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  1. A few thoughts that probably aren’t much different from the others posted this far... 1. Even the Pros can have a terrible round or a terrible start to a tourney. Shake it off 2. That birdie you mentioned...really analyze what happened on that hole. Was it a smooth, easy swing off the tee that started you off in good position? Or just good grinding out and getting out from trouble to a great spot? Great putt to finish? I’d try to gravitate towards what I did on that particular hole and really try to make it a point of emphasis to ingrain that mindset for my next round.
  2. But one thing I’d add about pure-ing, I was able to get it for free when I purchased the shaft through Fairway Jockey. They run promotions for different shaft brands on a regular basis, either discounted or even free with purchase occasionally. That was part of the reason I really enjoyed purchasing the shaft from them rather than going through Club Champion directly.
  3. Yeah, I agree about pure-ing. Seems like it’s just another cost to tack on. I’d be interested to see some data to back up the practice, see if it actually makes a difference? If nothing else, I’m hesitant to rotate the shaft anyway because I don’t like the look as much. For what it’s worth, I also noticed my shot dispersion was much tighter with this big stick. I do attribute that to the fitting. Hope you can find something that works similarly for you!
  4. My last driver upgrade was about 8 years ago...not much money was being thrown at my golf game coming out of college. I’d bought a Callaway RAZR Fit Tour 8.5 with a stock shaft that I learned to hit reasonably consistently but the distance just wasn’t there. I don’t expect to ever hit Phil-esque seeds or Bryson bombs, but I did feel like I was leaving some distance on the table. And that 10-20 yards felt like a huge difference. Spoiler alert, I was right. I finally took the plunge, trusting Club Champion after they nailed my iron fitting a few years ago. Same results here. I’ve had th
  5. Brandon/Cleveland, OH iPhone 11 Primarily Indoors I will be using a net
  6. Brandon/Cleveland, OH I’m right handed 1st choice: UiHi 18* - KBS Tour V Stiff Backup choice: VKTR+ 18* - Recoil ES 85 F4 Stiff Handicap 8.3 Currently play a Hybrid
  7. Brandon Cleveland, OH Callaway Epic Flash Handicap 8.2 115mph TSi 2
  8. Brandon Farmer Cleveland, Ohio, USA Ping Anser 2 I’ve been intrigued by switching to a mallet putter instead of a blade. The Tomcat really looks great with the alignment aids and overall appearance. I’m curious if the performance matches the optics.
  9. Brandon/Cleveland, Ohio 9.0 Callaway Apex Pro
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