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  1. So where did you end up getting your set of clubs? Also, did you ask them to just get fitted for the right shaft and particular set of clubs you are looking for. I figured they will upsell everything and charge you an arm and a leg. I still dont understand the fee they are charging is $225 for 2.5 hrs of fitting. If I am buying a set the fitting should be already included right?
  2. Edrick here from San Fran Current putter I have a 10 yr old Honecomb offset Bettinardi putter I want to test your No.3 putter since I have been seeing a lot of pros putting with the mallet style putter.
  3. Is anyone here have a set of the 902 Forged Irons from NEW LEVEL GOLF? They look really nice and definitely will improve my game, since my Mp 32 are like 10 + years old. I want to buy a set since they dont charge any extra cost like big store names do. It is just wholesale. Also I want to support small golf club companies trying to break through. I do not know any pros using their clubs, but from their specs and what myspy mentioned, they look like a bargain. They also have a 30 day guaranteed but with a 20% cut. So I want to know if anyone in here have good experience with their clu
  4. Wanted to find out people's experience getting fitted from Club Champions. I just saw that Lexi Thompson is now sponsored by them. I have been looking for a good place to get fitted in my San Francisco area. So I wanted to find out if anyone in here have gotten fitted from them. Please let me know you experience.
  5. Ok I have another question for all of you golfers out there. I've heard that the Nippon made the lightest steel shafts in the market, their lightest steel shafts might be to lightest for me at 55 grams. (Zelos) So I wondering what are the differences in the launch and weights on: NS PRO 950GH NEO NS PRO 950 T NS PRO MODUS T From what I can gather the NS PRO 950GH is the newest one and has a mid-launch I went to their website and they have so many NS PRO Shafts which just made me more confused. I am planning to get the TM P770 once the price goes down
  6. Thanks for the info, I will definitely take this to account. I am 42 and definitely in 10 years I will be needing some lighter shafts. I finally got to try the t200 with the AMT black, definitely did not like the feel of the head. I could not see any AMT red shafts in the shop so I may have come back for another time. But I will keep it mind that the Red has higher launch than the black. I tend to the hit the ball high and loose yardage because of that, so I might stick with the AMT black and maybe even try the white.
  7. Thanks for the headsup, I finally went to golfmart and swing the T200s. Definitely have that clicking sound when you are hitting the ball also it felt weird even though I was getting some distance out of it. But again I was hitting into a net with a simulator. Next test would be the taylor made P.770. I did try the mizunos as well, just did not like the way they set up to the ball and a little thick on the top, The TM p.770 looks like just pricey at this time. I might have to look for a used p.790s
  8. With so many new clubs and shafts out there I want to find the right shaft for my new irons. I need a new set of Irons, Driver and Woods. My clubs are more than 10 years old. But having trouble trying to get fitted because of the pandemic. But I have been reading good things about True Temper AMT. But which one Black or Red? Has anyone have used or currently using any of these shafts? I have rifle shafts in my current old clubs but I feel its a bit heavy and somewhat stiff now that I am also getting older. I like that the AMT shafts are light but maybe too light then I wont have a
  9. San Francisco, California Yes I play golf in December and January Currently use Suunto.
  10. How do you get fitted for PXG, everything is done through the phone. What kind of shafts did you get and how long did it took you to get the PXG?
  11. Where did you get fitted for your Mizunos? I would assume they would fit you for Titleist as well. Did you get an entire set? 3 - PW or 5 to PW?
