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  1. Forged is forged... no matter what. That means if the head is made from one piece of metal, heated to sufficient temperature and then "stamped" into form by a big ass hammer (press/die/whatever) then it's forged. If it's constructed differently it's not "really forged". However, the process by which metal is put in form doesn't really affect its physical or sonic properties. What may have an impact is the "heat treatment" and the composition of said metal. So a 1020 steel or its Japanese equivalent the S20C will "feel the same" (for a given club head geometry) whether they are cast or forged.... Now, you will have a hard time casting these type of steels (bubbles will form, the homogeneity of the metal will not be great) and forging the steels or steel alloys used in cast clubs will typically require temperatures in a very narrow band, or presses with a required power so big that it's ultimately unpractical. Mizuno does forge a stainless steel in one of the JPX irons, if memory serves, but it's a rare exception. However, other industries (automotive, aerospace, power plants) do use forged pieces from non "soft carbon steel"... The cost might not be accessible for golf clubs companies, though. So we end up with forged irons forged in soft-ish carbon steels, and cast irons in hard-ish stainless steels. And associate the softness with the forging, but I don't think that's really were it comes from. Soft steel makes soft feeling clubs, whatever the method. (that said I play Japanese irons in S20C, Endo forged, and I love the feel of a pured 4 iron in the morning... a bit less so the feel of the same thinned or too close to the heel )
  2. I've played a 60 (or a 58) for most of my golfing career. I've heard time and again things like "amateurs shouldn't play that, it's too hard"... But then I remember, a few years ago, finding a video of Luke Donald (may be the absolute grand master of the 60, sorry Phil) explaining that different type of players, strokes and all could lead to different type of "easier to play short club". And he carried on to suggest that we should take a high lofted wedge (60, 58... ) a lower lofted wedge (48, 50, 52) a short iron (8i or 9i) and the putter, and try multiple situations around the green, go 4 or 5 balls with each of these 4 options and see what worked the best for us. To me, that was an eye opener, despite what my coach and loads of people were saying I had much better success with 2 clubs, the 58 or 60 and the putter. So now, I use "lobbers" or putters for everything within 30 yards of the pin, 58 or 52 between 30 and 90 yards, 52° outside of that. I can carry my 58 to about 110 yards but when I hit full swings with it I end up having too much dispersion both in depth and width, so I much prefer a "partial 52". That might ultimately be the reason why some say the lob wedges are "impossible" or "hard" to play for amateurs : full swing shots with them are difficult, minute variations in strike quality can change significantly the outcome and the margin for error is a bit thin. Then again, if I was playing longer 58 shots more often, I'd certainly control them better!
  3. I'm totally with you on that... And don't understand why manufacturers keep on changing lofts, shaft length and so on. Or actually I understand that all too well. If you move from a 24° (4i) to 47° (PW) set to a 21° (4i) to 45° (PW) set you're likely to have to change a bit your driving iron/hybrid AND your specialised wedges set up. Two more clubs sold, at least. Now, when I change irons I don't want more distance (or less for that matter). If distance changes it has to be down to my getting fitter and training for speed, not a change in the ball spin/speed mix, which would force me to "learn again" the new set... Now, I remember a video by Michael Newton comparing his Mizu blade 5i (I think) to a modern SGI 7i (exactly the same loft, 1/4" shaft length difference, identical lie)... Both were doing exactly the same thing "overall": the apex was at the same height, the carry distance was the same, spin was very similar. So if I find a set with a 35° 8 iron, I'm happy, I'll just have to remove 1 from the numbers. Only problem the gap between a 45° PW and a 52° GW... Maybe I'll be fine with it playing 3/4 PW just like I do play 3/4 or 2/3 52° now as I almost never play my 58° for more than "chips" (60 yards and less). Life would be much easier when changing sets if it was agreed by all, once and for all, a "7 iron" has to be 35° with a 36.75" shaft" (I'm being a bit selfish, that matches my current set ) or something. Then we can always get similar irons, going the same distance. Ish. Thinking of it, my irons are 10 years young and still some of the finest I've ever tested/played. Getting a bit battered, though.
