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  1. I'm with you.


    I'd like to see lofts stamped on ALL irons. Single wedges are marked so why not irons? Tommy Armour 845s had the loft stamped on the toe/face.


    Nickent had a 5 iron at 23 degrees (my 4 iron is 24).


    How long will it be when you buy a set of five irons (5 thru 9) and buy a separate set of five wedges, with PW at 44)?


    I don't find anything wrong with the look. Kind of reminds me of a spider... pretty neat (I laso have spiders on my grips, for what that's worth). The only turn-off is the lofts. I don't care for strong-lofted irons. I don't know why, it's just a "thing" (maybe an OCD or something) I have.

  2. Fila Latitude wins - hands down!




    A few more:

    Spalding Executives

    Anything that Pat Simmons designed

    Fila Latitude

    MacGregor DoctorX

    Anything Henry Griffits

    Ray Cook Titanics

    King Cobra II's

    Wilson Fatshafts

    Nicklaus The Bear

    Lil' David Slingers

    Callaway Great Big Bertha

    Nickent 3dx Hybrid (I hit them well, but they were ugly)

    Jack Hamm's XFactor irons

    Hogan Magnums

    Plop Slotz

    Dynacraft anything

    HiBore Iron/Hybrids

  3. Anyone else get an email from Inside Taylormade about an unveil for a "remarkable new piece of equipment"? I just got it and it also has the daytona ghost and burner superlaunch rescues in it. Here's what the email said about the unveil:




    Who cares? No matter what it is, the canny consumer will simply wait for six months and buy it right around the time the next NEW offering is released. The pipeline is FULL and never ending new product will only succeed in plugging up the pipe!


    The USGA has managed to put a damper on any innovation (which I mostly agree on, but the long putter and belly putter must be banned) so the only thing left now is better and more accurate fitting - and the big boys hate that concept. It's too much trouble. They're only interested in making more product to fill retail space. The "one size fits all" concept is dying.

  4. Yet another butt ugly club from them. Is this one of the ones thats going to be made in Mexico so they can save a few bucks?


    If Roger Cleveland is still there and he is designing this crap from Callaway, then he is lost. Have you ever seen an uglier series than the Diablo? The X series irons and wedges are the only decent looking stuff they have. Oops, I use their #9 series Oddessey putter.


    If the rumours that Callaway might be swallowed up by Dick's are true, sell your shares in Dick's. It's a bust.


    The future for mass produced stuff is fast fading. Mizuno's shaft optimizer and fitting system is the way of the future. Length, lie, grip size and shaft weight and flex - you can't get those basics right from the rack. An ugly statistic that most companies do not want you to know is: The combination of Standard length and Standard lie fits one golfer in 8!!!! Of course, what exactly IS standard length or standard lie - therein lies the problem.


    If you think you are STANDARD, why did you buy a car that has adjustable seats, adjustable steering wheel and adjustable mirrors? Think about it......

  5. True, but I'm more curious about the lofts- specifically, if the 3i is finally at 15* and the PW hovering around 37*. They're going to have to develop a few new wedges to fill those gaps!


    Great comment. Numbers on the sole mean absolutely nothing now. Even conservative Mizuno have resorted to 44 degree PWs for their JPX800 and MX1000 models. My #9 iron is 44. Problem is, as you point out, buyers will need TWO gap wedges - 48 AND 52. Plainly ridiculous!


    The original Tommy Armour 845s had the loft engraved on the toe. How many companies would have the guts to do that now. Then there is Ryan Moore who has no numbers, just the loft punched on his irons and at 5 degree jumps.


    Industry standards. Not a chance. They couldn't stand the scrutiny.

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