  12. Ok I am still eyeing on getting a set of Titleist T200 but with so many club companies coming out with their newest models for next year out this year. Why is that? My friend mentioned that there is a delay in getting your set of new clubs or buying a used is better. My friend ordered his Taylor Made 790s and it took him 3 months to get a new set. So is this why their selling their next years model already so you have to wait to get them. Anyone care to comment on the Titileist T200? I know the lofts are way stronger than my 10 year old Mizuno Mp32. lol Also, do you still need a 3 or 4 i
  13. Thanks for the reply everyone. Now the question I have is I want to get the Titleist T200s or T100s, I guess I just have to call the location and see if they carry those particular shafts for those clubs. Not looking to buy a new set since their going for 1000 plus tax. Unless club fitting waives the fitting and get my exact lie, angle on the clubs so as the shafts. $125 for fitting then going on ebay or online for a used set for $725 comes out to 950 so almost a new set but does not have my full specs.
  14. So Does golf tech have shafts for fitting Titleist or just Callaway?
  15. Has anyone got fitted at GolfTech? I was planning of getting a new set but before I do I want to get fitted, find out how fast I am swinging, ball speed, RPM all that good stuff. But got a quote for $125 for set of irons for an hour. Any one think that is a good price and has anyone got fitted from Golf Tech stores? Ed
  16. oops you are right I used my friends tiny launch monitor, its ball speed bot swing speed. With my 7 iron stiff rifle shafts my ball speed averages at 109 maybe 110, then I tried his P790s TM 7iron True temper S300 it went up to 112 and even 115 mph. Lighter, I will try to get fitted, thinking about going to GolfTech, one opened up in Colma, bay area. Do you know if they are good in club fitting? By the way I did that test, it says 2C3M after clicking the link, it does not work anymore, so what does that mean?
  17. Has anyone gotten Club Fitted from GOLF TEC. There is a location in Colma, California and I am interested in how much they charge and your experience.
  18. Hi Chris, I usually play weekdays. Will you be willing to travel around the east bay? I usually play outside SF because its cheaper and more affordable to play outside SF. I usually play Thursdays and Fridays.
  19. So you are saying the red AMT shafts are better if I want to hit a club that is lighter and get the ball up in the air more. I tend to hit my ball high so I should get the black to get it lower. I can see your point. I was thinking the same stick with Black AMT but now Stiff or Regular. I probably just have to test both 7 irons and see which lighter shaft I can control. I definitely need help with some distance. My swing speed is usually around 109 but I tried my friends True Temper S300 P790 7 iron and my swing speed went up to 112 and carried farther. So I can try regular AMT black and
  20. I am planning to get a set of Titleist Either T200 or T100s I like the setup on the T100 but T200 have stronger lofts so it goes farther. Now question is, what shaft should I get AMT Black or AMT Red? I hear the red has a higher kick point might balloon my shots meanwhile black has a mid to high point which would be ideal with the T200. I am also turning 41 and getting older so you know club head speed will decrease as I get older. I want a set that will last awhile. Im not going for any Senior Open qualifiers later in my life. Maybe. So wondering whether to tak
  21. First Name : Edrick City, State : San Francisco, California Current Driver in Play: Taylor made R9 9.5 degrees with a Stiff 60gram Stock Fujikura Shaft Handicap: 10 Swing Speed: 109 Which Driver Would You Like to Review: My current driver is 10 years old and I want to upgrade to a new driver and see if it can improve my game. I am planning to get a set of Titleist t200 so this driver would match the set.
  22. First Name/City State - Edrick Pascual Handicap - 10 Current Model Wedges Played - Mizuno Yellow MP series What Appeals to You About a Raw Wedge - I miss the feel of the Cleveland wedges, spin and look of them.
  23. First Name/City State/Country Edrick Pascual / San Francisco, California / USA Current Putter in Use Bettinardi HoneyComb Standard Putter Check out all the models (see them here), and tell us which one interests you and why? I want to try out the PING ANSER 2, I used to play with the Ansers back in my high school and college days, always love the anser feel and offset. Switched to Bettinardi because of aesthetics and Ping stop making copper made putters. I like the feel of the anser 2 with copper. I am always a feel kinda player and technique is next. Putting is d
  24. Edrick Pascual / SF, California 10 index Currently playing Mizuno MP 32s With stiff true temper steel shafts.
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