  4. Yep, you might well be a relatively rare bird on this one. Tons of weight down low would push the ball up in the air. A lot of people who love a thin top line and short blade strike it well enough and don't struggle getting the ball airborne.... some, me included, have the opposite problem, their balls are too high for good control. However, I guess that a thin top line, limited offset, a mid-to-long blade and tons of weight close to the sole may well be a recipe attractive to a very large swath of the golfing population (say from an slowish 8 to a 36, easy)
  5. I carry a 52 and a 58... I use the 52 a lot between 50 and 140 yards. It's my "approach wedge"... However, when I'm closer to the pin than that and I want to stop the ball quickly, spin will not be enough, it's got to have height too... And the 58 provides that. Plus all the times from 100 yards in when you need the ball in the air quick (going over trees and so on). On top of that, it's a much better option from the sand than all the 56 and 54 I've ever tried. So ditching the lob wedge would cost me at least 2 shots a round. However, I recognize that using it "unwisely" may cost a number of shots too. It's all back to the old "never play a shot that doesn't have at least a 80% success rate in practice"... So a shot never practiced is a big No-No!
  6. I have a hard time playing an iron with a thick topline or a thick sole. Give me something with a thin, really thin topline, a thin-ish sole and no offset, THAT's what fills me with confidence. Give me a thick topline and I'll fear sending my ball too high, a thick sole will amplify that, and add offset to the mix and I'll anticipate a towering hook, coming from the sky with snow on it and "straight" to that left OoB. I've never really understood the phrase about "confidence inspiring thick topline"... or sole for that matter. What's worse is that most of the reviewers saying that play blades or "players' CB" with thin toplines.
  7. Using the set PW... It's quite bladed already, it's 47°, but still as it goes 135 to 140 yards and I'm not "finessing" from that distance I don't need a specialised grind or CG. Around the green I also tend to be very contrasted, either rolling putts, bump and running a 9 or 7i or playing the 58° (which can go high or low) and sometimes, less often, the 52°. To be honest, even my 52° (an sm7) has a straight grind (F) and about 50% of the time I could replace it with a set matching iron (if it existed) but then again the remaining 50% of thw shots I use it for require a "proper specialised thingy"... Sent from my ONEPLUS 6 using Tapatalk
  8. On looks I'd go Mizuno for the general shape although I'm not fully sold on the back design, for the rest, the CB has "normal" lofts so I wouldn't have to rethink the rest of my bag, which might well be the deciding factor. Sent from my ONEPLUS 6 using Tapatalk
  9. I'm playing the Inesis tour 900 balls since I'm running out (actually ran out two days ago) of the yellow Nike RZN black. Not sure if they can be found easily in the US (I guess at least in some places since the MGS ball study had them among the best in value category) but they're great albeit a bit soft-ish and really not expensive. Sent from my ONEPLUS 6 using Tapatalk
  10. Yeah, funny you bring these up. I've lost my last RZN black two days ago... They were fantastic, great spin on irons and wedges, beautiful flight with the driver... Only down was that they're a bit click with the putter. Sent from my ONEPLUS 6 using Tapatalk
  11. Ben Hogan.... But he's no longer on tourn or even on the planet, so Rors. Or Adam Scott.. Sent from my ONEPLUS 6 using Tapatalk
  12. I started playing about 20 years ago but didn't take the game seriously until 3-4 years ago. I don't maintain an official handicap but shoot in the mid-low eighties most of the time The quiet meditation, the camaraderie, the challenge and the occasional "perfect shot". These are some of my favourite things... about golf. Can't really say what brings me here. Been looking at the most wanted stuff and some other MGS articles for a while, though. I'm from France, playing around Grenoble, in the Alps? Best thing about golf around here is that we have some very very "hilly courses" (being in the mountains and and all), the worse thing is that winter play is not that easy, being troubled by many snow falls, storms and similar bad weather associated with mountains. I'm a university professor in my non golfing life. My forum handle relates to my name, loosely. Sent from my ONEPLUS 6 using Tapatalk
  13. First name : François Home State/Province/Country : Isère/France ​Do you use performance tracking? Yep, (MyRoundPro) Do you use a GPS watch? Nope Which ones?
  14. I've played matte orange balls, matte yellow balls, pink and yellow balls... And normal white balls. If I could get a "tour level" in matte orange or yellow or... I'd be all over it. The bright colours in matte are super easy to spot and to follow in the air and they sort of help focusing the eyes and mind when puttung, at least for me.
  15. I always walk... before this year, I walked and carried... Now I almost feel like a cheat as I have purchased a push cart having some scoliosis problems. But riding? That'd really feel like golf is no longer a sport.
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