5 Degree: 58 or 54 degree, finish doesn't matter
  7. Perfect timing for me. My current GPS unit a IZZO 6000just pooped out my information Steve /Maryland Use a Scope that is dying and hard to read the yardage and an Izzo 6000 that died last night
  8. Steve/Maryland 1 to 2 3 putts per round. I average 31 putts per round but always seem to throw 1 or 2 thee putts in every round. I typically practice an hour a week, but that gives me no real feedback on why I am missing. This seems to be a real game changer.
  9. Steve _ Baltimore Maryland test the 460 swing speed 85-90
  10. Maryland, Baltimore area 90 above average I would use very day. Definitely would work the program. Getting older seeing swing speed drop off
  11. Steve - Maryland driver speed 85 mph handicap 20
  12. Steve Md 21 Taylormade M2 130-135 yards
  13. Steve, Catonsville md I currently use a off brand scope that doesn’t focus well. I have been considering a gps unit because I have played a few courses lately that have blind holes. Tech is making the game easier and I welcome it. This sure beats stepping off distance from the 150 marker or a sprinkler head.
  14. Steve - Maryland Driver Speed 90MPH Current ball PROV1X. I will test whichever is suitable to my swing speed.
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