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  1. Great topic, three clubs come to mind… 1) Titleist 680 iron set, even though these were blades and I couldn’t hit them consistently they always felt and looked pure. 2) Scotty Cameron Newport putter, first Scotty and club I competed with during junior college golf. 3) Scotty cameron futura, belly length putter. Just looked and felt good to play.
  2. Playing in a best ball tournament this upcoming weekend at Crystal Springs in Burlingame. It's my first time playing the course and I don't have any time to get out there for a practice round. Any advice or strategy on playing the course? I play mostly in the East Bay if there is any course that you can compare it to. Thanks in advance!
  3. Scotty cameron phantom x7 putter Length 34” Super stroke 3.0 grip, HC included. Asking $375 shipped continental US.
  4. FS Like New Taylormade P7MC 3-PW with Project X 6.0 shafts, Z-cord grips (3 wraps). Standard length/lie. Loft 3-5 standard, 6i +1, 7-PW +2. Had these since December, played around 10 rounds and range practice. Faces are clean, there is a scuff mark on the sole of 4i. Sold
  5. The new course is great, links style, open and greens are challenging. I've enjoyed each round playing out there. I haven't played Dublin Ranch yet. I'd be interested in a twilight league. I've received email notifications that Calippe has Friday night skins game and a twilight league on Wednesdays (need to confirm this). I'm waiting to get a set of mizuno jpx 921 forged before playing more frequently. They should be here in about 3 weeks.
  6. Love Corica. When do you think the new course will open up? I haven't been out there in over a month.
  7. @c_zoid I love corica but its become so popular that its hard to find a tee time. I've been playing callippe a lot and getting practice in there too.
  8. WTB Tensei av raw white 65x with titleist tip for TS3.
  9. Thanks for the response @cnosil. From my TM fitting, the p7mc was spinning about 1000 less compared to my previous set. But didn’t have much offset with distance that I could remember. I like a more mid ball flight but also the ability to change my shot windows. I also need to play around with the lie angle, currently 2* flat and my miss thus far is a high weak fade. I probably am placing too much pressure to hit perfect shots instead of going through the process. Going forward I think best plan is to get the gapping down and follow-up with my instructor from fall. I’ll try not to give into the temptation of “buyers remorse” and switching them out to quickly. Have any of you experienced this “buyers remorse” when swapping out old for new clubs?
  10. This past year marked 11 years since my last new set of irons. I played a set of ‘09 cobra pro forged combo set. I had many rounds with them but with the mental tolls of Covid and a favorable stimulus check I began the journey of new iron testing and fitting. First I started with a fitting at my local pro shop, spent the $100 for fitting with a non so confident golf swing and be recommended the callaway apex pros. My initial thoughts were these were too much of a blade for my liking and I didn’t get to try the taylormade lineup as word was they were coming out with new ones. So I waited to try the taylormade sand in the mean time I got some lessons. Fast forward two months, swing and ball striking are a lot better and I attended a TM fitting event at a local range. Got fitted for p7mc with project x 6.0 and placed the order. Prime California weather and plenty rounds of golf roll by and I finally received my order 3 months later at thanksgiving. Now I’ve played about 4-5 rounds and gone to the range 4-5 times with the new set and am feeling mixed emotions. First, I felt that I lost maybe 15-20 yards from old set to new. Now I’m unsure if this is subsequent to the colder weather I’ve been playing in or to the equipment. To address this, I’m thinking about going to get a gapping session to really know the data. Second, I feel even when I do get solid ball contact that my ball flight is higher than I’d like and the feel seems a bit more dull than when I got fitted. Third, for a few rounds I got a case of the shanks, not something you want to feel with a new set of irons. Now I find myself looking up reviews and comparison videos of the p7mc to other brands. I am a titleist brand guy and have been contemplating to even make a switch to the t100s which was the second set recommended to me from my first fitting. Any advice would be appreciated!
  11. Hi, I’ve been playing the p7mc with project x 6.0 for about 3 months now. Ordered them to place my ‘09 cobra forged pro mb/cb combo set. When testing I loved the look and feel of them but I went to a Taylormade fitting session and didn’t compare them to the other models out there. Now I find myself losing a lot of distance throughout the set, even compared to when I got fitted. Getting buyers remorse and considering switching to the t100s. I thought about doing a gapping session to check my numbers, haven’t done that since getting the set. any advice?
  12. Just sold my birdie ball putting mat (4'x12'). It was too big for the space I have indoors at home. Probably will end up getting a puttout mat or something similar.
  13. Sorry @Crowev01, I don't usually travel up that way to play. I have played Northwood though, it is a great little track and I love the trees! Would Napa area be too far as a halfway point for you?
  14. @Theslomo I play up and down the East bay, just depends where I can get a decent tee time at a decent price these days. Unfortunately I can't play Thursdays and Fridays due to my work schedule. I'm mostly free on the weekends to play.
  15. Awesome Kristian! I play Las Positas about once a month, whether that's the 18 or short 9 hole. Las positas is a fine track, nothing fancy about it, it gets a ton of play so definitely need to book a round in advance. It can be challenging from the tips, especially on the par 3s. I still need to play Wente but its a bit pricy for my taste. Poppy ridge is a great course, you get the best of everything in my opinion. Great practice facility. Challenging holes and greens but you can shoot low. I played there about 6 weeks ago and shot a 78. I usually look on golf now for deals but if you're an NCGA member you can also get discounts there.
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